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JULY 2020

Syrian Army Stops US Military Patrol, Forces It To Turn Back (Photos)


Syrian Army Stops US Military Patrol, Forces It To Turn Back (Photos)

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A unit of the Syrian Army stopped a US military patrol in northeastern Syria and forced it to turn back. This was not the first time when Syrian government forces limited the US movement in the area. Over the past months, such incidents have become a general practice.

Earlier, several reports appeared that the US military blocked movements of the Russian Miltiary Police in northeast Syria. It probably forgot that this is the game for two sides.




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  • Concrete Mike

    If the amerinazi dont listen, have the giant dude from last week stop by too.

    Dude was huge!

    Bravo to all Syrians standing up to the nazi occupiers.

    • Jake321

      Yep, those Assad Ba’ath Party folk just snap to a good old fashion 88 in honor of the Nazis who helped organize them back in the day.

      • ruca

        Please stop shitting out of your mouth.

        • François

          Dont’ worry: this guy is a Zionist troll. He’s probably jewish and defends Israël:)
          So old fashion

          • Zionism = EVIL

            Yes, he is a BOT and has posted over 50,000 comments from different time zones, I exposed him very early on. He also posts under many Jew names and only when words like Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Palestine, Hezbollah trigger the Hasbara propaganda alert. Their BOT programs are now really stupid as they are working against them evident from the growing anti-JEW SCUM sentiment in Europe and even among US rednecks who know what’s going on as their country goes down the tube bled dry by modern day JEW SHYLOCKS.

          • Justin
          • Xoli Xoli

            Justin you have good and bad points.Some of the things are true.But you are mentally desturb.Too much drugs.

          • Justin

            Which parts are wrong?
            Lets discuss this!

            Remember, i support Syria, Russia and i hate israel!
            i always have!
            However most of u guys have your information mixed up!

            im on your side, but your not!
            if u support China, u support Globalist Zionists! its that simple!
            But morons on this site get triggered by this! they think the sun shines from China’s ass!

          • Xoli Xoli

            I dont have really objections.The only point is you tell someone who is on your side shit before telling truth.Tone down my man.

          • Arch Bungle

            Well who are you, asshat?

          • Justin

            You know who i am!
            Say my name!!!

      • François

        Oh yes we know you worship you lovely “Great Israël”. You know something, dude? More than 80% of Israeli are not even Jewish. The palestinian are the descendant of true Jews who stayed in Israël and became muslim to save their lives. 80% of Israeli are Khazars and NOT Jews. They are fake jews, impostors. Shame on Israel

        • Jerry Wayne Carver

          Here is some info on that subject.


          Most Jews within the Roman Empire were NOT exiles from Judaea, nor were they descendants of exiles. Although, in consequence of the Jewish wars, trouble-makers were enslaved in considerable numbers and elite elements fled or were exiled from their homeland, the majority of Jews (Judaeans) peasant farmers in the main remained in Siria Palestinia. Rome had neither the means nor the desire to exile an entire population (and hence such a migration appears nowhere in Roman or Jewish histories). In later centuries they were to be increasingly oppressed by Byzantine Christians and in consequence welcomed the armies of Islam in the 7th century. Gradually, these Jews converted to the new faith and became Palestinians (something acknowledged by the first Zionists).


          If there were Jews who were enslaved by, or fled Roman rule, there were many, many more who stayed in what was no longer ‘Judea’ but what became Roman ruled Palaestina, renamed by the Roman Emperor Hadrian. Where are those ancient Jewish people’s descendants today? They’re in Palestine and they’re called Palestinians. [4] The inconvenience for the modern Ashkenazi and associated ‘historic’ claim to a Jewish state is, most of these indigenous people had, with passing time, converted to Islam. Any ‘Jewish’ right, claim and/or title to a geographic state of Israel prior to the creation of the UN would have traced (and ultimately become extinguished) through the Palestinian people.

          • Tommy Jensen

            You forget “the Jews” have gone through your description many times. Banned from Jerusalem, taxed heavily, bullied from their farmland, enslaved, with a lot of people like you claiming the Jews lost their rights and roots during centuries of time.

            In the Death Sea rolls you can see bitter Jewish claims about “the foreigners” in Jerusalem, m.m.
            Just pointing out fact! That notwithstanding the bs about Ashkenazi etc, Jewish history with centre in Jerusalem is a history of 3000 years.

          • Zionism = EVIL

            Ignorant dumbass, the word PALESTINE predates Roman era and even Herodotus mentions it. Pisrael is a Hollywood creation circa 1947 courtesy of MGM and now MSM.

          • And you “forget” to mention why poor, little innocent Jews, always-victims, were “banned from Jerusalem” – after series of bloody wars against the Roman empire. One of them was the Kitos war, where poor little innocent Jews, always-victims, slaughtered hundreds of thousands of civilians all over eastern Mediterranean for no sane reason, but their insane, psychopathic hate of goyim. Fanatical bands of jewish zealots just started slaughtering everyone, women, children, non-romans, everyone and anyone non-jewish. Soon poor little Jews slaughtered entire cities, depopulated entire regions, some 500.000 goyim died because they were not chosen people.
            Religious fanaticism, supremacism and terrorism ISIS style (far worse actually), even Romans themselves were shocked (and it wasn’t easy to shock them). Not the first time, or the last time, your poor little jewish victims tried to exterminate entire nations, their history is history of genocides. Maccabees revolt for example (still celebrated in Israel today), they slaughtered not just Greeks, but every non-fanatical Jew as well. They continued to do so for centuries, the most vile and fanatical ideology, even before modern zionism. Poor, little victims.

          • Tommy Jensen

            Roman Emperor gay marriage as link reference…………sigh.

          • Zionism = EVIL

            Historically JEW SCUM were perverts and sickos, pedos and that carries on with Epstein, Weinstein, Nosestein, and so on…..

          • Jake321

            DNA does not a Jew make. Anyway, the Victors in two world wars, the UNGA, the UNSC and International gave the Jews the deed to their own state. And it is recognized right were it is by mistake all the countries in the world. The folk there wh o were no longer Jews but Muslims and some Christians were also offered their own state. They turned it down and with their Arab allies made illegal war instead. They lost big time and it’s been down hill for them ever since mostly because they kept making war and using violence and losing over and over again.

          • Paul

            With such a simplistic one sided narrative, no wonder your so ignorant about Zionism.

          • Arch Bungle

            Nobody gives a fuck about old colonial laws. The Zionist entity called Israel will be gone in 9 years.

        • Jake321

          Well, not quite. 75% of Israeli Citizens are Jewish under traditional Jewish law going back a couple of millennia. Which is what Israel basically uses. While some Palestinians may have ancestry going way back. But DNA ancestry does not a Jew make. Anyway, the Palestinians I’ve heard usually claim they are from the Canaanites who were not the Hebrews and later the Israelites and Judeans but who were the Phoenicians. Anyway, the only people listed as Indigenous to the area today are the few thousand remaining Samaritans who are closest culturally and genetically to the Diaspora Jews. Oh, all the recent advanced DNA studies have debunked the Khazah origins myth for the European Diaspora Jews whom they found have on average about half Mideast DNA markers. Try to keep up.

          • François

            Congrats for defending your identity, I find it legitimous.
            At the same time, I disagree on your point of view. History is full of Jewish perfidy and lies. Jews financed Hitler during WW2 against the Jews… Wow! To better play their Shoah business and create Israel criminal State. Shoah business… Just figure that: making business on such a thing. Just criminal apology. And YES , 80% of Isareli are Khazars or apostate Jews. Yiddish was 100% created and have nothing to see with hebrew. Pure “Jewish” fraud.

          • Jake321

            History is full of perfifty and lies by some in ALL groups. So what? What pure angelic group are you from? Yep, there were Kapo. So? But no, there are near zero Khazah of any religion in Israel and not many in the whole world. But if you have lots of DNA studies proving many millions of those Unicorns, please give a link to them. And it is up to Jews who is and is not apostate Jews, not you. As an aside, this apostate idea is not a biggie among Jews. Keep it for your Muslim head choppers and maybe Christian witch burners. So what’s your ignorant point about Yiddish? It is not an official language of Israel, the Jewish National Homeland. (Note, it is not the Jewish Vatican if you missed my apostate comment.) Oh, at least 10% of the words in Yiddish are Hebrew and it is written in Hebrew. Again, you sure are arrogantly ignorant. And other than maybe just Esperanto, no language is a “fraud.”

          • François

            jajaja… Nooo: Yiddish was the ancient languages used by the European Jews. How strange nothing to see with hebrew, come on accept it:)…

          • Arch Bungle

            More lies. Why waste your time, nobody here believes you, not 1.

          • Arch Bungle

            Bullshit. Idiot. Jews have no genetic connection to the middle east.
            In case you missed it, Jewdaism is a religion, not a gene.
            And you’re lying again as usual.

        • Xoli Xoli

          The fake Jews are the once who brought in hatred and divisions.Like the NATO members

          • Jake321

            Damn! Another Black Muslim! They are about the only ones I hear ranting about fake Jews around here in California.

          • Arch Bungle

            You lie reflexively, don’t you, joomonkey.

          • Arch Bungle

            By the way, I take special pleasure in the fact that my ancestors the Romans razed Jerusalem to the ground and butchered the jew pigs of Masada. My only regret is that they left a few alive …

          • Jake321

            Nahhhhhhhh…the Jews at Masada were virtually all dead by the time the Romans got up there. And you are about as Italian as Assad or maybe Putz Putin. But the Romans did kill Christ sometime before they got to see all the dead in Masada.

          • Xoli Xoli

            Race have nothing to do with facts.That how you satanic Zionist and Jews kill God Jesus the Messiah.

