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Syrian Army, Tiger Forces Prepare To Storm Douma As Negotiations With Jaish al-Islam Show Lack Of Progress


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Tiger Forces are preparing to storm the town of Douma in Eastern Ghouta as negotiations between the government and Jaish al-Islam [controls the area] have shown a lack of progress over the last few days.

According to pro-government sources, elite units of the Tiger Forces and the SAA have already deployed in the area and are now working to secure their new positions.

On the same time reports have appeared that Muhannad Abu Moaz, a field commander of Jaysh al-Islam, has been killed in the area. This confirms that some clashes are already ongoing on the Douma front.

Syrian Army, Tiger Forces Prepare To Storm Douma As Negotiations With Jaish al-Islam Show Lack Of Progress

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  • AJ

    I’m sure Haley is distraught at this.

  • Rüdiger Preiss

    Dutchnational should be able to bring some clarification into this. After all, if not himself then some of his friends are sitting in a trench somewhere in Douma …

    • Merijn

      Haven’t seen him……

    • You can call me Al

      I am getting a little worried about him. I wonder if he believed his own stories of a glorious Kurdish win and decided to pop over for the big end party ?, only to land with the HTS, FSA or the SAA ?.

      • Ketou13

        Hahha….might be….or else he got captured by the Turkish army in afrin region

      • My bet is he opened a new Disqus account and is skulking incognito!

        • You can call me Al

          Oh, you have to ruin everything with logic !!.

    • TheLulzWarrior

      Barrel bomb time! -)

      • hamster

        I love barrel bombs. It brings a smile to my face to see members of the “white helmets” screaming in despair. Nothing better than that to brighten one’s day.

        • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

          Would be nice if they dropped them on Alloush in City of London.

    • Justin

      When was the last time DutchNational was commenting on this forum?
      I used to hammer that guy but I dont see him anymore so I cant rub his face in it!

  • Promitheas Apollonious

    why rush it and storm them? First they must let them kill each other and they, (SAA) move in and clean what is left.

    • gold37

      It does’t look like they will, only one main group remains. The reason for the stalling is that going to Idlib is a death sentence for them and staying is also a death sentence. SAA is applying pressure so they can get killed in Idlib. Besides, the tigers don’t normally hold an operation for a long period of time, they get things done and move to the next front.

  • Eskandar Black

    The SAA allowed 6k+ militants and their families out alive. Its time for examples to be made. Just Douma. This will speed up negotiations in other areas. The key is to make sure that everybody understands that once the storming starts, no one comes out alive.

    • velociraptor

      we will see

    • TheLulzWarrior

      Kill every single dirty goat humper and mix their remains with pig shit!

    • Raise Santa Anna’s Blood Red Flag! No quarter!

    • Vitex

      I think – in reality – you never kill all of your enemies. And with the radical islamists, you probably do them more damage by letting them go than by killing them. Only so much humiliation that one man can stand :)

  • Lilian Turin

    I think costs outweigh the benefits here, given they’re cornered, completely surrounded, if they will not shell Damascus I’d leave them alone. Without supplies they will come to terms eventually.

    • Vitex

      That’s been said before and it’s still true. Siege warfare has its uses.

  • RichardD

    The Syrian government coalition just keeps going from strength to strength as they clear terrorist held area after terrorist held area. At the rate that they’re going it’s only a matter of time until all of Syria west of the river is cleared of terrorists. The ones south of Damascus in the refugee camp probably aren’t sleeping well knowing that they’l soon be on the receiving end of overwhelming fire power.

    And the big show down east of the river is getting closer as more resources become available to push the eastern front forward to the Iraq and Turkish borders.

    • Ewan

      thats if the US does not replenish their ranks with their own – US hardware moving into Jordan apparently for “excercises”

      • RichardD

        Trump says that he wants to defeat Isis and withdraw. The Jews will try to stop that. I hope that they fail.

  • pjt

    Best of luck. Seek & destroy

  • enriqueferro

    I’m afraid the militants will stage a chemical attack now.