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Syrian Army Shot Down Turkish Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle Over Eastern Idlib (Video)

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Syrian Army Shot Down Turkish Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle Over Eastern Idlib (Video)

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On February 25, the Syrian Army shot down a unmanned combat aerial vehicle of the Turkish Air Force over eastern Idlib, according to a video released by Syrian media. The downed drone was identified as the TAI Anka, a family of unmanned aerial vehicles developed for the Turkish Armed Forces. The Turkish military likely used the UAV to support the ongoing advance on positions of the Syrian Army in the area of Nayrab.


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Pave Way IV

Thanks for the drone hardware intel, Erdogan. Russian and Syrian scientist should be able to work out jamming or hacks rendering all your other ones of this design useless. Too bad – it looks kind of expensive.


Well, the Turks will just say:”Hey, that’s not ours, it’s an Amazon delivery drone!”

Pave Way IV

But they found an angry little Turk inside the drone with his military ID card. He demanded the Syrians get off Ottoman land, then ran away towards the Turkish border. The Syrians were so stunned that they just let him go.

Zionism = EVIL

Actually, the technology for all drones was given by their Jew masters along with upgrade kits for the WW2 vintage M-60 sardine cans that are being blown to hell by Russia and Syrian airforces. The Turkeys are primitive savages who buy other people’s stuff and then put their arsewipe flag on it.


I reckon it’s way to Iran as we speak :)


Good job, men. Keep on making more scrap for the national rebuilding. Syrian mills and crucibles are hungry. A bunch of kinetically-disassembled Turkler equipment will suffice.

Xoli Xoli

Turkey army only knows Jihadists war.It will never be intergrated in NATO. Membership is only for the base.


why russia did not shot it down when it entered syria


Hard to guess but maybe they wanted to shot it down over a controlled area. Maybe they wanted it to not be to close to the border and risk a discussion of which side of the border it was shot down.


Yes the drone is relatively intact (I mean it is in one piece, of course it’s completely broken), and the field seems peaceful, so no battles raging in the background. Looks to me like this was electronically captured and guided to a field inside Syria, well away from the battlefields.


EW is one possibility. I can’t argue against that.


Russians don’t do what Syrians can do.

Free man

For those who do not live in an Islamist state, it is difficult to understand the war rhetoric that comes out of the mouths of this Islamists as opposed to what is really happening on the battlefield. They are threatening to start a third world war but in practice they are afraid of their own shadow. Erdogan will declare that the mighty Turkish army has killed hundreds of Syrian soldiers and destroyed 500 tanks today. And if the Syrian army does not withdraw from the places it captured the Turkish response will be even more severe. But in reality the Turkish army is being humiliated every day in Syria.


What about war rhetoric coming out of Christian-western capitals, and the zionist entities mouth everyday.

If Muslims would just be left alone, their would be no war in the MENA


All Islam religions have same war rethoric. On the other hand, when you say “Christian war rethoric” you are very wrong. It is Catolic or Protestant war rethoric. Orthodox christians are completely different story.

Simplekindof Man

Jesus taught only of love and forgiveness. The rest is political machinations in the name of it (Christianity) for the idiotic masses. He even said “turn the other cheek”! I mean what other form of non violence can you think off more powerful than that?

Free man

1. It’s hard to understand Erdogan’s rhetoric. Why does he threaten if in practice he cannot do what he says? That was also my question about the mullahs regime. 2. The vast majority of Muslims killed in wars were killed by Muslims. that’s a fact. 3. Did you mean US and Israeli threats? It seems to me that they have no problem acting even without threats.


Sure. Not that the whole islamic world is a continous history of tribal, sectarian, hatred based violence. ;) How cute and naive. The divide and conquer stragey of the Anglo saxons only worked, because they only needed to use the already existing hatred, and archaic tribal and sectarian flames. They did not invent those. They were always there. And they are still the reason, why the MENA has and is the most violent region in the world. Without overcoming the archaic tribal and sectarian mindest, the region will stay a vionlent mess, from the scale of countries, right down to the smallest village. Vionlence and sharia law are the only social controlling methods, and they are the problem, not a solution.


What Christian Western capitals? Except for Washington there are none. Newsflash, Mr. Islamist, it’s not 1100 AD any more. With the exception of the US Christianity is dead in the West/ More people go to a mosque then to church in any European country.


saa just captured haas and kafranbel

Free man

If the SAA doesn’t slow down, next week it will be in Ankara.


Why slow down? They must capture Erdogan and bring him to justice.

Free man

LOL. At the current speed, this is really going to happen.


Ehhhh not exactly but close lol


Its so good to see TurkIsramuricunts getting their asses kicked by the Syrians! Justice always prevails in the end.

Lone Ranger

CIA trolls will cry and rage ;)

Rhodium 10

SAA dont have air defense in Idlib…but Russian EWS are deployed in Hama…so surely have been jammed!

Fair treatment

Almost the entire drone is intact,now they can do reverse engineering, What is wrong with Turkey.??? They are openly support terrorists.. I will never travel to Turkey. Tourism in Turkey will be destroyed. All my friends they are telling me that they won’t go again In Turkey for holidays.. EU will not support Turkey.. in special after what Turkey just did to Syria ..


Turkey has been doing the same to Syria since 2011, what changed your mind just now?

Fair treatment

But now they like to show it, which is very disturbing for a country like Turkey. Even Europe continent dosent want to know anything about Turkey.. They openly admit that they wont help Turkey

Lone Ranger

Turkroaches are crying and raging ;)

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

NATO are trying to bog down syrian progress because they dont want hezbollah following them and their isis pets to libya

Robert Guttierez

Does the drone get 72 virgins too?


72 nutbars.


Fgn what an enviromental disaster,can some one at least try clean up this nato garbage, Makes them beautifull syrian beautifull fields seem so damn ugly!

Assad must stay

great job SAA there should be no torki or israhelli or american aircraft in your skies

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