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Syrian Army Storming ISIS Pocket East Of Khanasir

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Syrian Army Storming ISIS Pocket East Of Khanasir

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On Saturday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) started an operation to eliminate the remaining ISIS terrorists in villages in the eastern Aleppo countryside, east of Khanasir town. The SAA captured the villages of Atshana, Khribeh, Jab al-Ali, Hayat, Khanisar, Zabad, Drehem, Hakl Drehem, Aqil, Sardah, Hawaz, Qulika, Al-Touniyah, Hamidiya al-Sharkia, Hamidiya al-Gharbia, east and northeast of Khanasir. Yesterday, the SAA enncircled ISIS in these villages after liberating the Ithriyah-Resafa road.

On the other side, the besieged ISIS fighters launched an attack on SAA positions east of Khanasir. A VBIED attacked military positions of the SAA east of Khanasir.

Syrian Army Storming ISIS Pocket East Of Khanasir Syrian Army Storming ISIS Pocket East Of Khanasir Syrian Army Storming ISIS Pocket East Of Khanasir Syrian Army Storming ISIS Pocket East Of Khanasir Syrian Army Storming ISIS Pocket East Of Khanasir Syrian Army Storming ISIS Pocket East Of Khanasir Syrian Army Storming ISIS Pocket East Of Khanasir Syrian Army Storming ISIS Pocket East Of Khanasir Syrian Army Storming ISIS Pocket East Of Khanasir Syrian Army Storming ISIS Pocket East Of Khanasir

ISIS fighters attacked several army points, but the SAA managed to repel the attack and killed most of the attackers. The SAA also managed to capture an ISIS tank.

Syrian Army Storming ISIS Pocket East Of Khanasir

In the eastern Hama countryside, the National Defense Forces and the SAA launched a limited operation and took control of the points Shahd 9 and Shahd 10 east of Sheikh Hilal village east of Salamieh, killing a number of ISIS militants. This operation is believed to be a part of the vast operation that will be launched by Syrian Army and the Desert Hawks Brigade soon in the eastern Hama countryside.

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Ice Icegold

Bravo SAA great news!!!Finally !!!✌✌✌


I really hope they kill the militants that made a woman starve and then fed her her baby or something, I really hope they brutally ANNIHILATE whoever did that to her!!!

Daniel Castro

Anyone who does something like this shouldn’t be killed but be a subject to endless suffering for the rest of his life, it is easy to cause uncurable and chronic acute pain in someones body using the right chemicals…


What would drive someone to do such a thing? How can they live with themselves after doing it?

Daniel Castro

I don’t know, I’m presuming they don’t have conscience, that’s why the induced perpetual and unbearable chronic pain…


They are young, dumb, and high on drugs…

Its the only way they can get them to do this kind of shit…


I suppose they console themselves by thinking how pleased American Caesar is at the pretexts it gives him and his minions at the Pentagon.


This area is being secured quite rapidly.
Looks like Daesh trash have retreated to a graveyard closer to the the river.
comment image


The Isis fighters here were encircled because they are under command to hold out against the SAA as long as possible and buy time for the SDF, to grab more Isis territory elsewhere. Isis command is riddled with so many moles serving so may countries Isis leader Baghdadi never really controlled half of it.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

That is the T90 tank from all the ISIS propaganda videos , many of the ISIS left long before the assault. The way things look they put too much into taking Dier Ez zoir and holding Sukhana , looks like they are receiving bad Tactical and Strategic advice from the US/Israel advisers .


SDF is doing all the work in Raqqa. Either SAA can not fight on two fronts at the same time, or (more likely)they want to help ISIS to keep Raqqa

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The SAA were going to cut off the other side of Raqqa along the Euphrates and the US and SDF started bombing them, did you hear about that in your media , didn’t think so. The US wants to play a media star and yet they constantly pound a city with WP and hardly any ISIS members there , but they have killed and wounded thousands in Mosul alone, in Raqqa they say in the first month was worse than all of Aleppo .

There are those of us who follow this on both sides and try not to get wrapped up in the propaganda . The fighting in Raqqa you don’t see on the videos on YouTube , the US/Coalition have some good go pro video of it . This shows a different story than you see which is sold to the public .

The SDF lack the manpower to advance any further why the Coalition is so heavily invested in Raqqa . Why the Iraqis were told to declare Mosul cleared when its not .

SAA is fighting on several fronts and it is a non sequitur about the SDF fighting in Raqqa .Have you ever watched any of their videos ,and notice they just sit there waiting like in an extra cast to do their scene and wait until the next shoot. It’s becoming an epidemic with these media propaganda films .

There are getting to be too many fake videos, “volunteer rescues child “comes to mind after the area was secure along comes Academi Media guys to do their photo shoot . The volunteer grabbed the girl she was sitting next to her father after the real paramedics had patched him up .

Watched another where they had civilians running after they shot into the air one old lady need help several people their were going help her , the others held them back and an ERD goes to the rescue .

This is becoming a media game to cover up , real tragedies to gloss over the real inhumane actions going on .

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