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JUNE 2023

Syrian Army Tiger Froces Recapture Strategic Maadan Town From ISIS

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Syrian Army Tiger Froces Recapture Strategic Maadan Town From ISIS

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On Saturday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Tiger Forces and allied pro-government factions liberated the strategic town of Maadan and the nearby village of Suwayda located on the administrative border between Raqqah and Deir Ezzor provinces from ISIS terrorists, according to pro-government sources.

Reports also appeared that the Tiger Forces met with government troops deployed west of Maadan but this still has to be confirmed.

If the SAA and its allies really take control over the road heading west from Maadan, the entire ISIS-held pocket north of the town is likely empty.

Earlier no Saturday, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) continued advancing against ISIS on the eastern bank of the Euphrates, near Deir Ezzor city, facing a little resistance from ISIS. The SDF goal was to seize Jafra oil and gas fields.

Syrian Army Tiger Froces Recapture Strategic Maadan Town From ISIS

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Richard Noel Hedditch

Plenty of dead American ISIS, one hopes.

MD Ranix

kudos to the tireless russian led coalition

Michael Qiao

and now the tigers will go and get OMAR


a sign for the SDF to move south for oil…..and they did BIG NEW WAR IS LOOMING

Mauro Craizer

Not really, SDF reps will must sit down with Syrian Gov, they can only use diplomacy. As IS is almost out of influence in Syria, USA will fail under diplomatic pressure, they will must leave Syria, remember, their illegal pressence is only tolerated so far bcs of IS. Turkey also will not allow separating N.Syria for Kurds, neither would N. Syrian Arabs, Kurds are not a majority there, Iraq is also pushing back separation deals, US has lost, their dirty dividing policies failed EVERYWHERE, left only chaos, destruction and black flags filled the vacuum. RUS, CHI, IRA, will not allow another civil war Syria/Iraq against the Kurds. Israel and USA plans went 180 on them, the end goal is Iran, they planned to install wahhabi “puppets” in Damascus, the same for Iraq, no matter who is in “power”, as long as it’s their lackeys. It never works, bcs those “lackeys” went rogues everywhere, AFG, IRQ, LIB, SYR. Syria will not become another Afganistan or Libya. Israel plans surrounding Iran and put it under control for decades, they’ve never been further from that as is it now. It’s not the others fault Zio and their puppets took the only non oil rich place in the whole ME, they have the sea, they better start to look after their own issues, Isrealis are migrating fast, it’s all but milk and honey there, leaving aside their foreign aspirations. There is no more only CIA/Mossad controlled MSM info, but most politicians behave like there is a single western news channel, CNN and it has a single anchor, R. Madcow. It’s funny actually, how deep that elitionist bubble is, with all dirty tricks, cheating, illegal voting, the whole Gov and sec. services on HRC’s disposal, she lost. If that’s did not awake her ilk, they will fall so hard the longer they’re in denial.


You write a clear and concise account of REALITY. Let us all hope that sane minds amongst the Syrian Kurds realise that their future is within Syria in a state of peace.


Tiger forces should cross Euphrates south of Madaan and attack ISIS forces in the pocket east of Euphrates, while threatening and probing the density of the SDF pincer and cutting it off from its communications and supply lines.


South of Madaan is the desert. :p But I get that you meant north-east of Al Tebni.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

South of Maadan is the Badiyeh, when will they capture that place all the damn terrorists keep running there, soon all of them will be in the Badiyeh !

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

I heard the badiyeh( desert) was captured today, now I am happy. :)))

Valery Grigoryev

I see the red line on the eastern bank of Euphrates as well. Does it mean, that TF have already cross it, or it’s just a mistake on the map?


To my knowledge they have not crossed it, I mean public knowledge. Since ISIS resistance should be sparse, they should be able to cross it easily.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Much of this was Yesterday’s news as they have the T-62 water tanks and BMR-1ks to cross the river , They had met one another yesterday from both sides and those that didn’t flee when the US engineers had built the pontoon bridge to cross the Euphrates. They will clear the borders and then focus on expelling all the Terrorists out of Syria and there is no agreements only US stating there is.

The oilfields seem that it’s being contested as to who got there first and the US is going to have some explaining Kushum is under SAA control. There have been reports of the SAA continuing North and another group going east.

All these units are configured for offence and defense and mechanized units and artillery, they are employing the new military doctrine of brigades. These types of formations which are highly effective combat units and come from various units in the army. So everyone don’t expect your favorite group to be there, they didn’t work years ago and are all new configurations of your favorite forces being used today. Battle effectiveness and combat styles are being employed why you see the SAA in a total new light everywhere.


Brilliant, and when that ISIS pocket is cleared, they won’t come back to DZ the same way that they came, instead I assume they will go via the eastern side of the river and liberate everything on their way to DZ including Al Husainiyah, Al Salhiyah and up to Kasham, and then (finally) further east! Maybe kill a few of USA’s yellow minions and mercenaries as they progress too.


Reff Euphrathes’ high water level, IMMO SAA should recapture the dam. First, the name is Lake Assad not Lake Occalan. Second, children shouldn’t play with dams. Third, when enough water is spilled (Euphrates turns into creek) where will all that grUShoppers go? Forth, panzir-S.


I fail to see the strategic importance of an isolated town in a besieged pocket.

Having said that, all victories over IS are worthwhile.

So, SAA is doing well to clear the pocket, like SDF is doing well taking many villages, cities, oil and gas installations in east DeZ countryside.

Let us hope all the ranting on this site will soon cease or the ranters can go to h*ll as far as I am concerned.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

The SDF will have to be whipped back into the SAA after the US/EU/NATO invaders are expelled. This will be a very painful process for the US/EU/NATO gangsters, unless they are wise enough to go home, NOW!


Very good :)))

Solomon Krupacek

SAA goes on! :)


Valery Grigoryev

Great! I was waiting for some good news by the end of this day – and here it is.


It looks like Isis has withdrawn from the west bank of the river north of DE. Once the government restores administrative control, which shouldn’t take long. They can push east and start clearing the other side of the river from Jew world order terrorists and collaborators. Relieving the Kurds of government administration, through agreement or further military activity. Whichever is required under the circumstances.

DJ Double D

For the first time in this war, ISIS has done to the Americans what they have been doing to the Assad Forces: ISIS today ambushed an American convoy transporting Kurds heading to Deir Ezzor from Hasakah province. Many dead Kurds. No word yet if any American among the dead.

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