          • Jake321

            Nahhhhhhhh…the only ones who could use crusifiction vac NK there and then were the Romes. So as it discribed in the Bilbe, Jeusus was killed by the Romans.

          • Xoli Xoli

            You liar their were killed by Jews.From vhe house of David. David’s only shield was God.Look at satanic sign of occult and Ballack on Israel flag.

      • Wayne Nicholson

        Don’t you have a plantation to run, a Mexican to kick, some fucken country to sanction? Why not go back to makin’ moonshine, lynchin’ niggers and shootin injuns” at home …. you were good at that and you didn’t have to figger out the difference between shia darkies and sunni and there weren’t no dam Russkies complicatin things.

        • Jake321

          Does that make you feel better? Now take your meds.

          • Arch Bungle

            Do you take it in the ass or in the mouth?

          • Jake321

            Neither. But which is your favorite?

          • Arch Bungle

            Clearly you take it both way simultaneously.

          • Wayne Nicholson

            He’s one of them woke California hillbillies. He plays both ends against the middle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gLN3QoN-q8

          • Xoli Xoli

            Jake you fucken mad.Event if we meet at the frontline I wont shoot you. I will rather hide.Because you will randomly to everything and ay with the fire arm.

          • Jake321

            Nor I you. If you showed up at my front line, I’d take you on a tour of our Redwood trees here in Sunny California while you hoped you would be lucky enough to get a Green Card.

          • Xoli Xoli

            You sound like this guys from American movie wrong turn. Y are scary man.

          • Concrete Mike

            Beware of going in the woods with jake the “diddler”

          • Xoli Xoli

            I wont thanks

        • Zionism = EVIL

          He is in occupied Palestine and has no idea about the US, let alone Mexico :)

      • Concrete Mike

        Whatever at least they dont worship the 4th reich like you do.

        • Jake321

          I tell it as it is. You lie as usual. Well, expected since you have your tag between your ears.

          • Arch Bungle

            You’re the one who lies all the time. Why are you projecting?

          • Concrete Mike

            No you dont, you just repeat the lies approved by the “objective” media and various state departments and militaries.

            I tell it like it is, because thats part of my job building things, if you dont, shit wont work.

            Your just a little weiner that still live with his parents, and gets up at 3am to troll people on the interner, a real winner there folks!!!

      • Gary Sellars

        Fake321 doing what he does best – lying to the goyim.

        Upset that yer favourite Wahabbi head-choppers are getting routed? Too bad for you terror-sympathising kyke MFer.

      • Arch Bungle

        Why do you lie so much?

        • Jake321

          Just telling it like it is and was.

          • Arch Bungle

            Nope. You’re lying. And you know it , little hasbarat.

        • usofdumbfks

          Foodstamps. simple.

      • Arch Bungle

        Wow , 24 downvotes. You broke a record. Winning hearts and minds for the joooos I see …

    • Zionism = EVIL

      As I have said before, the Jew scum have ruined the Americunt runts, they are sick, underfed, on drugs, can’t afford medication, live in isolation dirt poor while the Jew banks have fleeced the redneck. The short, fat and ugly face of AmeriKKKa is now on ample display in the world, quite pathetic really. The Syrians are well fed, historically a martial race and now fighting for their land. The Syrians represent the best of the Arab world.

      • Justin

        Since i have proven i know much much much more than u! i can show screen shots to prove how dumb u are!

        Well i can say right now that the USA has brought down Israel!
        Think Epstein!
        Think Netenyahu Indicted for Crimes!
        Think Ehud Barak now in jail!
        Think pull out of Syria!
        Who is vulnerable when the US pulls out?
        U are wrong!
        i am right…. AS USUAL!
        More evidence exists and much more PROOF to come!
        i consider u extremely dumb!

        • Zionism = EVIL

          Fuck off arsehole liar. Another fucking retard with a broken spin.

        • roland

          The us does nothing but lick isreals ass Epstein was probably burned by them the us has not pulled out of Syria im betting you are a trump supporter desperately looking for something to prove Trump is going to make America great again good luck with that

          • Justin
          • Arch Bungle

            Please take your spammy bullshit somewhere else. Nobody understands your idiotic, incoherent rantings.

          • Justin

            yes they do! its simple!
            Ehud Barak is the former President of Israel!
            The highest awarded Special Forces Soldier
            The HEAD of Mossad!
            Epstein along with Maxwell worked for Mossad and Controlled US foreign policy via honey traps and corruption which pushed the US into fighting Israeli wars! (YOU ALREADY FUCKIN KNOW THIS)
            So whilst people are saying “Trump is an Israeli puppet”, i am proving them wrong!
            i am proving he is taking DOWN israel! i have much more to say on this so if u want to get into a debate with me on this, TRUST me, im ready to write u a book with pictures!

            So if u cant understand THIS RANT i am saying right now….. then seriously, go back to watching cartoons buddy! Youre not capable of handling this shit!

          • Luke Hemmming

            Some of the info you quote is correct but Trump has been blackmailed by Mossad and so he is a puppet of the Zionists. Some of the blackmail material was from Epstein and mossads madame Ghislene Maxwell, who has gone into hiding. The US gov’t has been infiltrated by dual citizen Israeli first citizens. Most of Congress have skeletons in the closet, taking bribes, conflicts of interest, backroom deals, sex scandals etc usually from Zionist interests or influence. The bigger global banking institutes are run and owned by very powerful and secretive Zionist families, the Rothschilds. Entertainment and mainstream media I’m talking hollywood studios and major music labels, newspapers and major news media outlets and publications are owned or run by Zionists. Zionists have and the money and the power to destroy countries as well as individuals. They are involved in arms smuggling, drug smuggling, human trafficking, sex trafficking, trafficking of children for sex and satanic rituals, organ trafficking, blackmail and extortion rackets, links to other major organised crime groups and so and so on.

          • Justin

            its all coming down!
            Mark my words!
            Remember i told u so!
            u could find this out for urself but u wont because ur search queries are all YOUR Biased narratives!

            im right!
            just remember me!
            The name is Justin

          • Justin

            “Some of the info you quote is correct but Trump has been blackmailed by Mossad and so he is a puppet of the Zionists”

            I need u to THINK and stop assuming your opinion is correct! its not!
            Ehud Barak = Mossad!
            Netenyahu = Israel survival

            Ehud Barak is at war with Netenyahu!
            Ehud Barak is doing his best to bring down Netenyahu (President against former president) and the USA is fueling this fire! Ehud is linked to Epstein and Maxwell! Ehud has fully linked Mossad with Epstein! This is what is brining Israel down! Because without there control over US foreign policy, Israel is doomed! Instead of being a puppet master, they become puppets themselves! this has already happened but u dont see it even though news proves this!
            US airforce can now be permanantly based in Israel! US forces in israel! This is not for protection this is for occupation! Just like Germany and Japan! Israel is now a US base! Israel hates this. Google it, look it up!

            So Ehud Barak has been involved with Epstein and thus linking Israeli intelligence services with the US deep state swamp! Netenyahu has indictments against him for financial crimes and has had 3 attempts just to win this LONG re-election! Netenyahu goes to jail if he loses! Barak goes to jail if Netenyahu wins!

            CONTROL! What is BIBI willing to do?

            When Trump named Jerusalem Israel’s capital and the Golan Heights Israeli territory (Totally disagreed with by the UN and international community) what did Trump gain? He gained the Trust and support of all Israeli’s and Jews! 13 million Jews in the USA whom most vote Democrat!

            This Forces Netenyahu to support him! They named streets and areas after Trump!

            “Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer”!

            What was Trump’s real relations with Israel? in the intelligence war, the USA is Fucking israel! These charges against Bibi are serious! Ehud could be held in jail also for crimes against humanity! The control grid the Israeli’s once held is almost completely dismantled!

            Facebook works for Trump now! Not China, Israel or Soros!

            i wish u knew what i know! but u dont! u cant see it! u refuse to see it! i now realise that some people cant get off the “safe tracks” they themselves are on and feel comfort knowing that other like minded sheep can converse and make each other feel warm and fuzzy!

            The worst part is the shame u will feel when u realise i was right! and that is coming very soon! thats why i want u guys to remember my name! its my way of trolling u! i get to be right, my name sticks in ur head, and it brings u anger!

            AHHHHHH I love that feeling!

          • roland

            The sad thing is it’s bigger than the Zionists I used to have dreams about taking out dreams of taking out the state of isreal thinking that the world would fall into peace and harmony but they are just part of it probably the most vulnerable part as they are the most visible this goes deep and very very dark

          • Justin

            Who is Dr. Steve Piecznic? Dont just check wikipedia! there is so much more!


          • zman

            You have no idea how deluded this idiot really is. He’s a QAnon moron. Ask the idiot if that prison barge from NY full of deep state prisoners every made it to Guantanamo. It’s supposedly left 3 years ago…right, as fucking if.

          • roland

            Oh that explains it one of my good friends got sucked in by that qanon crap and I was amazed at the way their ability to spin everything to make trump look good no shit you could show them a video of trump sucking netenyahus dick and they would try and say look trumps giving him an std see trumps a good guy

          • zman

            Now that’s funny…scary true, but funny. Notice fuckstick giving everyone shit, but he sure didn’t comment on my post, did he. We’ve tangled before and everything you just posted is absolutely true. BTW, if you block the troll, the page looks soooo much better. I only have to see his shit before I log in.

          • Justin

            what u call “licking israel’s ass” is what i call “The Art Of War”!
            “Keep your friends close and your ENEMIES even closer”

            The Art Of War = Sun Tzu
            The Art Of The Deal = Donal Trump

            Do u see the similarities?

