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Syrian Army Targets Radical Militants In Hama And Idlib With Armed Drones, Guided Missiles And Heavy Rockets

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Syrian Army Targets Radical Militants In Hama And Idlib With Armed Drones, Guided Missiles And Heavy Rockets

Illustrative image, by SANA

On January 11, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) carried out a series of operations against radical militants in the northern Hama countryside and the southern Idlib countryside in response to recent violations of the Russian-Turkish demilitarized zone agreement.

In details, the army used an armed drone to strike several gatherings of the militants in the town of al-Lataminah in northern Hama in the morning. Later, Syrian soldiers launched a Kornet anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) at a fortified positions of the militants in the outskirts of the same town.

The SAA expanded its operations in the night and launched a barrage of rockets from its BM-30 Smerch heavy rocket launchers at several positions of the radical militants in the town of Hass in southern Idlib.

These operations are apparently a part of new policy, under which the SAA and its allies started to use advanced weapons to respond to the daily violations of the demilitarized zone agreement. The army will likely develop its operations further, if the militants continue to violate the agreement.

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“SAA and its allies began to use advanced weapons to response to the daily violations of the demilitarized zone agreement”

Way to go SAA ! Hit them hard and make them bleed like pigs ! 300mm rockets from multiple Smerch rocket launchers up their ass are quite compiling arguments Best shortcut to 72 virgins !


Syrian Air Defences Respond to Enemy Attack, Down Several Targets – Reports


You can call me Al

That is good, but you need to be on the different article.


What do you mean ?

My comment was 20 hours ago…

You can call me Al



Yeah, I know. As I said, I posted the above 20 hours ago, before southfront came up with that article.

You can call me Al

OK, calm down tetchy. Good original post.


With Turkey-backed ‘opposition rebels’ departing the Idlib zone, I see the ground set to wipe out the HTS-al qaeda forces that have taken over. Even the double-downing anglozioinists will not risk ww3 – and therefore their collective suicide – to protect internationally recognised terrorists.

Promitheas Apollonious

let us know when they stop pussy footing around and get serious free their country and clean it from the scum of the earth.

SurfshackTito (TheSecular)

Idlib be Like: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/dfecc76a9768def113db81acfcf229ab88073d6880fb463dd1386db1417470d7.gif


“We Don’t Take Orders From Bolton”: US Withdrawal From Syria Begins


Willing Conscience (The Truths

New weapons for the soon to start offensive.


Let me correct some misread of the situation – NONE of the Turkish backed proxies in the FNL (Ahrar ash-Sham, Suqour ash-Sham, Faylaq ash-Sham etc..) , Jaysh al-Izza, or even Wa Harid al-Mu’mineen have been defeated or departed their zones. On the contrary these forces have made agreements to be incorporated/re-badged into the new Turkish backed ” Salvation Government of Syria. The graphic attached clearly shows and lists these groups. If you don’t believe me I attach a fotocopy of the agreement signed by acting Commanders of HTS on the one hand, and Ahrar ash-Sham and Suqour ash-Sham for the NFL to this effect. The Turkish regular army TSK has substantial (2+bn) in and around the entire area and could easily have managed the operation if its proxy NFL was directly threatened. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/daaf787e27c72cbd7b549c93f8b36cfbcb0cf3f9b27e7fe6cf8430d2ce5a96de.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/39e41361f7850ee5e617f6c2121165d82d40eb0738e413cafc6fadc3e37a361f.jpg

J Roderet

Al-Queda in Idlib will get defeated in 2019 just like they were defeated in southern Syria in 2018. Many Neocon tears will be shed over this massive, upcoming Syrian victory.


Tulsi Gabbard for President of the USA for 2020. She has always told the truth about the war on Syria and is the first real peace candidate ever. Big news. I believe the evil war on Syria on behave of the Jihadis and Israel as woken up a lot of people.

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