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Syrian Army Shells Turkish Post In Southern Idlib

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Syrian Army Shells Turkish Post In Southern Idlib

A Turkish army tank stationed near the Syrian border, in Suruc, Turkey, Sept. 3, 2016. (AP Photo)

Late on September 13, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) shelled the newly-established Turkish military post in the southern Idlib countryside, according to several opposition activists.

The activists said that a shell fired by the army’s artillery hit a berm surrounding the post, which is located near Maar Hattat. The town is a few kilometers to south of the city Ma`arat al-Nu`man that was shelled with heavy rockets a few hours ago.

In the morning, the Turkish military reinforced Maar Hattat’s post with a convoy consisting of more than 30 vehicles, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

Unlike the twelve Turkish observation post surrounding Greater Idlib, Maar Hattat’s post was not agreed upon during the Astana talks. The post was established last month following the SAA advance in northern Hama.

Turkey’s Ministry of National Defence has not commented on the shelling, yet. Ankara usually ignores the attacks that don’t result in any causalities.

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Len Zegelink

the saa must kick out the turks

Xoli Xoli

Exactly.No more Turkish soldiers in sovereign Syrian soil no more Erdogan coup terrorists.

klove and light

zionist putin is PROTECTING THE TURKS ans so prolonging the war just as planned by them jews

Free man

You fool, thanks to Putin Turkey is not fighting back.
Putin trapped Erdogan in a honey trap.


Piss off idiot


See Houthi attack on Saudi refinery


That was awesome.


Doghead Al Golum is now in a tough position.

Len Zegelink

the turks cry in morek for russian help.


Can’t beat a good Turkey shoot …. nice of Erdogan to supply the targets at his expense.


Turkey is an illegal occupation force and sustaining terrorism in Syria, and the Syrian government is within its legitimate right to target all uninvited foreign invaders as mandated by UN charter. The failure so far to target US and Turkish invaders is only encouraging them to expand their occupation.

Xoli Xoli

Precisely very true indeed.

klove and light

Zionist Putin is protecting them….it is the protection of TAF and their accomplices in syria that is prolonging this war Right now…..SAA would have liberated Idlib twice already if not everytime SAA builds up Momentum gets put back on the leash by russian ceasfires, that ofcourse only saa honours….same Story repeating over and over and over again……….
ASTANA is bs and worthless from day 1 ” the upmost ppriority is syrias territorial Integrity…..” well that upmost imporatant part of astana has never been implented let alone broken by TAF a thousand times over ….and the Actions of TAF Show they make no signs concearing syrias territorial Integrity , rather on the contraary….TAF invaded and occupied ever since AFRIN…TAF invaded and occupied Idlib….NOW TAF has a contract by USA to invade and occupy east syria….and while this treacherous mess is going on…IDF(Israels fucking airfoces) can do whatever the plases in syria, even attacking far awya Targets at albukamal….and ofcourse the russians Technology is soooooo bad they just cant see them jews coming lololololollo….fact is.. Putin is a treachrous Zionist pig, who not only is makinf sure that the war in syria is prolonged, but does everything possible so that IDF planes have no Problem with bombing syria for 2000+ times by their own accounts

ps. Little secret…..the Moment ANY plane leaves any Airport(civilan or Military) in ISRAEL is seen by russian Radar at exactly that SECOND of takeoff!!!


Nice word salad Mr disinformation

Tudor Miron

Try harder. Sad times for you. Your employers are in panic mode. Time to look for new source of income? But what can you do other than spreading lies?


He could take up a career in Snuff Movies,Tudor :)

Pave Way IV

“…The activists said that a shell fired by the army’s artillery hit a berm surrounding the post…”

Oh, hell… that’s plenty close.

“Battalion, Kebab Burner… Right 50, Range correct… Fire for effect…”

comment image


Spotter call sign “Kebab Burner”

Ashok Varma

Turkish role in sponsoring terrorism in Syria is beyond the norms of any decency and an affront to humanity. Turkey is the main global sponsor of Salafist terrorism today, a dubious position it inherited from Saudi Arabia with CIA blessings.

