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Syrian Army Takes Control of Strategic Air Force Technical Base in Southwestern Aleppo

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Syrian Army Takes Control of Strategic Air Force Technical Base in Southwestern Aleppo

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Following a week of clashes, the Syrian army and Hezbollah has taken full control of the Air Force Technical Base at the Ramouseh Artillery Base in southwestern Aleppo. Developing this success, the Syrian government forces are advancing further on militants in the Ramouseh Artillery Base.

The liberation of the Air Force Technical Base is an important victory that will allow to prevent any Jaish al-Fatah’s attempts to provide arms supplies to eastern Aleppo amid the fall of militant defenses along the Khan Tuman-Ramouseh road (more about this here).

Syrian troops are inside the base:

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Let’s hope that they don’t retreat in 5 minutes, as is their norm. They run away quicker than the French! And at least they had an excuse; the world had never experienced blitzkrieg. Whereas SAA have more men and TWO AIR FORCES, against the militants’ none! No excuse.


they retreat in order to save their men. They have disadvantage in terms of numbers. They try to kill FSA with precise attacks. Staying at defense means giving the iniiative. SAA cant afford that tactic. They are more succesful that way. They retrat, create a safe zone for more precise air and artillery strikes. and when they think FSA is softened, they start pushing again. They are not idiots. Nor FSA. Each side fight as they can. Those are not modern armies with quick adaptability capacities.


This myth, yet again, they have the numbers! And this disaster in Hama, where they’re continuously retreating for miles and miles and miles, are they still waiting to get a good precise attack going?

Richard the Slav

Offensives generally take more than a day to repel, they have to get their men there first, then counterattack, repel rebel attacks, counterattack again and so on.This all takes time and for now it’s too early to say will Rebel offensive be successful or not.

Gabriel Hollows

They don’t have the numbers at all, in fact estimations say they have like 6k ‘capable’ men left. They heavily rely on airstrikes and artillery to soften up the terrorists.

But you already knew all of this, didn’t you Schlomo?

Manuel Chrut

6k sounds a bit too low. That’s without groups like Hezbollah and without airforce, even without non-combat personnel, and still it sounds low. Where did you get this figure from?


5 years at war and their soldiers still don’t know what they’re doing?? How? Syrians have massive birth rates and millions upon millions of men in government held areas, where’s the shortage in manpower exactly?


Just keep comparing the syrian government’s position year after year, it is improving constantly. You just focus on the defeats it seems.

Andrew Illingworth

I’ve explained exactly this to Aquartertoseven on another post; his mind is incapable of understanding the benefits of tactical and strategic withdrawals for the sake of manpower preservation.

Richard the Slav

That’s some good news, it means they’re pushing more and more.Hopefully they regain control over the whole gap soon, even if it takes days.

Divesh Kumar

There is no doubt SAA is overstretched….. But they should plan well and put pressure on some more seiged areas so as to reach the deals same as that in Daraya . This will liberate more man power to deploy at fronts….. I wish success too them

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