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Syrian Army Storming Ayn Khadra Village Northwest Of Damascus (Map, Video)

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Syrian Army Storming Ayn Khadra Village Northwest Of Damascus (Map, Video)

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The Syrian army, the National Defense Forces (NDF) and Hezbollah are storming the village of Ayn Khadra in the Wadi Barada area northwest of the Syrian capital of Damascus.

On January 12, government forces liberated from militants the village of Baseemah and on January 13 engineer teams reportedly entered the village of Ayn al-Fijah to work on restoring the water supply line to Damasucs.

However, the Syrian army and its allies still need to expand their control in the region to restore water supplies to the Syrian capital.

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Heiko Demonus

Time to depart these area by these stupid extremists and dump “freedom” fighters.


These Al Nusra jihadist are trying to use their “possession” of the source of the city’s water supply as a weapon . They also cut the electrical supply (ISIS) to Damascus , as well as the natural gas pipelines . These forces are not Syrian and are basically destroying infrastructure in order to gain power . Turkey has not changed its tune , it is still behind these Saudi troops waging war on Syria.


The Jihadist has already used up their water weapon, and will pay the price by losing entire pocket. I believe Erdogan has changed his tune. TU/RU agreement may be to allow turkey to prevent link up of Kurds, and a large decrease of support for Idlib province. The Jihadist may continue to receive some support, but not like before. The idea of rebels gaining much ground against SAA is no longer in the cards. Have not heard much news about Jihadist launching any attacks out of Idlib area in quite a while! Are they low on supplies?


I’ve read Turkey is being offered Cyprus , instead of withdrawing , US is willing to give them the whole island , on the condition not to go towards Russia . So does Erdogan bite the cheese and likely get bumped or go with Russia . Have read the jihadists are planning a big offensive back up in west/south Aleppo , with Turkish backing. That’s the reason I said Turkey has not changed its tune. I would prefer your vision of the cards .


“These Al Nusra jihadist are trying to use their possession of the source of the city’s water supply as a weapon…”

This is what comes of leaving huge “pockets” and enclaves full of thousands of armed jihadis in the middle of your core territory for years and years. The VERY FIRST order of business for the Syrian government should be eliminating all the “pockets” around Damascus, Hama, Homs, and South/Southwest and Central Syria – WHATEVER IT TAKES.

“Turkey has not changed its tune, it is still behind these Saudi troops waging war on Syria…”

Only delusional morons believed, and believe, the propaganda that Erdogan Turkey would “switch to the Russian side” and become a friend and ally of Russia and a part of Putin’s “Eurasian Axis”. The Putin government are IDIOTS for helping Erdogan in Northern Syria; economically; or with ANYTHING else.

Gary Sellars

Kill the goat fuckers…. all of them.


This is gorge. You have to take the high ground before entering the gorge. I’m surprised more territory wasn’t taken on the north side.


There must not be progress for the syrian army. They must take the all city once and for all without any stop process (ceasefires).

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