Xoli Xoli

Turkey sponsors terrorism in Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Qatar,Yemen and Afghanistan. Trump is smart for Erdogan he will severe ties with all Erdogan support terrorists just as he did with heldinki in Idlib.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

-“Unlike the twelve Turkish observation post surrounding Greater Idlib, Maar Hattat’s post was not agreed upon during the Astana talks. The post was established last month following the SAA advance in northern Hama”-.

What a load of crap, the very first Astana agreement expressly stipulated that only 8 OB posts could legally be built in the stolen territories, but 4 illegal ones were also built contrary to the first agreement. The first ilegal one was erected was at Morak in southern Idlib right smack in between the advancing SAA and the very badly losing rebels, to expressly halt the SAA dead in their tracks before they could take any more territory from the badly losing rebels/terrorists. And now there’s another ilegal OB post at Maar Hattat doing the same thing the one at Murak was doing, which makes 5 illegal OB posts in all, so 8 legal OB posts and 5 illegal OB posts.
And Erdogan established that first illegal OB post at Murak before the ink had even dried on the first Astana agreement, and guess what Putin did about it, SFA, well he did do something, he packed up the SAA and sent them to Ghoutah instead, Grrrrr.
And now Putin’s trying to enforce another unwanted ceasefire on the SAA, but they’re not abiding by it at all, they haven’t stopped shelling the rebels/terrorists for anything more than an hour since the ceasefire started. So if no one’s clear about it I’ll make it perfectly clear, the SAA are totally ignoring Putin’s demand to adhere to a ceasefire, just as they have the last 3 or 4 times Putin’s asked them to adhere to them, and they don’t because the ceasefires are inherently bad for the SAA Assad, and Syrian sovereignty, they’re not good for the SAA Assad, and Syrian sovereignty, just bad.
The SAA were probably only a few weeks away from a complete victory in all of Idlib before this last ceasefire was enforced, so why the hell would the SAA want to stop right on the cusp of a total victory, that’s pure insanity, no wonder they don’t listen to Putin anymore, they’d be stupid to if they did.
The Iranians, Turks and the Russians are all pushing for the implementation of resolution 2254 and a new Syrian constitution, but Assad isn’t having a bar of it, he’s saying there’s no way in hell he’s going to help cut his own throat.

“Lavrov pointed out the efforts exerted for the formation and launching of the committee for discussing the Constitution , which will contribute to pushing forward the political process led by the Syrians themselves”.

“Lavrov called on opposition to make a constructive contribution to comprehensive political process in Syria, based on UNSC resolution no.2254”.

I’m surprised I’m the only poster on SF who ever makes a big deal about resolution 2254, the new Syrian constitution, and the supposed free and fair Syrian elections that will occur 6 months after the end of hostilities.
A 150 member committee will rewrite the Syrian constitution and set the guidelines for the new elections, but according to UN resolution 2254, 50 of them will come from Erdogan’s supposed moderate opposition [the NFL/FSA/SLF] in Idlib and Aleppo, another 50 will mostly come from the US autonomous zone in the north, and only 50 of the 150 member committee members will actually be drawn from Assad’s legally elected government, so only 50 elected representatives on the committee, no wonder Assad’s frothing at the mouth saying no way over my dead body.
There’s a division no one seems to see, Russia’s and Iran’s interests have diverged from Assad’s interests, they no longer follow the same path, which means Erdogan’s now winning in Syria politically, despite the fact he’s only moments away from losing the war in Idlib completely.
NATO, the EU and the US have all refused to help Erdogan over the last 4 weeks, I’ve been reading Turkish news and know exactly what he’s been demanding as well as threatening to do, blackmailing NATO, threats to unleash millions of refugees on EU shores, threats to implement a safezone for Syrian refugees despite the US’s refusals to agree to it, and it’s all because they haven’t helped him stop the SAA pushing more refugees into Turkey.
So as I keep saying, all the usual suspects that we’d normally think would come running to Turkey’s aid haven’t, they’ve just ignored him, they’ve all just stood back and left him to suffer his fate with no regard for the consequences. But the Russians and the Iranians have come to his aid, they both agreed to this ceasefire to save Erdogan’s skin, and they’ve also both agreed to UN resolution 2254 and a new Syrian constitution too, so they’re also peeling the skin off of Assad’s back while their saving Erdogan’s skin, great allies aren’t they.
Keep up the good work SAA, keep the heat on the refugees and keep on bombing those damn OB posts, even without Putin’s help you could still take back some more territory, especially if you’re careful about it and don’t stir the hornet’s nest too much, good luck.

