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JUNE 2021

Syrian Army Shells Several Militants’ Positions In Northern Homs

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) shelled several positions of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), the Syrian Liberation Front (SLF) and Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) in the northern Homs pocket with heavy artillery and rockets on March 14 and 15, according to Syrian opposition sources.

Syrian Army Shells Several Militants' Positions In Northern Homs

Map by: qasioun-news.com ,click to see the full-size map

The sources said that three fighters of the FSA had been killed in the SAA shelling. Moreover, some Syrian pro-government activists claimed that a large ammo depot belonging to the militants had been also destroyed.

The de-escalation agreement in the northern Homs countryside ended in mid-February, according to Bassam al-Sawah, a spokesman for the negotiations committee of the opposition factions in the northern Homs countryside.

A new agreement was supposed to replace the de-escalation agreement. However, the Homs countryside negotiation committee refused on January 11 any direct negotiations with the Damascus government and insisted that they will only negotiate with the Russian side.

The SAA shelling is likely aimed at pressuring the FSA, HTS and the SLF in northern Homs to accept a full reconciliation agreement. Such an agreement would strip these forces from their weapons and force radical elements to withdraw to other opposition-held areas.

Local observers believe that the Homs countryside negotiation committee will not accept a full reconciliation agreement. This will likely force the SAA and Russia to launch a military operation to secure the northern Homs countryside later this year.

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Cheryl Brandon

Keep going SAA soldiers; We are watching all the action on the net. We support all your offensives to clear off these destructive/dangerous Gladio B teamsters and Wahabhist poison chalice bearers. Exterminate/exterminate/exterminate the bloody murderous Gladio B hit squad/death squads. We pray for your families/relatives and colleagues and your country. May you continue to love after Syria.


This looks like another surrounded interior pocket on the way out.

Jim Prendergast



I predict a new SAA operation for Nikki Haley to become hysterical over.

Icarus Tanović

These fucckers will be ashed soon, because it is not populated area.


After Ghouta falls, these idiots will shit their pants and surrender quickly.


They are drug and fanatical, it will not be so easy, but any way they are lost and do not know that are death already.

The Farney Fontenoy

Do these guys not see what is happening in East Ghouta?! Its only a matter of time until the SAA turn their guns on them and they wont stop until the terrorists are dead or surrender. They are not in any position to dictate to Damascus, what kind of blockheads are these guys?!

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