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Syrian Army To Demobilize Thousands Of Soldiers

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Syrian Army To Demobilize Thousands Of Soldiers

Syrian soldiers in Tel Rifaat city, Illustrative image

For the first time since the beginning of the Syrian war in 2011, the Ministry of Defense of Syria decided to demobilize thousands of Syrian Arab Army (SAA) soldiers, several Syrian pro-government activists reported on May 26.

According to activists, the number of soldiers who will be released from service is very high and could be over 10,000. Most of these soldiers joined the ranks of the SAA in 2010 prior to the war to fulfill their mandatory military service. A small percentage of reservists who were summoned in 2011 are also expected to be demobilized.

The soldiers will be released from military service on 1 June under an official order that will be released by the Syrian MoD, according to Syrian pro-government sources.

Between 2012 and 2013, the SAA suffered from a severe shortage in manpower – many soldiers were killed in the battlefield or defected to join opposition forces. While Syrian opposition activists claim that the SAA is still suffering from shortage in manpower to this day, the demobilization of this large number of soldiers proves the opposite of this claim.

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Dr. Pro Liv

“While Syrian opposition activists claim that the SAA is still suffering from shortage in manpower to this day, the demobilization of this large number of soldiers proves the opposite of this claim.”

And not only “Syrian opposition” but anti-Russian opposition here on the South Front also were claiming the same….. SAA lacks only sufficient number of good quality well trained professional elite troops like Tigers. Too much quantity and not sufficient number of quality troops in SAA…

They need “Lean and mean army” that is not too expensive to maintain.

Tudor Miron

I’m not so sure on this one. I would think that there’s still not enough manpower in terms that it will be good to have more battle worthy troops like Tigers and such. On the other hand, those soldiers are serving in active war phase for very long time now. 6 to 7 years. That’s a lot.

Dr. Pro Liv

“I would think that there’s still not enough manpower in terms that it will be good to have more battle worthy troops like Tigers and such”

You are saying that you are ” not so sure on this one” And then you say exactly what I have said ?!? Yes…. they need more “battle worthy troops” that make difference on the ground.

“those soldiers are serving in active war phase for very long time now. 6 to 7 years. That’s a lot.”

I do not understand your comment…. It’s long war ! They are defending their country like any decent human being should be ready to do it. Those who are too old should retire…younger should replace them.

Tudor Miron

“I’m not so sure on this one.” That was about statement that there’s no shortage of manpower. I think there is.

“Those who are too old should retire…younger should replace them.” That’s exactly what I’m saying – there’s need for replacing worn troops with fresh regiments.

I’m not arguing anyway :).

Dr. Pro. Liv.

OK I misunderstood sorry

Bill Wilson

The SAA should have trained younger men to replace them.

Julius Meinel

..or they do not have enough funds to pay them all. The most plausible explanation. Whith 1/3 of the former territory still under Jihadist or foreign control, not sure whether demobilizing the trained and experienced fighting force is the proper way to go.

Dr. Pro. Liv.

It is. Better for many of them that are too old or not good enough for service (for any reason) is to stay at home and to be armed territorial defense and help in defending their regions from Jihad incursions or diversions. Army can’t protect everything and everybody in Syria all the time. Civil defense and police force must do their part also… And SAA(army) should concentrate themselves only on important tasks only.

John Whitehot

LoL, I’ll be here when your bosses won’t have “enough funds” to pay you trolls.

Wise Gandalf



Have you ever been to war? many of the soldiers who are released from duty been fighting for well over 6 years none stop. Those people done somethgin not many can do and survived the war. Is time they go hme and maybe take duties as local police or national guards protecting the cities or villages they live in. Beside the fact I am sure the ones released now will be the old people and the ones who cant any more carry on for what ever reasson.

As for funds I am sure you confuse Sirians fighting for their country with the mercenaries UK/Usrashit, are using.

Goran Grubić HardyVeles

But, even for conscripts you have daily costs and salaries too (small, but still u have).


Served so long… they deserve it


It may be bit too early to demobilize at this point. The should have waited at least, for another year as many parts of Syria are still under the grip of the terrorists and their U$ allies.


Cheering Putin’s acceptance of the partition of Syria I see. But let’s examine this more closely.

A time back Russia forces raced across Syria to the East, crossed the major river on that side and took control of key kurd and turk areas. Saudi Arabia’s wahhabi terror gangs were weak to non-existent in these regions, even tho the turk region had always acted as the major pipeline for foreign terrorist fighters and their American supplied equipment- a pipeline that moved forces into other parts of Syria.