Xoli Xoli

Very informative true and obvious. Syria must force Putin to close all Turkish observation post.Astana agreement must be revisited and review with Syrian government involvement. Illegal ceasefires has contributed to lost of life in SAA and formidable special Tiger forces.

Turkey is infested with terrorists rapefugees.Erdogan blackmail threat since 2011 wont help anymore.Because USA and Europeans have tightened border security ,lead by Merkel who was expelled from Turkey base.

As SAA forces approach Syrian refugees easily crossed over with big relief to Syrian side.Putin must end Erdogan presence in Syria.Because Putin bias Astana agreement allowed Erdogan infiltration in Syria.

Back home in Russia no one support Erdogan or Turkish friendship with Russia.Idlip Erdigan terrorists are camouflaged and entering Russia through Erdogan fake friendship and sanction lift.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Thanks again.
Personally I think that Astana agreement should only be used as toilet paper since that’s all it’s been good for, it’s time to make a new agreement, like one that says, get out of my country Erdogan and stay out.
Erdogan just locked up a Turkish journalist for 5 years just for criticizing Erdogan’s military policy on Syria, talk about suppressing free speech, no such thing in Turkey now.
France Germany and England have long had problems with huge chunks of their Muslim voters directly following Erdogan’s political decrees, they often vote detrimentally against their own adopted countries interests to enhance Erdogan’s geo political interests. The refugee flow from Syria has made that much worse now, nearly all of the refugees heading to the EU are pro Erdogan and will vote whichever way he tells them to, when they’re finally established in France Germany and England and voting that is LOL.
That’s why they’re all cracking down now, they’re being devoured from within and have to stop the parasites before they’re totally infested, if it kept going the way it was Erdogan’s party could have established itself in France Germany and England eventually, and I’m only being half funny about it, Erdogan has a big voice in European politics and most Muslim voters take a pro Erdogan stance and actively follow his statements and directives, he may as well have a political party in France Germany and England already LOL. And as you said, now they’ll also get their fair share of murderers rapists and weirdos mixed in as well, :].
Apart from the fact Putin’s steadily been losing popularity for a while now, which is bad for him personally, his political party is doing much worse than he is, they’ve not only lost support from the voting public, they’re also losing support from within the party itself, they’ve had quite a few members defect to opposition parties [mostly communist] or become independent just recently, that means some of them aren’t happy about something the boss is doing, and I suspect his friendship with Erdogan and Erdogan’s support for the terrorists plays at least some small part in the changing dynamics of Russian politics now, so I agree with you, things at home in Russia aren’t going so well for Putin right now, and deservedly so I’ll add.
But sadly they all seem to be falling in line with Putin’s rhetoric now, for the first time in 4 or 5 months they’re all saying the same thing, Astana agreement, reconciliation talks, resolution 2254, new Syrian constitution. Just a few weeks ago everyone else other than Putin was saying, “eliminate all the terrorists, remove all foreign forces from Syrian sovereign territories, Assad’s forces have the right to take back all sovereign territory”, but sadly they’re not saying that anymore, now they’re just repeating what Putin usually says.
Fingers crossed Assad still has a chance to win back Idlib even without Putin’s help, but it would be a lot easier with his help, so I hope Putin changes his mind about Erdogan and stops helping him altogether.
Thanks again for the encouraging comments, it’s good to know someone else can see what the obvious truth is and isn’t too afraid to say it like it is, I’ve admired Putin for a long time now and still do to a certain extent, but his constant failings in Syria both past and present have tarnished that admiration tremendously, and this latest ceasefire has just about ended it altogether, so I say God help Syria now, because Putin certainly isn’t anymore, cheers.

