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Syrian Army Tighten Security Measures In Daraa After Attack On Supply Truck

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Syrian Army Tighten Security Measures In Daraa After Attack On Supply Truck

Syrian soldiers in Tel Rifaat city, Illustrative image

On August 5 morning, a supply truck of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) came under attack in the western countryside of Daraa.

An improvised explosive device (IED) ripped through the truck, which was carrying five personnel from the SAA’s 112th Brigade, as it was passing near the town of al-Bakkar. Clashes were reported after the IED blast. An officer and a soldier were reportedly wounded in the attack.

Following the attack, the SAA carried out a series of raids in al-Bakkar. However, no arrests were reported. The army also set a checkpoint between the towns of Muzayrib and al-Yadudah, which are also located in the western Daraa countryside. A battle tank and an infantry fighting vehicle were deployed at the checkpoint.

At the same time, large reinforcements of the SAA, including armored personnel carriers and howitzers, were deployed at Daraa city center. The army also established three fortified positions near the silos, to the east of the city.

The situation in Daraa has been unstable. Just a day earlier, two attacks were reported in the eastern countryside of the governorate. The local representative of the Baath Party in the town of al-Harak was assassinated. ISIS also said its cells shot and killed a spy of the Syrian Air Force Intelligence Directorate in the town of al-Musayfrah.

The SAA and other government forces may be preparing to conduct a new series of operations in Daraa to improve the security situation there.


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Ali Al Hussein

Berichte doch einmal über Erdogan und Putin treffen, ihr Assad Anhänger seid so dumm und geblendet, Kalb – Schwein Assad, hat Syrien schon längst an Iran/Russland/Türkei verkauft, 80 Jahre Bodenschätze Syriens an diese. Das heißt für die total verblödeten unter euch, 100 Jahre extreme Armut unter den Syrern außer dem Stamm Assad. Assad Zeit, die seiner Familie, und seines Stammes nähert sich dem Ende, alle werden der Gerechtigkeit zugeführt.

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