Syrian Army Separates Barza Orchards From Al-Qaboun – Reports


Syrian Army Separates Barza Orchards From Al-Qaboun - Reports


On April 23, the Republican Guard and the 4th Division separated the Barzeh orchards from Al-Qaboun east of the Syrian capital of Damascus, according to preliminary reports.

Pro-government sources also said that the army was able to discover and to destroy the last tunnels linking the orchards of Barza with the Eastern Ghuta region.

These tunnels were used to smuggle weapons and ammunition to militants operation in the Barzeh orchards and then to their counterparts in the Al-Qaboun district.

From its side, Failak al-Rahman forces claimed that its fighters had repelled an attack by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) on the Al-Hafiz Street and the vicinity of the electricity company.

Also according to opposition sources, the SAA shelled Al-Qaboun and the Barza orchards with artillery fire and heavy rockets.

The Syrian Air Force bombed Jobar and Arbin districts east of Damascus.

Opposition released a video showing the Syrian Republican Guard’s use of the UR-77 mine clearing system in ordert to destroy militant fortifications in Al-Qaboun district.

The system relies on a mine-clearance rocket linked to a hose filled with 1 ton of high explosives. Usually the SAA uses the system to destroy the fortifications before advancing in urban areas.



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