Xoli Xoli


Hanny Benny

Syria has nothing to force Putin
just to make facts and start a new offensive

that’s the game

Putin will never prefer turks on syrias soil.

Putin just tries to breakup the turkey-NATO ties
and you see just NOW ergod tries to change back (asks again for patriots)

turkey was on the try to exploit them all
in the end he becomes the biggestwhore..

Xoli Xoli

Your points noted and opinion respect.

Xoli Xoli

Astana talk must be scrap if Syrian government officials can’t be personally involved.Russia is not Syrian appointed spokes person.

Let the Syrians decide on national issues. Erdogdig must close all terrorists observation post.If Putin is a Syrian spokesman where is Iran Russia and Syrian observation post in the same area.

What tape of terrorists are this which only cooperate with Erdogan.Is it not obvious enough that he Erdogan is a destabilizing force and this are his terrorists.

Hanny Benny

the time will come, this alone-standing-turkish soldiers will be the exchange for giving back afrin and jarablus to syria

the time will come..
edoKhan is a dumbhead
putin is a budohead

Xoli Xoli

I can’t wait that to materialize. I wish Syria can regain all territory and have full control again.Without neighbors interference.

Xoli Xoli

There is no true friendship between Putin and Erdogan. Putin is scared Erdogan will shut phophorus strait to Russian ships and Putin is scared Erdogan may openly support Ukraine against Russian ethnic rebels.

But of course Erdogan is supporting Ukraine against Russian ethnic rebels.Libyan rebels against Haftar which Russia support.Idlib rebels which attack Russian bases.

Erdogan wants Russian technology so dearly to control Russia or hack in if its demands are not met.

Not safe guarding Russian technology means total Russian fall and complete annihilate of Russia by Russian enemy.Snowden warn Putin ignores thinking USANATO warmongers like his cool boy approach.

Syrian biggest obstacle is Turkey soldiers presence in Syria and Erdogan interference. Knowing Putin will buy face with him and let goes his internal sabotage in Syria.


WTF? Are you saying that Turkey is outplaying Russia?

Xoli Xoli

Do you want to tell me Turkey is not double standard tra8rirs and backstabber.


I didn’t say that at all. For sure Erdogan is humping everyone’s leg. That doesn’t mean his outplaying them.

Xoli Xoli

I respect your opinion but I personally think he is trying to outplaying them.


I don’t believe he can. He’s just a weasel-dick, and everyone he deals with sees it. Have a great day/night.

klove and light


Zionist pig Putin and his pal…….the turkish scum of the earth….the number 1 Sponsor of terrorism in syria…….got them circled in at morek….dont worry be happy erdo….Putin will save you…and bamm 49 Hours later..Saa gets sacked by Putin, and a Special force Brigade of Russia is now protecting turkish scum at morek..lololol…and turkish Terrorist scum is chopping of heads(was 5 last week) of captured SAA soldiers…

man o man what a wedding …Putin the Zionist pig and erdogan the stining child and animal fucking turkish wannabe Gangster……..

if SAA would do at by themselves , Idlib would habe been liberated from Terrorist scum months ago already….but the sameeeeee old bs Story continues….saa builds up Momentum…here Comes Zionist pig Putin and declares a ceasefire, that ofcourse only 1 side is honouring, then back to startes again and repeat, and repeat andn repeat and repeat……astana bs Agreement…lolol..not 1 sentence in astana Agreement has been honoured by erdogan or Putin…” we declare the upmost priority is syrias territorial integirty….. “… oyeah…funny how Turkey now has a deal with the Zionist pigs of the USA concearnig east syria….territorial Integrity??? yeah..well why KEEP the illegal Military turkish bases in Idlib ie. morek?? forgot afrin already?????thast upnorth, and was invaded and ever since occupied by turkish scum with ziomnist pig Putin Blessings…..astana?? fuck astana fuck Zionist pig Putin and fuck erdogan the child and animal fucker…..attack upon attack by IDF….and im sure the russian technique is soooo bad they just cant help SAA because thwey just cant see them jews coming..lolololol….late attack east syria albukamal….we didint see them jews coming…sorry….or attack on PMU Forces in iraq..we didnt see them jews coming lolololollollololol..fucking trecherous Zionist pig Putin..all smiles yesterday with netannayu…blowjob buddies…only whos sucking whos cock…probably Putin suckinf bib´s cock….

