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Syrian Army Seizes Stolen Medicines Destined for Terrorists in Hama

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Syrian troops managed to seize a large batch of medicines, stolen from the al-Nusra Front and destined to be delivered to members of the Islamic State (IS) group in eastern Hama province.

Syrian Army Seizes Stolen Medicines Destined for Terrorists in Hama

Photo: Sana

A large batch of medicines, stolen from the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (previously known as the al-Nusra Front) terrorist group and destined to be delivered to members of the Islamic State (IS) group, stationed near Wadi al-Azib in eastern Hama province, was seized by the Syrian Army, as the result of an ambush for a terrorists’ vehicle, which was transporting the shipment, the SANA news agency reported.

Wadi al-Azib is usually used as the main supply point for terrorist groups, fighting against Syrian troops in Salamiyah city, located to the southeast of the city of Hama.

According to the news agency, during the attack, Syrian soldiers killed a terrorist, who was driving the vehicle, and seized a large amount of British and French medicaments. Reportedly, some of the pharmaceuticals also had labels, according to which they came from Qatar.

Supply routes of terrorists are regularly blocked by Syrian troops all over Syria, however, foreign-backed militants continue to receive supplies from their supporters and companions in arms from other groups.

As October’s reports revealed, Jordan, the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia purchased 60,000 Toyota pickup trucks and supplied them to IS members, stationed in Iraq and Syria. The data was received via the Toyota customers’ list in the Middle East, revealed by the Toyota Company after the Russian Defense Ministry sent photos of hundreds Toyota pickups of the IS, seized or destroyed by the Syrian Army, to the company in Japan.

As the list of main customers showed, 22,500 pickup trucks have been purchased by a Saudi firm, while Qatar bought 32,000 vehicles, the UAE – 11,650 and Jordan purchased 4,500 Toyota pickups. Loans from several Saudi banks were received by the Jordanian Army for the payments.

The most part of these vehicles has been delivered to the IS terrorists in Iraq and Syria. Informed sources also confirmed that the IS group has received over 60,000 Toyota pickup trucks.

Earlier, US officials announced that they are going to hold an investigation in order to ascertain how the terrorist group has received these vehicles. However, later, analysts declared that Washington also took part in export of hundreds of these pickup trucks to Syria.

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