But the very day of the Russia/Syrian victory, behind the scenes Putin sold Syria out, and Putin declared “mission accomplished” and withdrew ALL Russian forces from the East. American forces immediately invaded (with Putin’s explicit permission) and set up major bases using their support of kurds as the excuse. The a little later Turkey sent a massive force into Syria using the American’s arming of the kurds as an excuse. Thus Syria East of the river was forever annexed, just like Israel took the Golan Heights.

Why do you think Putin has been safely shipping wahhabi terrorists (who agree to ‘surrender’) to certain regions in Syria? Each of these region is lost to the legitimate government of Syria for all times now.

Today Syria finally has a significant number of veteran fighting men who are actually effective in warfare. These are the effective forces that Putin is making Assad retire. In an ongoing war you INTEND to win, you never allow your elite veterans to ‘retire’. Look at how the USA FORCES well trained ex-soldiers to go to war in Afghanistan and Iraq- their military contracts allowing them to be recalled at any time.

But Putin, kneeling at the foot of Trump, has partitioned Syria – and is currently clearing out the RUSSIAN SECTOR. When Russia engaged in Germany post-WW2, did Russia use its forces outside the Russian sector of Germany? Of course NOT- Germany was partitioned, as we all know. Well Putin has allowed the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia to partition Syria the same way.

ADULT commentry from GROWN-UP speakers on our side has accepted the truth of Putin’s betrayal for months now- the facts just cannot be denied any longer, even by the most ardent Putin fan. But SF is a tabloid, rallying the simple-minded ‘football hooligan’ type fans – hence the reason one line ‘party slogan’ type posts get the most upvotes here.


Good analysis; thank you.

João Leston

I just love how you say things with nothing to cover what you are saying and using nothing but falacies. Germany was partitioned because of WWII, not a civil war. They are demobilizing they’re veterans? Yes and the tiger forces along with them.

I don’t think Russia will want to jeopardize they’re south borther and the enclave of the arab world witch is Syria. The thing is, now we will see a lot more of diplomatic moves, probably China will come to scene to be the middle man along with some other non align countries.

Btw, grown ups? Adults? Adolf hittler was an adult, so was every good or bad man in our history. Being one doesn’t make you shit. Nor makes me any better..


HOW “nothing to cover”? You are pro-PUTIN like that REDNECKS pro-Trump,nomatter what. “Putin’s Waffen-SS” and so are the “Breitbart & PrisonPlanet -assets pro-Trump And this “process” started already BY ALEPPO in January 2016 => stops and goes and.. ” Let’s trade.. No?” and bomb again and again STOP & Trade and John Kerry didn’t buy by Putin’s price… and this DANCE => “-Take me back to the G8 and love me like you loved Yeltsin and I give you ASSAD and Iran”.., this is more and more clear. NOW SEE THIS PICTURE and this EXPLAINS the whole PUTIN new -attitude: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/putin-nat.jpg

Tom Tom

Donald Trump’s a “red neck”? Haha, the Manhattan smoothie from Noo Yawk a red neck. funny.


The picture explains that Putin gives everyone a second chance, he rather bargain than start hit things around him like some or like you would want him to, lol, rest of your comment is trash.

John Mason

You may not like it but in politics and especially for government leaders, ministers, heads of state they have to show some decorum, tact and show a poker face. It is best not to let your enemy know that you are the enemy. Just because Putin shows himself to be friendly, courteous and well mannered doesn’t mean that he means it. Unless you have Putin or Trump’s confidence and they confide in you their utmost secrets then whatever you say is just guess work based on your own intuition, belief and not facts.


Leaders have to deal with the real world, and Jewish friends of Israel control the USA. They also control most of the worlds financial system. You may not like Jews, but they are a force to be reckoned with, and no serious leader would ignore such a powerful group.

Tom Tom

What you say is true for the most part except it was a deal from the beginning for Putin to acquiesce in the U.S. and Israel’s creation of a Sunni state out of Sadam’s old Ba’athist military leadership in order to form a new bulwark between Iran and Israel/Saudi’s. I don’t think Putin will keep to this “deal” he made. But it was a deal at the time.


LOL, what bs but you are known for your nonsense.

John Mason

It does appear that way, yet appearances can be deceiving, lets hope so.

Assad Did Nothing Wrong™

If it rains you will use it as evidence that Russia betrayed Syria.

muja surya

Wow i dont believe that i finally see intelligent person here.


While we may argue about the details (e.g., what is the evidence that Putin forced Assad into this demobilization), some version of this is part of the Kremlin’s *official* narrative. They *don’t want* a victory, but a political settlement. If this would mean persuading bad guys to lay down their arms, fine. But they also *want* a political settlement with the aggressors invading their ally–which in practice means partition of course.

