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Syrian Army Seizes 6 Buildings in 1070 Apartment Project of Aleppo City

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Syrian Army Seizes 6 Buildings in 1070 Apartment Project of Aleppo City

As result of today’s counter-attack, the Syrian army has seized 6 building blocks from Jaish al-Fatah militants in the 1070 Apartment Project of Aleppo city.

Video from the area:

Chief of the Syrian General, Staff Ali Ayyub, the Syrian Arab Army’s Tiger Forces Commander, Suheil al-Hassan and Aleppo General Commander, Zaid Saleh discuss military operations in Aleppo city:

Syrian Army Seizes 6 Buildings in 1070 Apartment Project of Aleppo City Syrian Army Seizes 6 Buildings in 1070 Apartment Project of Aleppo City Syrian Army Seizes 6 Buildings in 1070 Apartment Project of Aleppo City

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As each day passes it becomes clearer that the prediction by SouthFront
that the militant offensive would not succeed in breaking though
becomes increasingly prescient . Wishful thinking and only seeing
what one chooses is quite common in these situations but here I think
we have genuine insight.


Wow. 6 buildings in two days. When the terrorists attacked, they gained Al Assad suburb and 1070 in two days and without air cover.


They were hurry to fuck the 72 virgins.


The story of 72 virgins is a myth. The Quran never told about this.
These terrorists are not muslims.

Jens Holm

We know. But its still sold. In the next renewed Sharia it will be 72 in Orlando.


well said, especially the marketing of this fanatical idea works perfectly. I dont blame Muslims. Those barbaric motivations are common for all marketing campaigns of agressor during colonization age, during WW2 and so on. Like sex, it is primitive but people buy it…

Muslim Esfahani

Agreed bro! Wallahi, I myself is a Sunni practicer and i find their concept of jihad is nothing but deathcult.. I said this for sure, al Nusra can drink my piss

Brad Isherwood

Difficult turf to fight thru.
Takfiri staying on either got no place to go or are dedicated kooks.
The Hezbollah, Syrian and Iran boots know each minute there could be the last.

The learning curve on this type of warfare and the warfare of open terrain is moving upward.
Resources and soldiers is being managed to smaller operations.
These maps with all the colored areas for FSA…or ISIS/Nusra etc are not solid color
In the sense of numeric forces in play.
Several small battles in Latakia dramatically moved the map.
As more Russian TAC arrives,…Combined with SAAF having increased its TAC air
Ability,….certain future battles will move the colored map : )

Russia has slowed the tempo and the chaotic running around of past years.
When Russian Kalibr missiles smashed the coalition of the evil communications den
That signaled to them the game would not move on their calls


Yes, they shot their wad using numerical superiority and suicide bombers…..then what?
Nothing. SAA retreats when attacked by superior numbers, until reinforcements are deployed to deal with the threat from a more equal basis. When SAA was reinforced they took back the 6 buildings and will continually push back and until they stabilize their lines. The terrorists do no have air cover, and the Syrians are not using much air support in that area. It is a house to house, street by street battle, where artilery and MLRs are more effective and cheaper.

Gabriel Hollows

Air power is not worth much in urban operations, neither is artillery or tanks. The SAA are almost always outnumbered, but have superior training and experience, which can only help them so much when faced with overwhelming numbers. So they retreat to a more advantageous position and get reinforcements to even the odds, and their superior tactics and experience are what gives them the edge. You know I’m right because this is what happens every time the SAA loses ground, they regroup, counter-attack and slowly regain all that was lost.


Instead of engaging in a battle outnumbered in foot soldiers, it is better to withdraw and await the deployment of reinforcements. The jihadis initially make a break, and they are not able to exploit their break because the SAA reinforces their position and counterattacks. I see SAA units deployed on the outer perimeter as a trip line to identify jihady points of attack, when the point of attack is identified the SAA having the internal lines of communication and supplies reinforces and seals the point of attack.
It is not much different when Germans broke through Russian lines ( in WW2 after 1942 ) the Russians reinforced the the breakthrough area wedging their defenses, containing the breakthrough and making the German salient succeptible to a flanking counterattack.


A buddy of mine fought against these Muslim psychopaths during the Yugoslavian civil war and they had no fear and fought to death. They caught one and he was told when he died he would have the good life. They brainwash these ignorant goat fuckers. The guys on top are not stupid as it’s easy to mold simple, uneducated minds.


These terrosists are so stupid that they follow Al-Baghdadi, a man that they have never seen and that is a CIA agent and surely even doesn’t exist. I wonder what they are fighting for.

Jens Holm

It’s not reliable. All the sources are american sources because they created this man and his story to advance their agenda in the region.

Jens Holm

ok, thanks.

Marek Pejović

essentially, they’re fighting for selfish causes of release of their sexual frustrations and wish to be significant in the world according to their simple, black-and-white worldview. entirely selfish goals, accomplished by killing and atrocities. and don’t be surprised by the amount of volunteers, human stupidity is endless, especially when fed ultraconservative propaganda (courtesy of americans and gulf wahabis).


Well said. Can u believe there are Western Chinese Muslim fuckers fighting too? Lost people possesssed by their own demons.


For any kind of fortification 1070 must be taken completely and kept well defended. Winter is coming and it would be a change in air support tactics weather wise.
May be a good idea to have surveillance drones equipped with Lasers to mark the target and some with shooting capability. That way snipers/ ATGM posts could be taken out.

Other possibility that IDF uses is to just raze the buildings as they are almost inhabitable anyways but providing rebels cover.


I think this is an attrition phase of allepo campaign. SAA concentrates its forces for east aleppo, FSA tries to force SAA to relocate their manpower to west Aleppo. FSA has no real power and intention to breakthrough. When RuAF SAAF gets the green light for East aleppo, the campaing will be terminated.

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