            How do u keep Jewish people Close?
            Name Jerusalem the Capital?
            recognize the Golan Heights as Israeli Territory?
            Do u get Jewish support for this?
            Do u get the Israeli President sucking up to u in public?
            the answer is YES!

            What is happening behind the scenes?

            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f9a9552a561e7843a649d3e68f1e782365e527a1b20aae68c9c26acd99a32e9a.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7b365ec214eb19d00f05cf5e229bd2cea938fe72f7f2a9f5431f8aa72dcaad6b.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d125777dfdfe41cc900344f0062cc2859c18ac4bf760cd44ddfc2da48070a077.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7920a8fb1abb1972d9c260dd22c4806bc3181d5e6107c59abe6b8986300ca870.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d73ca2d1a74ee5d77d0fedeef2fc9655755c0207922a8db4db9e7552a8ac0ffa.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7eb7d7471e3d1bb9ef7adbddcffb01c07ab8fa30b6b337bf1ce5ec2eb59f5bb9.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3e4cd22cbc6141ce8e9eb4586d1bf8a5c876a7ca1c48e40afd2efbe7e7323cb5.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5b6f20100a9a7fad9d7224a772788f3b7e6479cb28c852aa413a3edbd406a983.png

            Then ask yourself: “Who is John G. Trump?”
            Who did he work for?
            What did he do?

            FIND OUT!!


            im on your side!
            But youre not!

            Putin and Trump are allies!
            PROVEN FACT! if u want the proof, dont be scared to ask me!
            im not talking about EVIDENCE i am talking about PROOF!

          • roland

            Look I sincerely wish you were right and there is a dismantling of the deep state but it doesn’t seem to be happening trump has hung around Jewish mobsters his whole life

          • Justin

            Listen carefully!
            You are already half way there u just cant see more than the 2 feet in front of u! im asking u too look further!
            to give u clarity u need to do a few things!
            i will list them!

            Find out who John G Trump was!
            Who did he work for, what did he do!
            Then, find out how Putin came to power!
            Who did Putin work for?
            He was an intelligence agent right?
            Did Boris Berezovsky (Russian PM under Yeltsin) put Putin into power?
            What happened to Boris Berezovsky?
            Did the Russian intelligence agencies put Putin into Power to save Russia?
            What other foreign intelligence agency helped Putin come to power? The answer will shock u!
            Did Putin bring back the Orthodox Church after it was eradicated by the Soviets?
            What is Putin’s Thoughts on George Soros?

            How did Trump get into power?
            Was Trump only a billionaire Developer?
            Was Epstein a billionaire investor?
            What were they both really?
            Epstein was a front man for Mossad who created honey traps for CEO’s politicians and billionaires! (fake billionaire)
            What was Trump? He was always propped up by deutsche bank!
            A billionaire Mogul who rubbed shoulders with Jews, politicians, celebrities and other billionaires!
            Both Trump and Epstein are agents! Intelligence agents!
            Thats why i asked u to find out who John G Trump is!

            Those who get into power (like Putin, Like JFK) align with bad actors! Get into power and undo all!
            Who was Trump’s best friend? Answer: JFK Junior!

            Who is Ghislane Maxwell? Who was her father?
            Intel agents are hired throughout generations!
            Classified knowledge can be kept safe and within a family!

            i am not guessing this! i actually KNOW this!
            Trump, through Kushner, through Bibi, garnered support from Israel during his campaign! When he got to power he announced good things for israel!

            By then the Israeli’s had propped Trump up so high they named areas of Israel after him! But guess what! behind the scenes Trump was fucking them!
            “keep your friends close but your enemies even closer”!

            So what is Israel’s hidden fight against Trump? MSM attacks him? Impeachment? Russia, Russia, Russia? Kill Epstein after capture?
            Does Israel have insurance policies if they lose control?
            What insurance policies exist IF the honey traps and dirty politicians become exposed? Nuclear weapons?

            Can u sau North Korea?
            Can u say Iran?
            Can u say Stolen Soviet nuclear Submarine?

            What insurance policies must be taken out?

            1. Raid the CIA HQ
            2. Clean the FBI and DOJ
            3. Clean the CIA
            4. Call out the MSM as being “Fake News”
            5. Take out the stolen Russian Sub
            6. Take out NK’s Nuclear capabilities
            7. Take out Iran’s ability to gain nuclear weapons
            8. Change the leadership of Saudi Arabia. Bring Saudi to its knees
            9. BREXIT
            10. Force financing of NATO rather than allowing European Union Army!
            11. Get out as much as possible of Syria and Afghansitan
            12. take out China and its ability to steal Intellectual property
            13. Guard influx of illegal immigrants (MS-13) from entering the country and creating Sanctuary cities and healthcare for all immigrants

            The Russian Sub incident was a joint US / Russia effort! Both the USA and Russia took out a rogue sub! This sub is one of many insurance policies that was created in the chance very elite people were to be held accountable for crimes against humanity!

            July 4th military parade in every major US city was the disguise for Troops and tanks on the ground and air defence systems all over!

            Russia’s newest Top Secret spy sub found and tracked the Stolen Soviet era sub!
            RUSSIAN attack sub killed the Soviet Nuclear launch sub! Russian spy sub was injured!

            Nuclear Sub Insurance policy gone!
            NK insurance policy gone!
            Iran Insurance policy About to be gone!
            Rothschild are DOWN!
            Saudi’s are DOWN!
            Only Soros is left!
            China going down as we speak!

            This information is out there! The dots connect! Not a conspiracy! Factual events that u can google!

          • roland

            And where does trump giving isreal the contract for security of the border wall leave us the isrealis are setting up powerful tech 5g sort of stuff to spy on Americans now.

          • Justin

            That “Contract” is based purely on technology the Israeli’s themselves developed for the West Bank and the Border with Lebanon!
            Its actually the best tech out there (id hate to say it) that senses underground movements ect etc!
            That US border wall has some very high tech inside it (from what Trump has told us)

            Israel itself is not being Fucked by Trump! Mossad is being Fucked by Trump! Israel is now becoming like Germany! A US military base! US forces are now being kept in Israel (never before) including US aircraft stationed at Israeli air bases! It is a FACT US planes were never allowed to be stationed in Israel! NEVER!

            Well not anymore! u can google this yourself!

            Israel is now UNOFFICIALLY a US military Base just as Germany is!

            As for israeli tech! its no different to using German Tech! Israel’s power was in Corruption, Honey Traps, Spies, Espionage (9/11)! Where Israel and the Jewish Globalists truly fucked up was their decision to go against the US Military Industrial Complex and begin a NEW setup in China! China was to become the NEW globalist Zionist HQ!
            Industries were transferred, tech was given, stolen, bought, hacked etc!
            Even the CIA and Google were leaking it to the Chinese!
            What was to happen to the USA was the same as what happened to Russia in 1990!

            But guess what? Both Russia and the USA are unofficial Allies!
            Do u think Russia is happy the Chinese can make exact copies of their SU-27 right in their face?
            China steals and copies everything! China is more a threat to Russia than China is to the USA!
            Russia was forced to make a deal with China with energy! Putin was trying to align with Europe but was rejected! The CIA WAS a globalist intel agency FUNDED by American Tax payers! The CIA betrayed the USA because it was controlled by Mossad and Globalists!

            No more!

            Keep in mind the USA still uses Russian Rockets RD-170’s to launch into deep space (NASA)!
            So as for tech being used, its not uncommon!
            The biggest threat is Chinese 5G!

            Who do u think brought the criminal charges against Netenyahu? If he doesnt win his presidency, what happens to him? How desperate is Bibi? Who is in control of Israel and its leadership? What happened to the head of Mossad and Former Israeli President? He was busted at Epstein Mansion!

            They’ve got israel by the balls!
            Jews “Not in the KNOW” support Trump greatly! If u wish to Run for president in israel, u better not bad mouth Trump!

            But as for Mossad and Zionist elites, PANIC!
            Insurance policies are gone!
            Agents are captured!
            All they have left is a few Politicians and Media outlets to counter Trump!
            All are failing!

            Enjoy the show!
            slaves no more!

            Happy days my friend!

          • roland

            Ok then why assasinate Soleimani and what sthe problem with Iran and why do we need 5g what’s the benifet for us

          • Justin

            We dont need 5G. (even though it carries data)
            5G is a weapon (another insurance policy)!
            Its like electro magnetic radiation!
            YES it can manipulate the human body but only to kick start (activate) certain “MAN MADE” diseases!

            Did the penny just drop??

            Ask yourself why SpaceX is launching Starlink? If we have Starlink, whats the purpose in 5G?
            (a lot more i have on SpaceX! another time though)

            If people are who they fear most (example Hong Kong, Iran, Venezuela) then whats a fantastic safe guard?

            Soleimani….. u really dont know do u!

            what i will do is tell u what he had planned and then i will forward u how he got his hands on these weapons!

            Soleimani (an agent for IRAN? Yes but more accurately and agent of Globalist Elites)
            What was he going to do very soon before he was killed?

            He was going to launch Some or all of the 5 US made Davey Crocket Nuclear Mortars on a number of US targets in the middle east! Namely the Embassy in Bagdad, some bases and likely in other ME countries at the same time or within a short interval of times!

            They dont want the US out of the ME (as Iran wants u to think) they want to KEEP them in the ME! To drain the “US empire”! Does this mean war with Iran? YES! But do u think Iran wants war with the USA? Sacrifice themselves just to drain the US empire? No! Globalists sacrifice Iran to drain the US empire!

            China is set to be the new HQ!

            Now how on earth did Iran get their hands on 1960’s Davey Crocket nuclear mortars (nuclear but very small blast wave)

            If u want to know, tell me that u are interested in knowing first!
            If u are truly interested, ill tell u!
            if u think this is crazy bullshit, then u dont deserve to know!

