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Syrian Army Supported By Russian Forces Carried Out Raids In Syria’s Karak, Daraa Governorate

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On November 12, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) 4th Division entered Karak in the eastern Daraa countryside following an agreement with the town’s locals.

Army troops entered the town with support from Russian forces. The troops were also escorted by fighters from the 8th Brigade, a unit of the Russian-backed 5th Corps that’s dedicated for former rebels who joined the reconciliation process in 2018.

After entering the town, 4th Division units carried out a series of raids in search for the local fighters responsible for the November 8 attack. Five Syrian service members were killed and two others were injured in the attack.

The SAA was planning to launch a full-on military operation in Karak. However, the 8th Brigade was able to broker a deal with the locals to facilitate the search for the perpetrators of the last attack.

According to several opposition sources, the agreement will see the re-launch of the reconciliation process in Karak. The town’s fighters will all rejoin the process.

The agreement in Karak is far from perfect. According to available information, all the perpetrators of the November 8 attack have already fled the town. The agreement, however, is a sign of better coordination between government forces and local fighters in Daraa.


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Mr T

Putin and assad have no soldiers left, they need need footsoldiers


There are syrian soldiers, russian mercs, Hezbollah and IRGC fighters.

Black Waters

What the fuck are you talking about? Are you high or something?


Putin has over 40 million non kweer trained in russia alone if need be,cia/dumbass!

Mr T

kweer? what is that

Jaime Galarza

Maybe if you read it phonetically, you’ll understand.


how is life in banana republic of turkey ? many of your village looks exacly the same as syrian. Welcome in 3rd world

Mr T

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Also Muslims enjoying from your country and multpying.


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Mr T

thanks you for your taxes, in the name of Muslims.):


How many more soldiers have to die before they realize this conciliation bollocks doesn’t work,the policy should be hand in your weapons surrender or you will be wiped out where you stand.


turkey is about to get the message and is slowly withdrawing – what is left will be the jihadist (so called) isis al quaida and so on and they will have some support from the jews in palestine but ultimately they’ll, just like the jews in palestine, be made obsolete to requirement and will thus be buried at 6 feet under, palestine returned to the rightful owners and the natural gas the thieving and murdering jews now are trying to sell to europe will be sold by the palestinians and the eu will avoid being the fence for the jews in palestine. and once eu prohibits money transfers to israel will be the final nail in the jewry’s coffin!!!!

Mr T

Turkey will not withdraw from Idlib or North Syria. For Turkey this is critical and we will not allow PKK or shia extremist at our border.


you better remove the blinkers so that you can see clearly what is in the offing – turkey will leave syria and deal with the kurds in the borderland as they’ve done for eons before. the same for syria and iran. before long the kurds will be back as tenants in the borderlands since neither of the three will allow the kurds any kind of independence – one issue might be iraq and the well settled kurds in eastern iraq, around kirkuk and so on.


Abundantly clear by now SAA is nagged only, because of Al-Tanf there.

Guy Metdrapedes

Looks like Turkey is consolidating it’s forces. Removing soldiers from besieged posts and moving them to safer positions up North. Expect an attack on SAA after they get settled.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

LOL, So the Russian backed 8th Battalion are helping the Iranian backed 4th division look for the assailants who attacked the Iranian backed 4th division checkpoint, but the locals of El Karak who are either related to or good friends with the soldiers from the Russian backed 8th Battalion, now say the assailants have already skipped town, LOL, so what was the point of all this then.
Quite a few soldiers from the 5th army corps defected back to the opposition side a few months ago, so I suspect some of the soldiers from the 8th battalion might be a little reluctant when it comes to offering their genuine assistance to the 4th division soldiers.
I personally think there’s more chance they’d setup an ambush for the assailants to attack the 4th division before they actually handed the assailants over, especially if some of the assailants were ex members of the 5th army corps 8th battalion, and are still friends or related to the soldiers still serving in the 8th Battalion.
SF make it sound like a cheery cooperative venture, but when I read opposition sites and independent sites I know that’s the furtherest thing from the truth.

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