If so, I’d say it serves the Kremlin right that they seem to be getting very little out of it. To the Dark Throne, which of course never intends to keep its deals with Russia, they seem like naïve dopes who in the end could be pushed around–confirming that Russia is much weaker than its military might would suggest. To the rest of the world, Russia is exposed as an unreliable ally; Putin started out like a rock star in the Middle East when he undertook the Syria mission, but the long slow bleeding of allies has resumed since then.

Regardless of the motives, the optics are terrible. If these veteran soldiers needed a break, then give them one. Outright demobilizing them at a time when Syria is so weak that they cannot do Daraa and the Homs desert at the same time will be understood (I’m afraid correctly) as a clear signal that you’ve given up on liberating your country.


In the short term it is advantageous to Russia and Syria to allow the US to occupy eastern Syria. The primary objective of any Government should be to protect the people. Most Syrians live in western Syria, whilst the east is mostly desert, so securing the west is the primary goal of the Syrian democratic government.

By allowing the US to occupy western Syria, the US saves face, and that is very important to the US. The US occupation and constant bombing of western Syria means the US is burning money and munitions blowing up the desert. The Russian objective has always been to prevent the US invasion of Russia. Russia is not a globetrotting war machine like the USA. Keeping the Americans pinned down in Syria has prevented American assaults on Russia, and that is the Russian prime objective.

Your prime objective is to represent Israel, and it would be in the interests of Israel to have Syria and Russia fighting on the eastern front, and leave the western front undefended to benefit Israel.

Your post may well reduce support for Russia in the blogosphere, but in the real world Russia Syria and Iran will do what is best for their own people.

muja surya

Stop excusing your Assad or russian crimes by what the US do/will do normal people know that Putin and his regime are terrorists.


“short term”? You mean like when Gorbachev gave up the GDR, he allowed the US to control Germany in the short term in exchange for no concession whatsoever? Yes, most of the people now live in government territory; but half of Syria’s oil reserves are controlled by the Dark Throne until the latter gets bored with controlling them, all the while taking potshots at government targets. Oh and Syria is sanctioned up the ass. Good luck rebuilding Syria under those conditions. There is this unfortunate pro-Russian habit of calling the Americans “stupid”, and then screaming “but they cheated!” when they beat you.

The US burning money is meaningless as long as they can print it in unlimited quantities, which is as long as the lesser races can be forced to trade in dollars, which is as long as the US is greatly feared. Nobody in Washington cares about cheap taxpayer money, talk of deficits is simply domestic point-scoring; there’s just certain things which the US Govt doesn’t want to do, like better schools which’d teach the sheep more than is good for them. To break the cycle, the US *must* lose face in Syria, just as Russia won’t have any allies to speak of as long as it’s routinely humiliated. The Kremlin is too much a status-quo creature to go the distance.


“The US burning money is meaningless as long as they can print it in unlimited quantities”

The rampant money printing is starting to hurt the USA, it paid $432 billion interest on debt in 2016. Debt continues to rise, as does the interest rate. The Chinese and Russian plan is to bankrupt the USA, and it is working. “How did you go bankrupt?” Bill asked. “Two ways,” Mike said. “Gradually and then suddenly.” (Ernest Hemingway).


All aspects of reality, “something which cannot go on indefinitely–won’t.” Far be it from me to dismiss the insights of Hemingway. And yet, seen from the USSR, the USA has been “on the brink of collapse” for two generations already, and they’re still top dog. Waiting out an aggressive, relentless enemy carries great risks of its own; certainly the American superpower cannot simply be pinned down in Syria as you wrote, as Russia is feeling week after week.


The Russians have a long and eventful history of fighting wars, Have Patience. This is a Super power that can take on other superpowers, and Russia did not become what it is today by accident. Chose Your own side, be mindful of brainwashing.

Goran Grubić HardyVeles

By Putin’s own words, the only superpower currently is USA. Why? Because the term “superpower” means you are capable of projecting military influence at any desired location on the planet i.e. that you have 11 Nimitz class air craft carriers. Therefore, Russia nor China, are not superpowers as they have 0 Nimitz class-equivalent air craft carriers. Despite western MSM claims, Admiral Kuznjecov is a missile cruiser (as declared by Russian Navy), not an air craft carrier. In practical terms, it has ~1/2 capacity of Nimitz class ACC.


One cesspit versus another… https://www.yahoo.com/news/lebanon-fears-syria-land-law-hinder-refugee-returns-163054053.html

muja surya

What kind of “leader” does that to his own people? Fuck you russian rats and your Assad. I understand that people here probably islamophobic but the 100s of thousands of innocent civilians who died didn’t plan to attack you or anyone. They demanded islamic leadership and all they got back was bombing from Assad and Putin. Read on this conflict, because you are clearly brainwashed by kremlin propaganda or washington post. https://youtu.be/wnd3IYH7x1o https://youtu.be/oNLJZgS1baU

Expo Marker

They fought foreign invaders in their lands for the last 7 years.

