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Syrian Army To Reactivate Air-Defense Base In Northern Aleppo

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Syrian Army To Reactivate Air-Defense Base In Northern Aleppo

A Syrian S-75 launcher. Source: Russian MoD

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is working to reactivate an air-defense base in northern Aleppo that was overrun by rebels in the early years of the war, Syrian sources revealed on June 5.

The air-defense base is located in the town of Taanah near the frontline with Turkish forces who occupy the town of al-Bab to the east. The base, which used to host a Soviet-made S-75 Dvina air-defense system, was captured by the rebels in 2012. The SAA recaptured the base and its surroundings in 2016 from ISIS.

According to local sources, several trucks carrying air-defense missiles arrived in the base in the last few days. The missiles came from the Defense Factories in southern Aleppo, where the SAA maintains and develops its equipment. The SAA also built fortifications around the air-defense base, which was almost abandoned until very recently.

Some sources claimed that a Soviet-made S-200 long-range air-defense system will be installed in the base. However, this seems unrealistic given the location of the base and the fact that not so many S-200 systems are still in service with the Syrian Arab Air Defense Forces.

The SAA is likely working to reactivate the S-75 Dvina air-defense system. The system is old, but it can engage targets flying on high-altitude from a range of 45 km.

A recent air-defense exercise in northern Aleppo revealed that the SAA had locally upgraded its S-75 Dvina systems. The fire control and communication systems were digitalized. A thermal tracking channel was also added to the Fan Song acquisition radar.

Syria’s modernized S-75 Dvina systems can be lethal against Turkish combat drones, which fly at low speed and have no counter-measures. This is likely the reason why the SAA is working to modernize and reactivate these systems along the frontlines with Turkish forces.


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Pura Publicidad engañosa, Tantas Armas de rusia y No Puede en SIRIA con la OTAN , Sera falta de inteligencia Militar Que SERA, o mas Bien Falta de Voluntad con lo lo dijo Hispan TV en Detras de la Razon Rusia No es Honesto

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Icarus Tanović

Things are getting serious for turkish crap drones. Try better.

jens holm

Many here has told Syrian drones are crap and they soon would have none. So far thats highly incorrect. It should be a small inprovements for the Assads with those missiles.

If You write crap drones its also seen there has been no good defence for years.

Jens Holms mirror

I am looking at a stupid Troll . Me ! :-)

Fog of War

Who is the SAA going to shoot down the ISIS air force ? Surely it wont be the ZioAmericans.

jens holm

There are no ISIS air force. Your own seemes to have been created by Your behind hot in the city tonight.

Jens Holms mirror

Troll jens doesn’t understand the ISIS airforce exists and is branded as the USAF or IAF because he is so dumb

Arch Bungle

They’re going to shoot down jewbombs.

Marcelo Rodriguez

Muy buena noticia para la SAA, se deben recuperar la mayor parte de los sistemas antiaéreos que se perdieron al comienzo del conflicto, también es necesario modernizarlos con equipo más modernos ya sean Pansir Rusos o sistemas de defensa provistos por Iran

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