            Hint: how did those 200 Wagner (Russian Mercs) die near Deir Ezzoir?
            Why did Putin SUDDENLY make an emergency nuclear evacuation drill in Moscow?
            What happened in Benghazi?
            Why was Christopher Stevens murdered and the nearby CIA base not rescued (rescue forces told to stand down by Hillary! Obama did not override either)
            THIS IS ALL RELATED!

            So if u wanna know, ask me nicely and respectfully!
            And ull get ur answers!
            until then….. good luck with your world view!

          • roland

            You know how you were saying that isreal is becoming a us military base- the opposite is true it’s a signal that isreal now has full control of the American military and its not happy days have you noticed any disruption to their false flags, drug running terrorism no it’s business as usual in fact it’s getting worse you are an utter fool

          • Justin

            You’ll find out!

            Youre flying at 15,000 feet!
            im at 120,000 feet!

            i cannot believe u dont know whats going on lol!
            but u dont see it!

            it boggles my mind! but i guess there are always going to be those who take longer to come around!

            Dude if u dont figure it out before it comes main stream, will u be able to say u know more than most people? u wont be able to say that! youre a lemming! just an autonomous, computer generated auto player standing on the sidelines following your programming!

            See u when u get there (if u get there) normie!

            haha! u should be celebrating but instead, youre sucking ur thumb!

            seriously im laughing my ass off at u right now! i just cant believe the narrow mindedness! i shouldnt even care but i do get off on watching people reply with their dumb face on! “DERRRRRR” hahahaha!

          • roland

            Can you please tell me where Iran fits into your world view

          • Justin

            There are “Rogue Nuclear” nations!

            1. North Korea
            2. Armenia
            3. Iran
            4. Israel

            U know how certain intelligence agencies own, control and create certain “enemies”?
            Well, its not just ISIS, it’s not just AlQueida, its not just Hamas, its not just IRA!

            These nations above are controlled! In every sense of the word! CONTROLLED! I mean they are purposely made to be “enemies”!

            They are layered protection! Expendable insurance policies!
            Also they are planned and actioned players in what is / was supposed to come!
            In the world of Elite Globalists who control almost everything in your life, they also control the future! They make plans! Protect themselves and take over everything!

            These players listed above were to be used in a Fake war! Real weapons exploding and people dying, but under made up and fake circumstances! They can play any game they like!

            What was ISIS used for? What is Al-Quieda used for? To accomplish planned goals!

            Now relate the same to Iran, North Korea, Armenia and Israel!

            Thats what Iran is!
            and if u ONE DAY learned this to be true, what would u do? Would u lose ur mind and wonder how in the hell could u have fallen for it? How could u have been so gullible and support Iran?

            Iran is no different to ISIS and Al-Queida! Created, used, controlled, managed, expendable! Only the top leaders live in luxury! The mid to high levels carry out the operations! The dumb sheep passionately wage war!

            North Korea is not a proxy of China! China is a proxy for Globalists!
            u think MI6 and the CIA and Mossad worked for their respective countries? lol!
            They are funded by their tax payers yes! but they dont work for them!
            They work for Globalists! Those intel agencies set up everything! Long in advance!

            Bin Laden was CIA! He’s been with them since the early 1980’s! What makes u think Iran hasnt been manipulated for even longer!

            U live in a world where nations have GOD emperors, Religious Monarchs, Kings and Queens and Tsars! And u think these people and the money changers dont pull every string there is to pull? what is their biggest fear? ITS YOU AND ME! PEOPLE!

            Iran is a Pawn on their chess board! Its not a competitors pawn! The entire board is theirs! The best way to explain it is they own the whole board and they are playing against themselves! The whole game is planned and rigged! People are ants, we have no significance in this game! We just pretend we can read the game the way we see it! u do! u think u got it all worked out!

            You dont!

            Iran, Israel…… it doesnt matter, they are the same fucking thing!

            im at 120,000 feet
            u are at 15,000 feet!

            TRUST ME, you will know what i know within 12 months!
            12months is a very short time!

            Just remember my name!

            im not crazy and im not making predictions or opinions! i telling u that YOU WILL KNOW THE SAME AS ME! Not think, KNOW!

            i cant wait for u to find out!

            Screen shot this, keep it to troll me if u think it wont happen!
            Do it!

            ull end up framing it!

          • roland

            I don’t think MI6 CIA and Mossad work for their respective countries they seem to work together for the forces of evil and I don’t think the chessboard is completely theirs just yet and I don’t think you know that much about Iran

          • Justin

            i find it interesting that after many things i have talked about and even alluded too, Iran seems to be your main interest!

            There are so many things i have talked about regarding Soleimani, Banghazi, New Crown Princes, Princes being held captive, Nuclear subs marine incidents and military parades whose dates are literally identical!

            Yet u bring it back to Iran!

            This is what i mean about people reinforcing their own narratives!
            u seem to WANT me to convince you on something with Iran because Iran is of particular interest to u! Perhaps they are your HOPE and Hero that are standing up to the WEST in defiant rage!

            Even if i am right (spot on the money) would your ego let me know i was “right on the money”? Would u convince urself “pffff, this guy doesnt know me”!

            I literally gave u information about things far more important than “Iran”! yet u bring it back! Be honest with me, do u have a soft spot for iran? do u admire them? did my little rant bring some pain to your beliefs?

            If deep down it did, then it is YOU who is the problem!

            Open ur mind!
            i have proof on things that will blow your mind!
            Not about Iran but about things that can help reinforce your existing views (therefore it will not challenge ur fragile mind)!

            in just ONE comment, i can SHOW u shit that will BLOW UR MIND!
            Then……. maybe…….. ull start to wake up!
            But for now…… youre still a monkey in a cage itching for a banana!

            Sorry to say but if u were me….. ud laugh and think the same!
            No wonder we are easy to control and manipulate, people (like u) are just willingly following the General world “opposing” view!

            And if i belittle u, u attack, shun, ignore, laugh at and dismiss!

            Fair enough! But im right! and deep down u know im right!
            Shit is about to hit the fan (to be honest it already started lol) and my words are going to swirl around ur head from today onwards!

            Remember im on your side!
            im just waiting for u to crawl out of the quick sand!

          • Justin

            By the way, the US had fallen behind on Networking tech!
            Obama did nothing when the Chinese Stole Nortel and Cisco tech and created their own 5G!
            America needs 5G or it will be left behind!
            What is more important to ask is NOT 5G!
            Its who owns StarLink? The SpaceX communications satelittes which will dominate the flow (and therefore control) of data!

            Focus on starlink, Not 5G!
            Starlink is the key!
            Starlink was a CIA project!
            SpaceX tech (to land launchers) is NASA tech!
            Who was SpaceX truly working for?
            Who was the CIA truly working for?
            Has things changed since?
            Which country paid for Starlink?
            Who does Starlink work for now?

            Intelligence war!

            5G is already obsolete!

            When u can transfer much more data, at higher speeds, at high bandwidths and much less latency in the vacum of space! When u can out compete every nation and u can supply data EVERYWHERE on the planet! When u can Trickle charge all cell phones and devices from space (free energy)! YES TRICKLE CHARGE YOUR PHONE WHILST TRANSFERRING CHEAPER INTERNET DATA THAN ANYONE ELSE!

            Who wins the economics of space?
            If u win the economics of space, who is the super power?
            The first back to the moon, the first to mars is important!
            Space is the key!

            Hence Space Force!
            Everything SpaceX is doing is NASA tech!
            Was supposed to be GIVEN (stolen, bought, transferred) to China!
            No more!
            China is far behind on space tech! They needed Nasa (therefore needed a private US company) to do their bidding!

            No more!
            National Security!
            SpaceX works for the USA now!
            Sanctions on space for China occurring soon!
            Space is important as both the US and Russia have proven!
            5G is China’s shitty resolution to its inability to conquer space economics!
            Russia and the USA wins!

          • Justin

            Forget 5G
            Think SpaceX and Starlink!

            Who does SpaceX work for NOW?
            Who does the CIA (after cleaning) work for NOW?
            Who does Facebook work for NOW?
            Slaves no more!

            Pictures below are related!
            Intelligence war!
            USA took back its agencies and its Tech!

            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8da241bdc800815c5eb6ce20b23c643ab1e3cea2d5a8d6e393b838fea7372ab5.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/323b175ad3bab7f5300dc6a4ae5acb4daddff2b0ac78c4ec91cdb8783f2b5ecf.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/414399895fc53f57ca3fdd79a9c9501f9af2eaf56da7cc974f0ac7a1586758d9.png

          • Justin

            im so far ahead of u in knowledge its mind boggling!
            i feel like im at a circus watching dwarves do juggling tricks on a monocycle when i watch u guys give your 2 cents worth of comments on Geopolitical views!

            The information i have is right in front of ur face and u cant see it!
            its fuckin amazing to me!
            i dont come here to make statements, i come here to be entertained by dumbasses!

          • roland

            You are seeing major developments in minor factional power plays the fact is it’s full steam ahead for the forces of evil nothing major has changed and don’t call me a dumbass you stupid little fuckwit

          • Justin

            AHHHHH i fucking LOVE that u disagree with me! Seriously its the reason i keep coming back here! Because I KNOW im right!

            WHEN ALL OF MY STATEMENTS (which i can prove ive made in the past with screen shots) come to fruition, i can place them nice and gently infront of your face!

