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Syrian Army Seized Hideout Of Ukrainian ISIS Members In Deir Ezzor Province (Video)

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Syrian Army Seized Hideout Of Ukrainian ISIS Members In Deir Ezzor Province (Video)

A screenshot from the video

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) seized an unusual hideout of ISIS members at frontlines in Deir Ezzor province. The hideout included a flag of Ukraine, some books and newspapers in Russian (a very widespread language in Ukraine) as well as cigarettes.

Most likely the hideout had been used by ISIS members arrived Syria from Ukraine, which, according to some experts, was turning into a hub for various terrorists traveling around the world.

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The horrors they do in the eastern Ukraine is not enough for them, they had to repeat it in Syria too?

There’s no shortage of terrorists in Syria, thanks to US and friends, go terrorise somewhere else.

What am I babbling… They’re already DISPATCHED!

Daniel Castro

Well, we know nazis are sadomasochists, these ones were probably pending more on the M side…


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Doesn’t seem very hard to fake without some identities etc.


Russan speaking Ukrainians seem to be ukrainian whey they are considered “bad” here and the same people label them russian when being pro putin/assad.

Weird resoning.


Well, no Russian speaking bad, good or moderate guy is there in this case, just a big flashing blue-and-yellow flag on the wall. It’s really, really hard to tell. Maybe a self-hating Russian used to be there pledging allegiance to the Ukraine flag?

A few days ago there was a picture with “туалет” written on the wall. Perhaps there was a weird Russian there too who hated to be lost on the way to relieve himself. Or was it “destav”?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Ukrainians the majority speak Russian and there really is no real Ukrainian official language unless you count a small segment who speak it. The Ukraine Republic of Soviets was made up of several countries after the 2nd war and Russo was a commonly spoken language for centuries there.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Cyrilic language has been around a long time, 97% of all Ukraine speak Russian, they were a mix of a few countries who chose one common language the majority already spoke, this was part of the Czars Russian empire.


Russian is spoken in Ukraine and funnily enough even in the Kiev Parliament, as they all understand Russian, where they cannot say the same with Ukrainian.

So why would the Forces of Eastern Ukraine, defending Lugansk and Donetsk, be out in Syria? It is the Russian Forces that are out in Syria. However, nobody would be surprised if Kiev sent over many of their US trained goons.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Just can’t face the truth Ukronazis are recruited to fight with ISIS by the US , they are given a recruitment lists aka terrorist files compiled by hundreds of nations, what do you expect.


Didn’t Obama give citizenship to 2,500 Ukie neo-n*zis, back when they were preparing Jade Helm. I think it was around 2 years ago? At the time it was assumed they wanted Russian speaking puppets, for a false flag. Not surprised if they are one and the same and ended up in Syria. Or shipped in from Ukraine, courtesy of all those exercises and NATO ships involved?


I have no problem entertaining that idea. This however proves nothing.


All you need is the blue/yellow doo-rag.

Gary Sellars

Neo-nazis and Wahabbi terrorists…. yeah, why not? Two ideologies formed from intolerance and hatred, they seem like natural bed-fellows.

On the positive side, its seems that those poor sex-starved jihadis will now have something other than goats to gang-rape.


Jazenjuk fought with Chechens in first war, also Yarosh.


Nazis and jihadists have been allies since WWII (some jihadists were even part of SS). Neo-Nazis and modern day jihadists (including Taliban and Al-Qaeda) were allies in Yugoslav wars (together with Germany, USA and the rest of NATO).


It wouldn’t be the first time Ukraine’s ‘territorial integrity’ went ‘pffft.’ Another reason they won’t get into the EU, is that they don’t give a shit who comes into their country – unless they’re ‘Russian”.

A flag does not a unit make – nor a volunteer.


Those troops need a lecture on booby traps.

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