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Syrian Army Sweeps Through Northern, Northwestern Aleppo As Militant Positions Collapse

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On February 16, the remaining positions of al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and Turkish-backed factions in northern and northwestern Aleppo began to collapse following a new push by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

Advancing from several directions, the army and its allies managed to liberate the following areas:

  • The towns of Shweihna, Kfar Dael, Bashantra, Hayan and Bayanoun;
  • The areas of Tell Musiybin, Hutah, Qaylun, Muhaynah and Bshqatin and al-Fanar;
  • The housing complexes of al-Hadi, al-Itihad al-Arabi, al-Kahraba 2, al-Muharibin, Azar, al-Rashidin 2 and 3.
Syrian Army Sweeps Through Northern, Northwestern Aleppo As Militant Positions Collapse

Click to see full-size map.

Earlier today, HTS and its allies launched a large-scale counter-attack against the SAA in western Aleppo in a last ditch effort to hold onto the region. However, the attack was repelled with the militants sustaining catastrophic losses.

The SAA will likely secure northern and northwestern Aleppo within a few days, if not hours. The remaining militants in the region are reportedly fleeing.

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Fwow! SAA tanks now fueled by Captagon!


SAA Tanks are fuelled by Raw Courage.

Captagon is for those who need ‘Dutch Courage’.

Our valued non English readers here who are not familiar with the term may appreciate the following:-

“Dutch courage noun Strength or confidence gained from drinking alcohol: “I’ll have a couple of drinks to give me Dutch courage”

The term is said to have been adopted by “English soldiers fighting in the Anglo-Dutch Wars (1652–1674) and perhaps as early as the Thirty Years’ War (1618–1648).”

Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

Probably fueled by a bit of both but whatever works….


But the Dutch don’t have Dutch courage, in a cultural paradox


Map already outdated

Porc Halal

Updated map…very good progress made by Syrian Army Force…turkish terrorists are so fucked up!…

Porc Halal



Al Balog

I wouldn’t trust LiveUAMap too much. They have an anti-Assad, anti-Russian bias. They’ve already badly misrepresented the Ukraine/Donbass war, making the Ukrop Nazis look like the “good guys” against the Donbass Republics. In fact, the Ukrops are committing genocide. And the site keep accusing Assad of “shelling civilians”. I prefer https://syriancivilwarmap.com/


Right. Also Syriancivilwarmap is more timely and more precise. You can see the different terrorist factions. And the area that is jointly controlled between SDF and SAA. LiveUAmap, hides info favorable to SAA and their news section is derogatory to Russia, SAA and Iran. They are not neutral.


Yet it’s not a civil war.


Syria: Rebels evacuated entire NW. Aleppo area before it was besieged, emptying 5 towns. Pro-Assad forces entered area from multiple axes. Most fortified sector, Zahraa District, fell without battle (pics)

https://syria.liveuamap.com/ —— The rats are running.


Running to where though?

There will be many thousands of rats in new Turkish uniforms and American weapons now.

I trust that there is a Russian plan to incinerate all of them.

Al Balog

I wouldn’t trust LiveUAMap too much. They have an anti-Assad, anti-Russian bias. They’ve already badly misrepresented the Ukraine/Donbass war, making the Ukrop Nazis look like the “good guys” against the Donbass Republics. And they keep accusing Assad of “shelling civilians”. I prefer https://syriancivilwarmap.com/


Indeed, excellent points, I fully agree with you.


ZOG media – truth is the first casualty


liveuamap is pro-terrorists pro-western news.

good american

Chomp Chomp Chomp!! Turkey soup tastes best sprinkled with jihadi spice when fresh from the cauldron.


I will pass on that delicacy, I think.

good american

Ok, you got me. In the meatless version of this dish, instead of turkey meat and jihadi spice they use dog shit and it tastes exactly the same!

Simon Ndiritu

‘Turkey soup and jihadi spice,’ very humorous !!!!


And that’s Azerbananistan’s ”Democracy” … Comparable only to Turkey’s ”Democracy” and to Pakistan and North Korea…


Harry Smith

Oh fluffy cookies! Sometimes it looks like the only subject Americans learn in their schools is to say stupid things with serious face. ROFL It’s Azerbaijan bro! Not Azerbananistan.


Wrong! Its a banana – republic , HENCE Azer-banana-istan. It’s sarcasm, it’s an advanced way of expression, a higher level if you like … Someday they ll teach you that in your school I m sure…is it the Ankara college of young terrorists you are attending or something similar in Islamabad maybe or maybe Baku …?

Pave Way IV

What? Azerbaijan? You just made up that name. [serious face] There IS no such place!


Baku – the capital of Azerbaijan, the largest city in the Caucasus and one of the most beautiful cities in the world is compared with Naples, San Francisco and other big cities of the world. The city is situated on the southern coast of the Absheron Peninsula and is the largest port in the Caucasus.


good american

Beautiful architecture.