            Then i can watch u guys squirm! What i love is that u and i are on the same side but one of us KNOWS whats going on! Im just wondering, will u go dead silent on me when i start to troll u as all of my past statements start rolling out in reality? u gonna go quiet like a little mouse? or u gonna hit back hard and stick to your narrative and stay in denial? OR will u be nice and admit u were wrong and apologise etc etc! If u apologise im gonna screen shot it and mount it on my wall and perhaps masterbate to it! hahahaha

            AHHHH u really are the reason im here! u and ur other low born, dumb ass monkey friends!

            So if the former Director of the CIA is charged with TREASON and goes to Gitmo (or worse) will u stay in denial? If Hillary goes to Jail will u stay in denial? How about the former FBI director? no? OK then what about the former Attorney General? Still not enough? hmmmm OK so how about Trump actually announcing on TV during a presidential announcement that the USA has been free’d from foreign intelligence services influencing US foreign policy and trade and were involved in outrages crimes including war, Drug smuggling, pedophilia rings and human trafficking! Then he actually names those nations! The first nation he names is Israel!

            Good enough? or not?


            THIS IS HAPPENING!

            So in the future after this happens u may choose one of the follwing:
            1. go silent like a mouse
            2. stay in denial (sheep “Baaaaaaa”)
            3. kneel before me and apologise knowing full well that i will ejaculate on the screen shot of your apology!

            REMEMBER MY NAME!

          • roland

            I don’t disagree with you that isreal is on the nose in America amongst some of the players there but every government in the world is getting sick of the isrealis but your dreaming of you think trump is somehow dismantling the deep state things are very fluid and what’s the go with the hatred of Hillary what difference will it make if she goes to jail to make a difference you would have to put in prison everyone that is in a position of power in the government including trump also you are relying on a lot of ifs here what you need to understand is the us government is rotten to the core and locking a few people up here and there won’t change a thing

          • Justin

            Half of Congress is being indicted! LITERALLY!
            And again u illustrate to me the difference between what i know and what little u know!
            (Israeli Generals are not happy about this! Ask yourself why this never occurred before 2017! Israel would not allow it! now ask urself why they wouldnt allow it! What happened since? Dont tell me what u THINK u know! Its not because of the Syrian war, Lebanon or Iran! Israel has been under threat for all time! So why now? THINK! im right and u are wrong! i KNOW why!)

            i know that u think my comments are extremely far fetched and outrageous but its because i know im right! i dont think or assume because i read up on this stuff! i know who is being investigated and for what!
            When u see a President walk across the DMZ line in North Korea and shake hands with KJU, u know something is up! When u see Prince Andrew being Grilled on TV for pedophilia, u know something is up! When u see the untouchable Epstein be jailed and refused bail, u know something is up! When u see pictures of former Israeli President and head of their intelligence services being photographed outside Epsteins mansion u know something is up! When u see Bibi struggling to win his re-election with financial crimes hanging over his head, u know something is up! When u see Israel close their embassies world wide after Bagdaddi is raided and killed, u know something is up! When u see the Vatican bank being raided, u know something is up! When u see Brexit succeed u know something is up! When u see them try to impeach trump for anything they can, u know something is up!
            u dont care about this stuff do u! u just make excuses for them with own invented narrative so it suits your world belief!

            u dont connect dots at all! ur brain lacks those capabilities!
            U cant make links at all!
            Between trump being elected!
            A new Saudi Crown prince
            Captured Crown Princes kept hostage
            North Korea mountain earth quake which kills most of their scientists
            North Korea being friendly and meeting Trump
            Putin meeting in Helsinki with a private meeting and the MSM want to subpoena the translators!
            Russian Sub incident only July 2nd 2019
            US military parades in Major Cities on July 4th 2019

            (u have no idea on this do u! NONE!)
            U think Trump stops aid to certain nations because they dont behave?
            Most of that money doesnt get there, its sent back to politicians and Mossad/ CIA accounts!

            U dont even know that Trump MOAB that he used in Afganistan blew up the opium fields the Bush family were profiting from!

            u dont research it! i ask why dont u?
            i know u dont trust MSM but its not on MS fucking Media!
            So how come u dont know about it? Because its not on SouthFront?

            Serious question for u!
            ARE U STUPID?

            u do not have the ABILITY to challenge ur own views!
            u want proof but u reject MSM yet u search for what reinforces your OWN narrative!

            Its fucking there! The info is there! Does ur hand and fingers shake when u try to dare find new information? Do u reject and scream new information out of ur head when it makes u think u got your world view wrong? Is your EGO that much in control of u that u cannot dissent from what u THINK u know?

            u think my ego is big?
            its YOURS!
            u just cant put the dots together can u!
            anything that reinforces ur view is accepted at fibre optic speeds!
            Anything that is GOOD news but makes u seem foolish has been blocked by fire walls that your Protectionist EGO has set up!

            That why u dont have the abilities i have! thats why most people are sheep!
            u are no different to the normies! u are just in a sub group! too scared to venture out from your safe pastures!

            im here to wake u up! if i troll u, its because im slapping ur face virtually!
            i send pictures, videos, text, links!

            BUT NO!!!
            Not good enough!
            So i try to explain!
            But NOOO
            Not good enough!

            So i troll! And ill let u ALL hang ur head in shame when all i say become common knowledge! u will look in the mirror and see a lamb!

            im the wolf!
            i tired to make u wolf too!
            but u love being a sheep!


          • roland

            The Afghan heroin trade is still operating just fine all trump has to do there is order us troops to destroy the crops and problem solved but he will not do that one bomb is not going to change anything North Korea is refusing to talk to the Americans as we speak trump is supplying jihadists in Syria weoponry to shoot down Russian planes yet according to you Russia and America are on the same page and why pray tell is trump targeting countries like venuzuala and Iran both countries have no ties to the deep state where does that fit in to the plan dickhead

          • Justin

            Afhgan trade up and running but not under Bush!
            What did Trump destroy in Colombia?
            Again Bush owned!
            U think Epstein island was only for kiddie sex?
            Human trafficking?
            Drug trafficking too?

            Who got hurt? Cartels? Politicians wanting open borders?
            The Clinton Foundation and the McCain institute were heavily involved!
            Chinese ports extremely close to the US (in the carribean) also heavily involved!
            Including Chinese submarine ports in Carribean!

            Do u want pictures of these ports from space?

            Also Ghislane Maxwell! Who was she living with in Massachusetts?
            Just some IT guy?
            Trucking, shipping GPS tracking company with connections to US customs, border patrol and just about every federal agency!

            Israel involved too?

            Any way to make money! Any way u can! They do it! They dont give a fuck!
            Humans, Babies Fetus (higher amounts paid if fetus is almost full grown or a live baby! Worth a shit load!
            Trafficked! Everything is for sale!
            We are sheep! literally sheep!

            Venez is about China! Talk on that another time!
            Venez oil was already being milked! To u know who!

        • Tom Tom

          wow, Justin, once again you’ve proven you’re the greatest god on t.v.

          • Justin

            i am of average intelligence which makes me a genius on SouthFront!

            What do u think of a Mossad Deep state operative trying his best to take out Trump? Does it fit your narrative of “USA is an Israeli puppet”? Why would Israeli / US deep state try to take out Trump when Trump is gifting israel with Jerusalem and Golan Heights?

            Can u do the math on this or will u shrug ur shoulders?

            i know the math! i just wanna hear urs!
            i bet u have no fuckin idea whats going on! So go ahead, avoid the question, change the subject for all i care! Shrug ur shoulders multiple times! DO IT!

            So yeah im the KING on this mother fucker! Screen shot it and tell ur friends about me! Make the light shine on me! And as things in Washington prove me right more and more, your friends are going to thank you for leading them to me!

            The KING of South Front! ME!


          • Tom Tom

            ha, you, like so many on this website, have real issues. Most of the foreign posters are about analysis and what’s going on, which is why I surf here sometimes, just to catch what’s going on since U.S. media doesn’t report on it. Seriously, get a girlfriend.

          • Justin

            yep just as i thought…. change the subject, avoid the subject and the risk of losing a debate u know has been setup for your failure!

            I did ask u a serious question! all u have to do is navigate around my egotistical comments and answer the question i put to u! BUT NO……… thats not for u is it!

            Israeli is the number one topic on this site!
            i was talking about Israel and the USA! U saw the question and u avoided it!

            Hence why i am the king of this mother fucker!
            Hence why u did EXACTLY as i predicted u would!

            U prove me right with every reply u make! ill add it to my screen shots of “WINNING” folder on my Mac! Hand it down to my Grand kids one day so they realise just how lucky they are they got my genes!

            u chose to be a victim rather than a challenge! We cant all have good genes!

            Bye bye fairy! bub bye!

          • roland

            You seem to be a greater narcissist than trump is

          • Justin

            narcissism can be a great tool! In fact i call it “an engine” or “a motivator”!
            Where u see cockiness, i see confidence! (i feel like i am teaching u right now hahaha. u can call me “Yoda” if u like! Or “Sensei”! Either is fine by me so long as u tell your friends about me)
            Self love is important!
            out of the nine traits of narcissism, 3 are important!
            To have all 9 isnt good!
            i have at least 3 of them which is very healthy!
            If u love yourself as a person, u are a narcissist!
            So long as ur goals are pure and good!
            For example: i am on the same side as everyone on this site!
            I support Russia, Syria and i am dead set against Israel! Hate them as a matter of fact! Hate Jews too! So i am not different to the majority! However i source information differently! This open mindedness and the ability to NOT Follow the HEARD gives me clarity!

            Does it make me better than these people? NO! it just makes me far more Knowledgable! Does that Knowledge translate into a sense of narcissism? YES!

            i can ask questions that freeze some of these morons! They cant answer! they avoid! its something they cant explain! i love making people freeze up and choke! Thats what sportsmen do to their competitors!

