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Syrian Army Sets Fire Control over Ramouseh Corridor – Reports


Syrian Army Sets Fire Control over Ramouseh Corridor - Reports

Developing the launched advance in southwestern Aleppo, the Syrian army, Hezbollah and Iraqi militias have reportedly set a fire control over the Ramouseh corridor opened by the Jaish al-Fatah operation room to the militan-controlled areas in eastern Aleppo.

The pro-government forces captured al-Sanobrat hill north of Wadhihi and advanced in Sooq al-Jebes. Intense clashes and artillery duels have been also reported in the Hikmah area and the 1070 Apartment Project.

Pro-government sources argue that as result of this devlopments and the Syrian army’s advances along the highway to the Ramouseh Roundabout the Ramouseh corridor have been taken under fire control of the pro-government forces.



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  • George Washington

    No maps?

    You guys are on a roll today. Did you fire your last good editor or something?

    • Andrew Illingworth

      Hey (and I’ve noticed this from quite a few people lately), if you’re upset about the fact that these JIhadi donkeys in Aleppo have managed to open up one of the narrowest supply corridors in military history that is under the constant fire control of both airpower and artillery and which has cost these attackers virtually the same amount of fatalities as they wished to rescue from Eastern Aleppo, go be upset …

      However, I would recommend this: chill out, because you’re not fighting on the frontlines, so you’ll – like I have to – just have to sit back and see how it all develops. In the meantime, do not diss one of the most reliable non-mainstream information channels out there on this issue just because they do not have a map for you, like … RIGHT NOW

    • javier

      you are tool, maybe you should donate

  • Boris Kazlov

    I am worried about Russia saving civilization and this guy worries about maps, pleaseeee!