Syrian Army Starts Massive Operations to Clean Maardas from Terrorists


The Syrian Armed Forces have started large-scale operations in the northern parts of Hama in order to drive out terrorists from Maardas town.


Large-scale operations were started by the Syrian Army and the National Defense Forces (NDF) in the northern parts of Hama in order to drive out terrorists from Maardas town, located near the important fortified village of Maan.

According to military sources, terrorists’ positions inside the town of Maardas were targeted and hit by missile and artillery units of the Syrian Army. He also added that the Army is currently advancing towards the town.

Meanwhile, terrorists in the southern parts of Maardas were driven back by Syrian troops, while fierce clashes still continue in the region. Moving towards Maardas, the Syrian Army also cleared the farms of al-Ebada, Jabal al-Akrad and al-Khazan from terrorists.


On Tuesday, after the termination of the truce period in the country, more than 25 terrorists of the Jaish al-Fateh group were killed by Syrian army units in the northern parts of Hama province.

A terrorists’ attack on military posts of the Syrian Army in the village of al-Kabbaria, north of Maan, was repelled by the government forces. As result, more than 25 terrorists were killed and three their vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns, as well as a bulldozer were destroyed.

The end of the ceasefire was declared by the Syrian Army on Monday due to the fact that terrorists did not adhere to any of provisions, stated in the truce agreement. The Syrian Armed Forces have once again confirmed its commitment to combating terrorism after the end of the truce.


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  • Brad Isherwood

    Syrian Army are winning these contacts….significant progress in 2016 with several cities having
    Rebels pushed into small blocks with some taking Amnesty and the runaway to other Sunni locals.

    They are losing numbers that are not receiving the rebuild in numeric via Turkey. ..Jordan and
    SAA following Intel is catching various Takfiri groups which are isolated. ..have been bombed by Russian and Syrian TAC air. …these contacts move quickly…as the rebels lose in days if not hours.

    It’s possible that Rebels having lost numerous trucks with 23 mm guns…will not be so formidable when contact occurs….these may not have manpad about as rebels keep moving…
    Syrian Helicopters may be able to move the map dramatically by clobbering the pockets.

    If SAA starts to roll them up in the countryside. …the above may be the case.

    US fantasy to have* Aleppo. ……is now flight to panic in the countryside : )

    • So far the turn of events have been in SAA favour ever since Russia intervened, and the West doesn’t like this.It all depends on how much West wants to fund the jihadists, but so far the SAA is winning.

  • George Nehme

    Keep up the good work assad.