            Do i troll them for my own pleasure? HELL YES! it enables me to shame them into seeking knew information or it ousts them as morons!

          • roland

            You have certainly left me speechless

          • Justin

            LEARN! Intelligence war!
            “Calm before the STORM”

            Reporting ON THE STORM!


            The Storm = Take down of Deep state and swamp
            Virgin Islands = Epstein Island
            Dead Center = Washington DC
            Bigger than Andrew = Even bigger than Prince Andrew!

          • Justin

            Why did Trump order a Military parade in every major US city on July 4th 2019?

            What connection does this military parade have with the Russia spy sub incident which occurred on July 2nd or 3rd of 2019?

            Nobody on SouthFront knows the answer to this!
            Nobody connected the dots!
            SouthFront wont teach u this stuff!
            So how do i know? did i have a dream?
            Or do i ACTUALLY KNOW shit that people on this website dont know?

            Does a US President Crossing the NK DMZ and shaking hands with Kim Jung Un make sense?
            NK downsizing rocket launchers?
            Meeting in Singapore?
            Killing Iranian Generals?
            Announcing he would “drain the swamp”?
            Building a southern Wall is National Security for Drugs and Human trafficking or more?
            A new Crown Prince for Saudi Arabia?
            The new Crown Prince entraps other Saudi Princes?
            Holds Alaweed for a few months?
            Pictures of McCain with Al-Quidea and ISIS taken by who?
            Black Water? Who in black water leaked the photos?
            Russia, Russia, Russia narrative?
            Ukraine Quid Pro Quo?
            Stormy Daniels?
            peepee tapes?
            Impeachment over a phone call?

            And u think Israel controls the USA and would allow this to happen to a guy they loved?

            “Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer”!

            U have so much to learn!
            Save my posts! laugh at them, do what u want!
            just know u were told by ME! JUSTIN!

            The guy u dislike is gonna be the guy who was RIGHT!
            Because its not my word against yours!
            i know for a fact its all coming to light! the whole world will know what i am saying as fact within the next 9 months!

            Just as u know Al-Queida and ISIS were a CIA / Mossad creation! Its going to be more well known than that! That Trump took down Israel, the deep state and Globalists!

            i go by Data, not by being a fan!
            its pure data!

            You’ll see! my name will be stuck inside ur brain for years! JUSTIN!
            The guy who KNEW before u did!
            Ull try to rid me from ur mind! ull laugh at the notion of such a thing!
            But in the end…. my name will ring inside ur head!


          • Justin

            i win again! another guy who avoids the questions i put to him! when people put questions to me, i practically write a book!

            I am the BEST! (Hit it Tina)


          • Tom Tom

            Ha, Jason wins again, in his momma’s basement.

          • Justin

            with you tom, ure right!
            i win!

          • Arch Bungle

            You win a downvote.

          • Justin

            i win with the truth!
            Everything i have said regarding geopolitics is true and factual!
            Test me on it!
            i double dare u!

          • Justin

            ohhhh, im so scared!

            “oh nooooo Not the Down Vote”!!! “PLEASE NOOOOOOOOO”!

            AAAAAAAA hahahahahhaahhaha

          • jm74

            That song by Tina refers to Australian Rugby league players, incidentally they don’t wear body armour, crash hats. Sorry but you don’t fit the image.
            Elton John is more your style.

          • Justin

            They wear shoulder pads actually!
            And i follow and played Australian rules football! Was a captain too!
            Much tougher than rugby players!
            MUCH Tougher! And no pads at all!
            Explains why im hard on u pussies! u are all weak! ALL OF YOU!
            Different breed! Tougher than Rugby players (who wear pads)
            BALLS OF STEEL!

          • Luke Hemmming

            The only thing you win is the award for the biggest mouth with nothing intelligent to contribute but insults and self boasting bullshit living in a wet dream.

          • Arch Bungle

            You’re a cunt. Everyone on this forum agrees. Now piss of and stop polluting the forums.

          • Justin

            Actually im awesome!
            And pretty soon, everyone here is gonna know it!
            They will say “Holy shit, isnt this what that guy Justin said on SouthFront? OMG its actually true? it really did happen the way he said it did?”

            Thats how u will remember me!
            Remember my name!
            Tell your friends about me!

            One day ill return and ask u to repent!
            i will forgive all those who repent!
            I came here to take upon me the dumbass comments of Morons!
            I am the truth and the way! He who follows me shall know the truth!

          • Justin

            Smart cunt!
            Dumb cunt!

            I know youre a dumb cunt!
            So if im just a cunt, or at best a “smart cunt” then im still doing a whole lot better than you!

            Ya Dumb CUNT!

          • Xoli Xoli

            Girlfriend that’s really funny

          • Luke Hemmming

            One shouldn’t brag about how smart one is without providing some intelligent argument. But then intelligence is not really your thing is it? Your rather good at boasting and making loud noises and spouting off nonsense. Trump is a Zionist puppet. He has been blackmailed, compromised. They have the dirt on trumps little dirty deeds and kinky kicks like underage sex, murder hits, money laundering for the Russian kosher mafia and much more. They have Trump under their control. Be a good little boy and do what we tell you and no one will ever know what we know. It’s blackmail Einstein, good ol fashioned blackmail.

          • Justin

            One day SOON u will find out so dont worry!
            Then u can spend ur next few years thinking “Damn, that Justin guy was right”!

          • Justin

            Ask me a question and ill answer it!
            What would u like to learn?

      • Xoli Xoli

        Israel destroyed Twin towers when Bush get hard on them.Time running out for Israel to be attack by the whole world and force to sign seven year treaty.

        • Jake321

          Damn! You’re not only a Black Muslim but a tinfoil hat Looney Toon 9-11 Truther. So sad.

          • Xoli Xoli

            Keep on spitting fire like Israel drag Satanyahu.

          • Jake321

            Nahhhhhhhh…just noting what a looney toon you are to believe tinfoil hat conspiracy crap. Oh, and when Israel spits fire it surely burns and then some.

          • Arch Bungle

            Shoah 2.0 on the way, joomonkey. You’re going to be in it!

          • Jake321

            So get to it, kid, and collect your Darwin Award.

          • Luke Hemmming

            There is plenty of circumstantial evidence to prove that the official explanation of 911 is very incorrect. That there was a lack of proper investigation, that there was foreign state help as well as US govt insiders, there was evidence destruction and evidence not allowed or overlooked and it was documented in a Pakistan newspaper in December 2001 that Osama bin Laden died from kidney complications in a Pakistan hospital in December 2001.

          • Jake321

            Tinfoil Hat-ism is such fun. It’s like riding Unicorns in your delusional wet dreams.

          • Xoli Xoli

            How much does Satanyahu and Pompeo pays you for propaganda.

          • Jake321

            About the same as you get paid for you lack of work…zero.

          • Xoli Xoli

            Jake you are following antichrist Jews who rejected Jesus the Messiah and God and crucified. Enjoy your foolish israel rubbish. Their are Jesus killers the the only door to the Kingdom of God.Israel follow bollock the Lucifer.

          • Arch Bungle

            And you’re a shitty little joo inbred.

          • Jake321

            And that would make me near infinitely better than you, junior.

    • Justin

      that giant dude was SDF!
      U like the SDF now? Because SDF still depends on USA!

      • Zionism = EVIL

        NO UNEDUCATED IGNORANT ARSEHOLE, he was Kurd village elder. I saw his whole interview on SANA. Most Kurds support the Syrian legitimate government.

        • Justin

          You Said: : “he was Kurd village elder”

          So Kurds are NOT SDF? hahahahaha [SCREEN SHOT]

          You Said: : “Most Kurds support the Syrian legitimate government.”


          Kurds loved the USA for 6 years! They have been FORCED to LIKE SAA in the last 6 months!

          They were protected from Turkey with the USA! Were they protected by Syria? By Russia? NO!

          Like i said, you are too dumb to talk to me!

    • Zionist Internet Warrior

      easily 6’6, made that little fat americunt look like a midget next to that MRAP
      I laughed hard, he made those army rangers look like little girl scouts

  • Lupus

    Those oil stealers should be hanged

    • Jake321

      Well, big guy, you try it since the Syrians are not as stupid and suicidal as you…I hope for their sake.

      • Lupus

        The Syrians have every right tho

        • Jake321

          If you say so. But they for sure don’t have the ability. But why don’t you go help them and get your Darwin Award.

          • Lupus

            U mad kiddo? U deserve some spanks but i guess u cant handle that cause ur weak like a jelly fish. Tell me, why u support thieves?

          • usofdumbfks

            because he is paid in foodstamps :)

      • Arch Bungle

        So you’re saying the oil stealers should not be hanged?

        • Jake321

          You go try it, big guy.

          • Arch Bungle

            So you’re saying the oil stealers should not be hanged?


    Stand up to incest spawned nwo/nazi tyranny,don’t give them an inch,they have no right in syria(period)

  • <>

    Tell Lieutenant Colonel Samer to move out of the way, or bad things will happen to him and his Syrian friends. The U.S needs to understand the Arab mentality.

    • AJ

      The only thing the US needs to understand is they are not welcome in Syria & have no right to even be there.

      • gustavo

        They do not care. NOrth americna soldier are there because they want to SERVE THEIR COUNTRY (brain washed), officer are there for money and to be recognized (to get better job), other are there to express his criminal behavior and hate for human being others than north americans.

        • Volker

          A while back I read somewhere a pentagon goon stated – The student debt
          crisis, rising inequality + impoverishment are the best recruitment tools for
          the US Military – no draft/conscription what so ever needed…and if they are of no use anymore kicked to the curb thrown away like trash.

