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JUNE 2023

Syrian Army Takes Control Of Rusafah Junction At Ithriyah-Tabqah Road After Liberating Over Dozen Villages

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The Syrian Arab Army Tiger Forces have made large gains against ISIS terrorists in the province of Raqqah, according to the Hezbollah media wing in Syria.

The Tiger Forces have liberated the villages of  Bir Anbaj, Abu Thawra, Rajm Askar, Jub Aziz, Jib Abud, Abu Susat, Jub al-Ghanam and reached the Ithriyah-Tabqah road in southeast of the area controlled by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces.

The Tiger Forces have also taken control of the Rusafah Junction at the Ithriyah-Tabqah road and continued developing momentuum in the area.

These large gains were made amid little fighting with ISIS terrorists. A core of ISIS units mostly withdrew from the area earlier this month.

Syrian Army Takes Control Of Rusafah Junction At Ithriyah-Tabqah Road After Liberating Over Dozen Villages

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El Diablo

Now close the circle :D

Rodney Loder

So now Brother Baghdadi is handing over territories to the SAA choosing anti israel over pro israeli​ Kurds.


No. He is as pro-Israel as it gets.

TerraCotta WoolPuller

Baghdadi was born Simon Elliot he is Jewish just another Mossad agent .

Solomon Krupacek

evidences here! dna, fimgerprint, etc.


What? And let such ridiculous things like evidence stand in the way of a perfectly good conspiracy theory? Don’t be daft! ;)

Rodney Loder

You don’t understand morphological paradox, did you ever go to school?

Mase fah

handing over??? more like fghting and liberating


NICE ADVANCE ! SAA needs to take Thawrah Oil field also to stop any SDF movement south. GO TIGERS ! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a3d2c0e48c9c1ee5bfdb12b30df04a9226016649f3d09fa6f16c6984267ec197.jpg

Wahid Algiers

Right and they need to close the pocket to slaughter fleeing ISIL runners from HOMS CS to RAQQA CS.

Joe Doe

Yes, they should as is close to the front lines. The same time SAA should go west, it should be easy and quick advances as most are deserts and there no many villages. The SAA will also outflank from behind ISIS defence lines Ithriya along the road to Aleppo

DJ Double D

You have so many times alluded to the fact that the advance should be easy because it is mostly desert. But you should have understood better by now that the advance in the desert hasn’t been that quick and easy as you said because these animals defend well in deserts. It’s not open desert per se, but desert with moulds of hills and caves. So it’s a difficult excursion. Example of this is the Palmyra country side these rats have bogged down SAA for months now without that quick gains. Any area that SAA moves past faster is area that the bastards didn’t defend much.


This was done last year, no Isis defense, followed by a coordinated double wave of VBIEDS and technicals. Might want to widen those flanks and secure your supply lines.

Solomon Krupacek

hopely this time will be better the saa soldiers.

Just "Syrian"

last year the advance came from ithrya towards tabqa without any other line of supplies from the notrh or the northwest and without any presence of sdf in tabqa,, so such attacks from isis isnt ganna threaten the supply line


Last year diffrent situation and approach


all remaining forces of ISIS are going to be encircled in a while…..run for your pathetic lives you rats while you still can


No don’t run stand and fight so that the SAA can kill every last one of those disgusting animals. Maybe send a few of their heads back to their Americkkkan masters.


If I were Syrian I would hope every foreigner among them would go home to their evil work there.


the Russian air force will have a hot surprise for them once they get out in the open …..the desert landscape will change….


can SAA use the road around Tabqah ? if not it’s too bad… soon SAA and SDF will fight. the capture of Tabqa by SDF is making situation difficult for SAA


Nice nice nice.


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