I just hope that the US military does not see the need to ‘Guard the Oil’.


He is being sarchastic, thus the word compounding,


Turnout similar to US Presidential Election , 50% + or – 2%. CCTV in 20% of polling stations, access for people with disabilities, 2% of ballot papers in braille, Uv stamps to prevent double voting. No campaigning or posters allowed 24 hours before ballot. Result favours the Government and the Losers want to demonstrate. Organisers told they would be arrested if they went ahead with the unapproved march in Baku, they refused to delay/reschedule and were arrested. The 3 opposition leaders who were arrested were later released without charge and are now claiming they are going to sue the Minister of the Interior. Sounds more like a storm in a teacup to me


Yanki ‘Democracy’ is another kind of fake Democracy. Doesn’t matter if the Democrats or the RepublicUnts win, Jews are everywhere in the U.S.


Soon, finally, Aleppo will be secure. And then it will be interesting to see what will happen next. I still wouldn’t be surprised if after yet another secret deal between Russia and Turkey the offensive will halt again. But then again, who knows? Turkey seems so desperate to have this offensive halted its talking to Washington again. Maybe, finally, Moscow is not picking up the phone from Ankara any more?

You can call me Al

Not this time; but I so envisage the wrath of the Turkish + Israel + the US, so it would be wise to switch the S-300 & 400s on.


I would think that there is a Russian tactic to prevent their latest observation posts along the M4 from being encircled by any Turkish jihadi counterattacks as well.


At a guard of honour at the presidential palace in Kyiv on Monday,

Mr Erdogan shouted “Glory to Ukraine”.


We hope so.


Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to meee, happy birthday too me. Thank you very much Syrian people, Syrian military forces and the Allies.


Ones tenth birthday is always a milestone. Happy Birthday :)

You can call me Al

LOL you cheeky fucker.

Harry Smith

Let your jealousy be silent. ROFL https://media2.giphy.com/media/bTuGUzjm9Uru/giphy.gif


Its a skill I learned early in life, Al.

Traiano Welcome

Impressive how much military experience the SAA is getting. The IDF must be getting rather nervous from their watchtowers on the Golan …

You can call me Al

You can add the PMU (Iraq) on that list as well. God works in mysterious ways !!.

good american

Don’t they also have Palestinian forces getting some good practice? Hezbollah must be able to rock with the best after all this, too.

Traiano Welcome

Indeed they do. Those chickens will be heading home to roost one day …


They do, yes. Liwa Al Quds. Liwa al-Quds Palestinian fighters from the Damascus countryside.

Traiano Welcome

There’s an interesting pattern emerging: Iran – shattered by US/Western military interference, grows into an immense military threat. Lebanon, shattered by Israeli and American interference, grows into a massive military threat to Israel. Yemen, shattered by American and European military interference, becomes a massive military threat, Iraq, Libya … One would think these highly educated Pentagon golden boys would spot the trend …


The Dajjal only has one eye – he’s not very bright

Traiano Welcome

For a moment there I read “Dajjaj”, Arabic for Chicken and got hungry all of a sudden …




Mmmm, when we look at Pompous Pompeo and friends, its is obvious that the US has serious intellect issues.


They can’t spot the trend because arrogance is a lens that works wonders in reverse.


You sure have an inflated view of immense and massive.

Smith Ricky

Lets not forget the houthis.

Simplekindof Man

From the vids I’ve seen it doesn’t seem so. Vieds explosions in the MIDDLE of camp?After 10 years of war? More like they’re on summer school camp…

Traiano Welcome

Nothing’s perfect, in this game it’s all relative. For example, one wouldn’t have expected the IDF to have blundered like they did in Bint Jbeil and Maroun Al-Ras, after decades of experience, but no, they went full amateur hour.

Simplekindof Man

I’m talking about “on the field” experience by commanders and lower ranking personnel.My basic training taught me that when you set camp you ALWAYS have guards 24h and eyes 360…Those plains in Syria give you kilometres of visibility. Can’t comment on the wider picture. Just saying….


I would think so, yes. Hezbollah is gaining more experience as well for its latest generation of volunteers .


Yes for sure, but rather Israel must be very very nervous of Hezbolah capabilities right now.

You can call me Al

Could be this be the end game in the NW ?, may God be with you SAA, Hezbollah and Russia. Clear the vermin out and eliminate them all; no prisoners.

Harry Smith

Don’t forget yankees “securing” oilfields in the eastern part of Syria. And, of course, Erdogan will fight until the last jihadi hipster he has.


Not at all. Let us wait for the Turkish, Kurds, and USA dominated areas. There is still long way to go. How about Golan Hights.