          • Zionism = EVIL

            There are close to a million and a half homeless Americunt students, mostly living on prostitution. Even BBC had a documentary
            The number of homeless students in the US is the highest in more than a decade according to a new study. Most of the 1.5m homeless children or children from broken poor families.

            Most of the 1.5m homeless children stayed with other families or friends after losing their homes.

            But 7% lived in abandoned buildings or cars, the report by the National Centre for Homeless Education showed.

            Homelessness is often caused by job insecurity, unaffordable housing, domestic violence and recently the opioid crisis and total lack of health care..


          • Volker

            There are many places in the US where it’s a fellony, to be a decent human beeing, and give food to homeless people – How Fucked-Up is that?

          • Zionism = EVIL

            It is sick place with no human values. Why do you think there are mass murders and gun violence every day. The Jew parasites have really ruined the place. The income disparity is worse than India or other poor countries. US is the only place in OECD with a declining life span, especially for males.

          • Volker

            Higher infant mortality rate than some 3rd world countries, in poor communities reermergences of diseases which most of the world has eliminated like Tuberculoses or Bubonic Plague or poisoned drinking water worse than in Gaza.

    • Daily Beatings

      Then why didn’t bad things happen when the SAA didn’t move out of the way? Keep the excuses coming on why the US turned back.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      hahaha Jew faggot PUNK and his usual fantasies. ROFMAO.

    • RichardD

      Coming from a Jew who got kicked out of Gaza that’s laughable.

      • Jake321

        LOL…Mr. Delusional is back. Thanks for the entertainment.

        • usofdumbfks

          Agree. You forget to upvote your jewish friend above. He is not delusional, just plain stupid.

        • RichardD

          It’s called truth. Which is something that an ignorant habitually lying blood sucking Jew pedophile rape shill like you hates.

          You’re a complete idiot talking out your ass spouting endless hasbara bullsh–. Who’s ignorant and delusional? Obviously it’s you not me:

          Jake321 9 days ago
          LOL…your ignorance and delusions are really funny. The resolution you cite is from the UNGA which has no power over the UNSC and whose resolutions are not binding in this situation. So, no, the UNGA has zero power to override a UNSC Veto no matter how many non-binding resolutions they pass. Try to get the basics correct.

          Jake321 3 days ago
          Again, dingbat, NO UNCS Vetos can be overridden.

          I posted:

          “UN reports make explicit reference to the Uniting for Peace resolution as providing a mechanism for the UNGA to overrule any UNSC vetoes;[37][38][39][40] thus rendering them little more than delays in UN action, should two-thirds of the Assembly subsequently agree that action is necessary.”

          – United Nations Security Council veto power –


      • <>

        I never got kicked out of Gaza, I always left on my 2 feet after we got the order to pull out because they begged a ceasefire. But don’t you worry, we will give them a good lesson soon under Gantz.

        • usofdumbfks

          WOW you are so musculine in a tank against unarmed children…

          • <>

            They are terrorists.

          • usofdumbfks

            You are nazi scum

        • RichardD

          The Jews got kicked out of Gaza, it’s factual history.

  • Sawyer

    Hi. I’m Lee. I admit it – I’m here only to make fun of all the morons here. What can I say – I’m bored and have a little time to kill. Who will step up and take the bait first? I’ll present a topic: With few exceptions, Arabs are born losers. Discuss.

    • Assad must stay

      really? who is winning in idlib then? stupid idiot

      • Islamic Power

        the rebels

        • Sawyer

          And so there you have it, friends: Arab stupidity on display.

          • Islamic Power


        • Black Waters

          They aren’t rebels, they are mercenaries.

          • Gary Sellars

            They aren’t mercenaries, they are terrorists.

          • Black Waters


          • Zionism = EVIL

            Actually, that is an insult to mercenaries. These headchoppers are gutter trash and cowards.

          • Islamic Power

            SAA thugs?

          • Black Waters

            No, turkish mongrels and foreigners. Some orcs like you.

          • Islamic Power

            i doubt it

        • Zionism = EVIL

          What rebels? the headchoppers are mostly criminals from Saudi, Turkish and UAE jails. They are murderers, rapists, pedos, and the worst cowardly garbage on earth.

          • Islamic Power

            who SAA?

      • Sawyer

        And we have a winner! Congrats and mobarak to you, sir. I don’t know – who is winning in Idlib? Actually – strike that. Don’t answer (because I really don’t give a fk). But I’m game, so I shall meet your non sequitur with a polite parry: Who lost Idlib in the first place? (hint – it wasn’t the Americans, or the Russians, or the Jews, or the Vulcans, or the Kingons). What say you, sir?

        • Assad must stay

          Get lost, you contribute nothing to this site

          • Sawyer

            You’ve got that right, habibi. Then again, contributing to this site is like banging Asma in the ass: it produces nothing and elicits only Bashar’s child-like giggles.
            Cheers, mate.

          • Bitch, your black boyfriends bang you in the ass… and mouth…….. not much difference between your ass and mouth anyway, both are filthy holes 🚽

          • RichardD

            Hey degenerate. Been to any depraved blood sucking Jew baby raping rituals recently?

          • Jake321

            And you?

          • RichardD

            None. I’m not a Jew and don’t usually associate with them. How many children have the Jews that you shill for raped this week?

            “metzitzah b’peh — requires a mohel, the person performing the circumcision, to suck blood from the incision on an infant’s penis. …

            According to the Health Department, 24 cases of herpes have been linked to circumcision since 2000. Two of the infants died and two others suffered brain damage.”

            – New case of neonatal herpes caused by Jewish circumcision –


            – Israel’s Chief Rabbinate Says Oral Suction at Circumcision Is Preferred –


  • These young American men who joined the US Armed Farces, finding themselves unwanted occupiers of countries that have done the American people no wrong, should have heeded the words of Smedley Butler before they signed a contract to become low-paid mercenaries for the Globohomo cartel.

    • gustavo

      NOt all, but yes, few of them go to DEA cartel or NEw Generation cartel, or something like that.

    • Assad must stay

      globohomoshlomo hahahaha

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Actually, they had no choice and joined for three meals a day as the JEW SCUM and the Bilderberg banks have bankrupted the Americunts.


      • In some cases, yeah the military is a way out of poverty.

        But with regards to combat units, they’re heavily drawn from families that have been brought up in martial traditions, and conditioned by the controlled media that the USA is liberating the oppressed and improving lives wherever it goes.

        Many- if not most- of them, once they end their service, realize that the conditioning is a lie, and they were used as pawns and brutes to enforce an – at best, machiavellian; at worst, sinister, agenda.

        Imagine being one of these guys and realizing that everything you’ve been taught about military service, and all that you and your buddies have fought, died and killed for was nothing more than militant tikkun-olam.

        Any wonder why many of these guys are broken-down mentally and financially?

        • verner

          recruits to the marines are mostly under-educated white trash from the fly over states where the life choises are down to 2 – either join the marines (with recruitment offices in every nook and cranny) and the body bag homecoming as a serious possibility or the meth cooking business with 10 to 15 years in the slammer, some go for the marines and some go for the meth but the underlying problem is lack of a future which the elite in washington don’t want to provide – white trash is useful in case of low pay prófessional soldiering (no complaints in case of a body bag home coming) or meth cooking as slammer material for the privatized prison system.

          what a friggin joke the disunited states of A has turned into.

        • usofdumbfks

          They can go to destroyed countries and rebuild them for food.

          Or just kill themselves, no one would cry.

    • RichardD

      The US needs to be dejudified.

      • Jake321

        You can’t always get what you want. But if you try that you will get what you deserve.

        • Arch Bungle

          Shoah 2.0 coming up. The Germans gave the jews all the power before they wiped 6 million out. The Americans will do the same.

          Some say “never again.”

          I say: “Again and Again”

        • RichardD

          It hasn’t stopped me so far. What are you going to do about it, spam these threads with more hasbara lies and stupidity and generate more down votes against you than anyone else?

    • Jake321

      Maybe. But push them a wee bit too much and they will shoot you dead nonetheless.

  • Dick Von Dast’Ard

    The Syrians should have arrested the U.S. looters and impounded their vehicles.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      IEDs are the best as they impose long term medical costs as Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan have shown. The Vietnamese maimed more Americunt dumbasses with shit infected punji sticks and infections. Syria is ideal for IEDS and other means of resistance.

      • Jake321

        It’s also great for carpet bombing and leadership assassinations. Bye bye Assad & Company.

        • Don’t worry bitch, Assad will live much longer than you filthy braindead shiteater.

    • Jake321

      So many should’s. So little ability to make them happen.

  • antoun

    excellent bravo!! ahah

  • Tommy Jensen

    What happened was that we drove up to this SAA guy with black gloves with iron nuts, and said to him to stop using his Assad fist with iron nuts against innocent Syria civilians who wanted freedom………and also peace.
    We said if he didn’t stop, America would show SAA a few tricks. After that, he promised never again to use gloves with iron nuts against innocent Syrian civilians, and then we drove back. That’s what happened!

    • Gary Sellars

      Fuck off retard. Murican coward soldiers didn’t know what to do when faced with real soldiers with guns who wouldn’t back down. They let out a little whimper and a high-pitched fart as they turned tail and ran like the sissy cock-suckers that they are. It’s OK now, cuz they are back at base, Camp Safezone, and after a little hand-holding and some comforting words from the counciller they hit the showers and got to enjoy a leisurely circle-jerk before finishing all over the flag.

      You Seppostani beta-male homo trash are pathetic.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Americunt arseholes have lost every war. Even a Pentagon study acknowledged that.

      Why the US Loses Wars

      American military defeats in fact are the result of three factors.