They deserve to go home and rebuild what was destroyed.



Expo Marker

This law was passed because of the vast amount of illegal homes built. It’s been an issue before 2011, but it comes at bad time perhaps.


I have seen a dream, in which Israeli migrants, US and NATO forces have badly exposed, humiliated and defeated and then these foreign forces/gangsters leaving all ME states including Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Afghanistan etc. In the dream I asked from Netanyahu why Israel leaving Palestine so he replied me that we drop from the sky and stuck in the dates.

This is true because Israel have migrated from developed countries like US, UK, France etc and stuck in the dates mean stuck in the Arab lands. So neither their relations can become better with the Arab neighbours on which the country’s security and growth is dependent nor they can move back to their native states.

US and NATO forces have declared that on Afghani and Syrian lands 60% attacks on US and NATO led forces are done from inside army forces to whom they giving training. The Trump regime blame Pakistan and Iran while Jim Mattis blame Trump regime that they have reduced funds for our military operations.


These men have been in service for a long time and are undoubtedly disillusioned with Syria in general. Many would probably desert if they were not released now that the war is winding down.

Bill Wilson

I would imagine that quite a few have been agitating to be released from service because they’re getting burned out.


“The Russian Military Police reportedly arrested several soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army because of looting”. In the last years, the syrian army conscripted almost anyone who could carry an AK-47, including women. Now that the proxies are defeated, quality will be very more important than quantity beacouse soldiers using old AK-47s will not be needed anymore and you are not going to give advanced equipement to looters. I hope that this demobilization will increase and not decrease the effectiveness of the syrian army.


What is it? Victory already?..At least 40% are UNSURE zones, even by PALMYRA were AGAIN CIA/Mossad-attacks ( called ISIS, Al-Nussra, al-FvckThemCamelDvng or how they call themselves)


Well yes it is victory already.

The terrorist fighters are all but defeated, yes the USA appears to have annexed western Syria. It would be extremely stupid for Syria to get into a direct war with the USA over a desert and the oil the Americans are stealing and fencing to Israel. As long as the UN continues accept that all of Syria is the territory of Syria, American and Israeli annexations of Syrian territory are illegal and can be rectified in time.

Bill Wilson

Steal what oil? All those fields been fucked up from bombing by the Coalition, Russia and SAF. They’re going to need extensive repairs to get back into production.


The Syrian side as well as Hezbollah always talk about how very very few Syrian soldiers defected, whereas the opposition likes to claim huge amounts of soldiers (they sometimes even say half) defected to their cause. Could be to give credibility to their cause that most soldiers (i.e Sunnis) left the army (to try and show the sectarian nature of the conflict that Assad was oppressing Sunnis and Sunnis hated him which they always push).

I’m going to trust Sayed Hassan and go with the former. It’s shortage of manpower could have simply been from the fact that the Syrian army was weak and just didn’t have that many fighters or reserves in the first place, and only after the war did they start ramping these up? I don’t know. Just going to go with my gut.

Bill Wilson

Children grew up into young adults over the past 7 years.


Python and Lilop

Richard M

If they’ve been serving since 2010 they deserve the world’s thanks for resisting terrorism.

muja surya

For bombing civilians and sunni muslim population what heroes.

Richard M

For bombing Daesh, HTS and similar gangs of Orcs. Your Salafist headchoppers are not civilians, though they do make use of them as human shields and stage props for White Helmet propaganda vids.

muja surya

Nice excuse we are talking about 400,000 civilian people killed by Assad forces. How much lSlS killed? 5000? Im not defending them much but they are right in many ways except their abuse of power and very strict interpretation of islam. Who is the butcher here? https://cdnuploads.aa.com.tr/uploads/Contents/2015/11/26/thumbs_b_c_79f065c7aab3503aab3ce4629680f63c.jpg


Most of the Syrian army are Sunni, the Sunni Shia divide has been promoted by those who wish to see conflict amongst Muslims.


I hope that these brave men are honoured for their service to their country.

Joe Dirt

If they try to cross the Euphrates they will be call right back into service….the campaign for east of the Euphrates will take another 10 years lol

Bill Wilson

I’m sure they’ve been anxiously waiting to get mustered out.


Probably a bad move at this time as israel is chomping on the daraa district.

At least have these vets train their replacements before they leave.


The news report that scared me most today was on some obscure South African site. It mentioned that Syria is putting terms within which refugees have to claim their properties. I hope that Southfront can provide some clarity on what this about: http://ewn.co.za/2018/05/27/lebanon-tells-syria-development-law-could-hinder-refugees-return

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