Rafik Chauhan

SAA offensive will not stop till darat izzat and atrib. Russia will not agree ceasfire till Baba al hawa crossing comes in the hand of Russia and SAA. in Aleppo

Toni Liu

Why they need stop till atarib when just some kilometer away they can block that bab al hawa border crossing, thats will kill some turks weapon traffic to those terrorist


I don’t know about that. I would love that to be true. We’ll see. Russians need more humiliations from the Turks for that to happen. They seem to have high tolerance to accepting bad deals. The story of their lives. They didn’t stop the coup in Ukraine, They waited 3 years before intervening in Syria. A track record of paralyzed decision making process. But what do we know? Maybe they didn’t have the means. At least they are on the good side of history.


Russia has defence abilities that were not in production in 2014.

The USA wanted war with Russia in 2015 but with wise Russian strategies in Ukraine and Syria, the US and NATO did not ger their way

Today Russia is exponentially stronger BUT only the fools in the US think that a nuclear war is winnable.

With time the US continue to rot from within and the US problem will fade. The rot is more obvious now to all nations of the globe. The stench of US fear is blowing around the world,


Totally agree. US situation is not tenable. They will disband NAto at some point.

MeMad Max

It would seem the SAA is starting a “hammer and anvil” again, which the SAA is exceptional at doing.

Most of the terrorkeys in idlib get their supplies from the north, and thru only ONE major highway.

If the SAA can blitz across the north of idlib(west of aleppo), this would form the hammer that would slam down into south idlib.

Good times, can see it coming and theres nothing that the terrorkeys can do about it.

erdoghan is a moron and will potentially lose everything he sent into idlib. Mostly because he had no rhyme or reason or a PLAN….


Erdo is like a fool who wants to build a house with no plans, no experience and the only tool in his hands is a Hammer he bought from the USA.


Nice, next is continuing north-west in order to cut off Idlib from Turk occupied Afrin.

Joe Doe

I hope SAA is smart enough push West up to Mashhad and South in the line with Al Atarib and Kafr Nuran, Shalakh. Than take Sarmin and move West along M4 and create southpacketand clear the packet. Than SAA should take rest and rearms and the same time try negotiate, peace that will include peaceful handover Idlib to Syria.


Drop some ammo on Erdogan head. CIA may help, they long trying to get rid of Erdogan

Tim Williams


Main road completely cleared and secured now …. SAA FORCES pushing west all areas to create buffer zones … thousands of dead rats and tons of equipment either destroyed or captured…

WOW !!

Tim Williams

best updated map right now … you can zoom in on it


Десислав Георгиев



The suburbs of Aleppo city and the Anadan plain are completely liberated! https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/battle-of-aleppo-city-ends-in-syrian-army-victory-after-7-years-of-fighting/ https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/syrian-army-officially-takes-control-of-greater-aleppo-area-as-all-militants-withdraw-west/ https://geopolitics.news/middle-east/1431/ https://twitter.com/ynms79797979/status/1229093177803628545 https://twitter.com/ynms79797979/status/1229091497729036289 https://twitter.com/Zinvor/status/1229079923941367808 https://twitter.com/RojavaNetwork/status/1229083017840341000 https://twitter.com/RojavaNetwork/status/1229084919525072896

Fair treatment

Well done.. Please dont allow anyone escaping. They are the scum of the worlds living and dead. They did so much damage and bombing and killings in Turkey in the past and all over the world. But unfortunately Turkey are helping them,either they did FORGOTTEN what they did in their country,,, or they dont care … Turkey should stop playing with their own enemy.. They should eliminate every single 1 of them , they can come back an byte them from the ass.. Turkey dont forget they are pure terrorists whit ideology from ancient and evil times..

Aleks Chernyy

The information provided here is several days outdated. In reality, the rebel lines have entirely collapsed in Western Allepo. Areas that are marked green are controlled and patrolled by Syrian soldiers. I would venture to guess that the “moderate opposition” will be forced out of the Aleppo region altogether.

Interesting questions remain:

Will Russia agree to another cease-fire with Turkey limiting the Syrian offensive in idlib?

What are the immediate tactical intentions of the United States and Turkey in Idlib?

Will the Syrian army target Idlib city in the next offensive?

How will Russia respond to moderate rebels armed with manpads?

To what extent will friction with Russia affect business relationships with Turkey?

To what extent our Turkish interests better served by militarily supporting the rebels in Idlib versus moving the rebels over to Libya to promote Turkish interests there?

How this Turkish relationship with Israel affect American foreign policy?

If Idlib is entirely liberated, will the SAA move to Efrin next?

Can the Kurds be made useful for removing Turkey from northern Syria?

Tim Williams

big party in Aleppo City going on …. we’re finally free



that’s a lot of damage

Traiano Welcome

The danger now is the Turkey and Israel will step in on the side of the ‘rebels’. Russia will have to decide if it wants to play borderline and risk losing the gains of the last year, or make it’s position clear and protect it’s investment.

Tim Williams

Turks are headed to Moscow tonight for meeting Monday … redraw the lines and terms

Traiano Welcome

They’ll be negotiating from a position of weakness, so they’ll not come back with much.

Tim Williams

it gets worse by the hour … SAA still moving

Tim Williams

map as of an hour ago … WOW …


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