      First, the Pentagon directs its ample budget toward purchases of complex high-tech weapons, which are designed to fight wars against the Soviet Union/Russia and China,
      rather than on cheaper and simpler weapons and training for troops in
      the tactics needed for the sorts of counter-insurgency wars the US in
      fact fights. The Vietnamese in the 1960s and the Afghans and Iraqis in
      the twenty-first century figured out simple and inexpensive methods to
      circumvent high-tech American weaponry by utilizing old weapons (most
      notably mines) and developed cheap new weapons (above all IEDs)
      that inflicted enough casualties on Americans to turn US public opinion
      against the wars and created havoc that made it impossible for the US
      to win local support by establishing security.

      While military analysts see Pentagon budgetary choices as the result
      of an organizational culture that produces commanders who prioritize
      keeping up with America’s most formidable rivals, weapons purchases are
      overdetermined by military contractors who lobby for high-tech weapons
      because those realize the highest profit margins and by officers whose
      careers and retirement incomes benefit from their attachment to weapons systems that remain in development and production for decades.

      The US is unique among nations in that all its weaponry is produced
      by capitalist firms rather than in government-owned facilities. As a
      result, military spending is directed above all by those firms’
      imperative to generate immediate profits even though those decisions
      undermine capitalists’ longer-term interest in sustaining the
      geopolitical hegemony of the country in which they are located.

  • goingbrokes

    Sawyer is a next gen hasbara troll using the “insult everyone” tactic. Block or ignore.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      As I have pointed out, hasbara is desperate and trying new tactics, quite laughable and is pissing more people off.

      • Concrete Mike

        Yes they all came out at same time last night . The patterns are easy to see.

    • Nothing new there, probably that braindead fat loser Jake 321 kilograms with new account. Different name – same shit.

      • Jake321

        Nahhhhhhhh…and that’s more than twice my weight. But I’m trying to lose a bit more. And are you an escapee from the Daily Stormer, Adolf, or just another inmate of one of Putz Putin the Poisoner’s Troll Houses, Igor, playing an Adolf?

        • Yeah Fatso, I’m sure you are trying… and failing as usual, Fat Shitlard. Troll houses are in Tel Aviv and Haifa, but I doubt you are true hasbara, you are just too stupid. Just another dumb fat american shabbos goy worshiping his masters…
          Adolf? The hated Russia just like you. Go join him.

          • Jake321

            But you play such a great Adolf, Igor. Be proud. Now get back to your Vodka ration. Your grave awaits.

          • Fat bitch, grave awaits everyone, your will be cheap and shallow. And some mexicans will piss on it HAHAHA. Soon I bet, your brain is already dead, you have no money for doctors or health care…. just drop dead and burn in hell. you won’t be missed.


  • jade villaceran

    everytime i see jake321 in the comment section, i stop reading because it turns out to be like a circus, please people dont feed his comment, just down vote him

    • verner

      yep, that’s the way to go, treat him like the jewish leper he is bringing nothing of value to these threads. thus – ignore ignore.

      • Interesting thing this IDFag Iron Zion always, but always vote for Joke321, and vice versa… probably just one incredibly sick, schizophrenic degenerate with multiple personas (and all of them are complete idiots)

    • Arch Bungle

      That’s already happening.

  • RichardD

    The Iraqis should do the same thing as part of expelling the NATO Zionists from Iraq. Which should end the US occupation in NE Syria as well.

    • Jake321

      The Iraqi Ginverent jyst asked NATO to stay and expand its role. Try to keep up through your LSD fog if you can.

      • The Man

        No they didn’t actually, you Yid. NATO have said that there will be a small contingent that will have to remain but the Iraqis HAVE NOT YET AGREED, and probably won’t.
        The ideal solution is to distribute arms to Iraqi militia so that they can pop off cunts like you Jake who are in the Yankee army and other filthy Jew Yid shits that lurk and hide in Iraq.

      • RichardD

        That’s what NATO claims. Do you have any proof that Iraq agreed to it beyond NATO claims?

    • The Man

      Notice that it’s dirty Jew-boy Yids that downvote comments like these! Jake, Zion, just waiting for that Yid Jacob Wohl to downvote, and probably the goyim-bitch Mehmet!

  • cechas vodobenikov

    typical amerikan cowardice—the bullies always back down when confronted

    • Jake321

      At least they don’t fall down drunk like you Russians, Igor. And then die young from all the binging.

      • Really bitch, they don’t? Are you sure?

        From binge drinking to blacking out, the disturbing epidemic putting America’s kids in danger

        On America’s college campuses, there are epidemics we talk about and those we don’t. There’s sexual assault. There are fraternity hazing deaths. And in both cases, the attention of the nation usually turns to these issues only after a tragedy has occurred… after Penn State freshman Timothy Piazza dies from consuming 18 drinks in 82 minutes… after Brock Turner sexually assaults an unconscious woman behind a dumpster at Stanford…

        Look deeper, however, and these epidemics have something in common: the pervasive and problematic drinking culture among American youth.

        “When you have almost 2,000 kids a year dying that are college-aged kids on college campuses, I’m surprised that those statistics are not out there in a bigger way and that colleges aren’t owning that a little bit more,” says clinical social worker Julie Fenn in the CBSN Originals documentary, “Drinking Culture: American Kids and the Danger of Being Cool.”


        American kids die from alcohol… 15.000 americans died from flu this year… and you’ll die from overeating – all that shit you eat, at least 321 pounds of GMO crap every day…

        • Jake321

          The life expectancy of US men is 76 years. That for Russian men, 67 years.

          “Almost half of working-age men in Russia who die are killed by alcohol abuse, reducing Russia’s male life expectancy significantly.”

          Russia remains among the top 5 per capita consumers of alcohol while the US is down near 50th.

          And then there are the Russian murder and suicide rates which are way higher than here. Well, may help explain why way more Russians keep moving here than Russians already here move back to Russia.

          • What, you are not humiliated enough, your stupidity already exposed? “At least they don’t fall down drunk” LOL. I’m still laughing how stupid you are bitch :D

            Now you’re lying again, and failing again: fake info, with no links, nothing but worthless crap from your mouth. Here’s some real info not your delusional bullshit and hallucinations: back in 2010. alcohol consumption in Russia was 15.76 litres. It has dropped to less than 10 litres as of 2019, *european average basically, nowhere near top 5 in the world as you falsely claim. So yes you are clueless and full of shit as usual, already proven so many times.

            Life expectancy?
            Life Expectancy for American White Men Drops for a Third Year
            November 06, 2019

            Life expectancy for American men dropped for a third consecutive year, with the National Center for Health Statistics citing an increase in so-called “deaths of despair,” such as the rise in drug overdose deaths.

            For whites across America, “deaths of despair” are rising

            “In 1999, the mortality rate for this demographic was about 30% lower than those of African-Americans. But by 2015, their mortality rate had eclipsed that of blacks by 30%, the economists found. The reason? A spike in death rates due to alcohol and drug poisoning, suicide, and alcoholic liver disease and cirrhosis.”

            Shocking numbers.

            Suicides? Can you be more miserable?
            “U.S. military veteran suicides rise, one dies every 65 minutes”


            “Two new reports released last week from the U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs show that the number of active duty personnel and veterans who die by suicide is still increasing.”

            Facts. Drunken college youth, suicidal soldiers, white people in despair… that’s ‘Murica today. Soon there will be nothing but mutants and transgenders like you there. You are not a war veteran, but go kill yourself 😁

          • Jake321

            LOL…guess you got a wee bit triggered, Igor. As an aside, what you note applies most all to Trump’s core voter demographic. So there is a silver lining to it. But anyway, the male life expectancy in the US is 76 years and that in Russia is almost a decade less at 67 years.


            But thanks for letting me know you are a Putz Putin the Poisoner Troll playing an Adolf for your Vodka ration and draft deferment.

          • Igor Shekelstein… I like it! Just like your boss and owner Igor Rabbinowitz. HAHAHA

            Yeah bitch, you are way too stupid (and way too fat) to actually make a remotely intelligent reply, or creative, or at least new… you are here to be humiliated and abused… Russia had WW2 to fight, still not demographically recovered; but don’t worry bitch, with life expectancy for american whites dropping so rapidly, soon it will be otherwise. I mean Soros and Bloomberg and Zuckerberg will live 110 years, you will live 30 years, but average is great :D

          • Jake321

            Note it is NOT for all Whites. It is exclusively for Trump’s undereducated more rural Whites. So I’m not crying too much. Oh, did you even look at the WHO link you posted? It has over a dozen country comparison maps. And on every last one Russia jumps off the page as among the worst if not the worst. It also shows that the total alcohol consumption per capita for Russians is about two-thirds higher than that of Americans. And Russians hit the bottle of hard alcohol, the stuff that kills you, at way over twice the rate of Americans. That is the main reason Russian men kick the bucket almost a decade younger than American men.

          • Blah, blah, keep repeating already debunked bullshit, go ask CBSN how many young people die in America every year from alcoholism, I’m not going to repeat 10x just because you braindead moron are too stupid too read. I’m surprised you fat retard even know to find Russia on the map, almost 80% muricans can’t even find Iran, college education is all about booze lol

            So dipshit, you admit you hate white people and you obviously hate Trump… one of those Buttigieg’s buttboys I guess? I’m not surprised. You and your black husband both vote for Buttplug 2020. 🌽

      • The Man

        Fuck off Jew boy!

      • cechas vodobenikov

        your feminine insecurity again expressed—the only bad award peoples where life expectancies r declining…lol

  • occupybacon

    Isn’t this event from one week ago?

  • Zionist Internet Warrior

    The sad part is those American soldiers LITERALLY BELIEVE that the entire Syrian People hate Assad, hate Russia, and LOVE the USA and support them

    • usofdumbfks

      it is not sad, just pathetic