Syrian Army Tiger Forces In Battle For Mayadin City (Video)


Syrian Army Tiger Forces In Battle For Mayadin City (Video)

A screenshot from the video

This video provides a look at an operation of the Syrian Army’s Tiger Forces to liberate the city of al-Mayadin from ISIS terrorists. The city was liberated earlier this week (MAP HERE).



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  • MeMadMax

    Great work SAA, keep it up!

  • Brad Isherwood

    Great to see the movement and planning with support in this opp.
    History will look back on the Syrian conflict and mark the Syrian military command for failures accross the board in first years of the war.
    Far to many bases were overrun…with hundreds of Tanks taken,other mechanized. ..arsenals.

    Syria lost how many 10,000s of men ?….when they could have reconsolidate at more supportive positions near key military/civic logistics.
    I would have let ISUS have turf near Kurd Syria …
    Dier Ezzor province should never have been allowed to be the open border for all the war.
    I’m surprised the Russians did not advise Syria better,…or did they?
    Hopefully SAA will retake Omar Oil field in next days……cut SDF off.
    This gives Iran it’s Shia Corridor.

    Whatever it takes so that US and Israel are kicking chairs in frustration : )

    • Jens Holm

      The corridor talk is rubbish. Assads already have the DEZ and Maydeen bank with good roads.

      Why do we have to hear those nonsense stupidities again and again.

      • Brad Isherwood

        Because the US can airlift the SDF to the oil fields and Syria/Iraq border.
        The US can airlift in Saudi, UAE and other trash which will attrition rate more of Syria’s
        US have their Kurd Prostitute. ….

        I want them hell and gone from the rest of Syria.
        US want the fight with Shia Militias. …so….Iraq will be hell,
        And so to Syria if US gets to sit on more turf.

  • r0b1n

    Hmm, good fight.

  • Manuel Flores Escobar

    Tiger forces + T-90 = ISIS nightmare.!

  • Thegr8rambino

    WOW THAT VIDEO showed some intense fighting but it was all worth it in the end!!! i just wish syria still had some chemical weapons to use against stubborn daesh lines, although the west would be all over that in trying to justify more intervention im sure

  • Cheryl Brandon

    Well done SAA; Go SAA go; Awesome; Exterminate/exterminate/exterminate!