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Syrian Army Sends More Reinforcements To Frontlines In Lattakia, Hama And Aleppo

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Syrian Army Sends More Reinforcements To Frontlines In Lattakia, Hama And Aleppo

Illustrative imageهمم

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) deployed additional units from the 5th Corps and the 9th Division along the frontlines in northern Lattakia, northern Hama and western Aleppo in the last few days, pro-government activists revealed on February 9.

Furthermore, the Syrian pro-opposition news outlet Enab Baladi said that Russian warplanes carried out multiple reconnaissance sorties over these three regions recently.

These developments indicate that the SAA is preparing for a possible escalation in the demilitarized zone around the governorate of Idlib. The zone was established last year under a Russian-Turkish agreement.

Earlier this week, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova revealed Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), Horas al-Din and other terrorist groups are considering creation of a unified command in order to start preparations for a large-scale military operation against government forces.

Such an operation will result in the full collapse of the demilitarized zone agreement. Facing this situation, the SAA and its allies will likely launch their own advance in Idlib.

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When is the Idlib offensive going to start?

Raptar Driver

It belongs to Turkey now?


No it doesn’t

Raptar Driver

Thus the question mark.


Russia has stopped this offensive to please Turkey, and it is more likely that continue in this way for many many years since Russia does not want to upset Turkey in any way.

Pave Way IV

Russia stopped the offensive to let head-chopper kill each other for a while and flee into Turkey while they still can. It’s not terribly costly for Syria to keep the head-choppers contained in Idlib, and the head-choppers haven’t mounted any big assaults to extend their territory. Every day, Syria gets stronger and Idlib head-choppers get more discouraged and weaker. Bleeding a contained enemy for as long as possible before exterminating them is a pretty standard strategy. Flooding Turkey with fleeing head-choppers is a bonus.

Putin: “…but you said they were freedom-fighters, Smeagol. That doesn’t sound dangerous. I thought you would be delighted to see them in your country!”

Tudor Miron

Well said.


Yes but only temporarily, the situation is not permanent. I was asking when the situation was going to change.

Pave Way IV

Nobody knows Idlib has been a negotiated deconfliction zone or whatever the hell they called it at the time. I’m not even sure who was in the negotiations or how many sides there were. It doesn’t really matter because – at some point in the near future – Syria intends to de-head-chopperize Idlib and reclaim it’s land. Russia, Iran and Hezbollah will be helping them. Nobody else is doing anything for now.

Turkey? Who knows what crazy Smeagol is thinking at any given moment. Qatar has been sniffing around Turkey for someone still a little Muslim Brotherhood-friendly, but no idea what they would do about Idlib.

Treasonous, Israeli-firster political/military hacks in U.S. plus 1) their Israeli pals, and their Wahhabi terrorist breeder pals in Saudi Arabia and the UAE will, surprise, be on the head-choppers side. They assume the head-chopper safe zone was established by international law or some such nonsense. They all expect Syria/Rus/Hez/Iran to obey it forever. When the Idlib operation begins, they will all cry like little girls and impose some more sanctions. Nobody really cares what they do anymore – all are insignificant in influencing what will happen in Idlib.

Turkey/Kurd issues in northern Syria are a somewhat separate problem. At least in the sense that the Idlib operation does not mean northern Syria will (or needs to) be dealt with at the same time. In fact, that may happen first for all we know. Or it may never happen. The timing of any Syrian response is also a guess.

Syria/Rus/Hez/Iran probably have a timetable for Idlib, but they’re not saying anything to anyone – for obvious reasons. Turkey regularly announces an imminent operation for northern Syria and moves a few tanks around. Regularly enough that the announcements/troop movements are meaningless. If/when is still anyone’s guess.

Syria and allies will continue to opportunistically chew away at the head-choppers on a small scale until they assault Idlib. We’ll only know when that happens, and not before.



The S300’s crews aren’t yet ready and, as have happened in Manbij, in East Euphrates SAA forces also can be needed to block any attempt of turkish occupation.


When this finally rolls, it is going to be breathtaking.


“Breathtaking”!!!!!!! I think not. It will be bloody, it will be savage, it will be death, it will be destruction, it will be a living nightmare from which many brave and dedicated SAA warriors will never awaken. Their families, their friends and their comrades who survive will forever bear the weight of their loss. Then there will be the wounded, mutilated, missing arms, legs and sight many more with 3rd and 4th degree burns, many destined to live out their lives in physical and mental pain. There are many ways to describe the onset of battle only an ignorant fool could describe it as “going to be breathtaking” For when the order is given and the guns roar tearing up the ground and tearing apart flesh from bone may the SAA victory be swift and may all it’s soldiers be spared so that their mothers, their wives, their sisters and daughters will cry tears of joy on their return home.


Hey Red. I don’t think you understood my meaning. One expression in American English, ‘to take ones breath away’ means to kill them with a painful, lethal blow. Basically it means to stab them in the chest, reaching the heart. That is more what I was referring to, on several levels. So more or less, we are on the same page. Have a good one man.

You can call me Al

Well I hope it take’s the breathe away from a few thousand vermin – yes.

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