Zarif of Iran said it best

” why we built our own Missiles, our own Radars, own tanks , own planes etc,… because we have learned the hard way.During the vicious attack of Saddam hussein on Iran and the years Long Massacres, NOT ONE Nation SOLD us weapons so that we could defend ourselves.Not Russia,not USA,not uk etc…THEY ALL sold weapons to iraq but None to Iran”

death to america death to Israel curse on the jews

klove and light

….Zionist Putin fake s-300 bs Equipment…selling syria exactly that bs knowingly that s-300 is old and no match for idf/us airforce……. Zionist treacherous pig putin

Home Iran Syria allegedly considering acquisition of Iran’s new air defense system: report
Syria allegedly considering acquisition of Iran’s new air defense system: report
By News Desk –

In front of the portraits of supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, right, and late revolutionary founder Ayatollah Khomeini, left, a long-range, enhanced S-200 missile is displayed by Iran’s army during a military parade marking the 36th anniversary of Iraq’s 1980 invasion of Iran, in front of the shrine of late revolutionary founder Ayatollah Khomeini, just outside Tehran, Iran, Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2016. (AP Photo/Ebrahim Noroozi)

BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:30 A.M.) – Syria intends to acquire Iran’s Bavar-373 air defense system, which was recently modified by the Islamic Republic, the Russian aviation website Avia.Pro reported on Saturday.
Citing Syrian journalists, Avia.Pro said Syria is looking acquire the Bavar-373 after the Russian-supplied S-300 system allegedly demonstrated extremely low efficiency durings its trial phase.

Tudor Miron

Harder. Try harder little zio. You employers damand more for you to earn you 30 sheckels.


It’s not even Thanksgiving yet! -D

AM Hants

When the leader of the White Helmets, is not having his photo taken with the Hong Kong Protest Leaders, courtesy Elliot Abrams, mission for peace, is he planning yet another ‘chemical weapons’ false flag, over in Syria.

Are they producing the video, as Eva Barrett and Maria Zakharova, talk about the latest Idlib Chemical Weapon False Flag?

Around 39 minutes into this video, the two women, discuss the threat of yet another White Helmet Chemical Weapon False Flag, whilst Russia and Syria are winning the war. Typical timing, bring out the chemical weapons, when things are not going your way.

Exlcusive Interview with Russia’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson… Russia’s Foreign Ministry … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXRhhcYgiQI

Spokesperson Maria Zakharova sits down with Eva Bartlett for MintPress. Zakharova weighs in on Syria, Crimea, the Moscow protests and more.

Full article // https://www.mintpressnews.com/russia-

AM Hants

comment image

Tudor Miron

Nothing to worry about :) Just showing Turks the difference – being sorrounded by terrorist rats brings danger while being sorrounded by SAA – all is quiet and peaceful. Time to change the status of this post – from observation to observed.


not to worry – turkey will be on their way back home shortly when the SAA and the Russian jets are finished in Idlib and then veer right and turn their attention on the northeast and the so called safe zone put in place by the unhinged states of A’s morons and turkey. and as before, the kurds is the paramount interest for the turks and they just can’t allow them the liberty to roam around in the borderland, however much the unhinged morons claim the opposite – two reasons : the first is that the unhinged states of A in dealing and propping up the kurds are dong the work of the tel aviv squatters and since erdogan hate, positively hate the israelis that will hold just so far and the kurds are an existential threat to turkey, arch-enemy, and thus needs to be obliterated to kingdom come, by the turks and the syrians in cooperation. nothing much to it.

and President Putin hasn’t weighed in yet but if he has to, erdogan will crumble and take the bone offered.

Joe Dickson

Unless the OP has a SAM site protecting it then it is nothing but an easy target.

Icarus Tanović

Smoke them punks.

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