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JULY 2022

Syrian Army Secures Key Power Station In Northern Al-Hasakah

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Syrian Army Secures Key Power Station In Northern Al-Hasakah

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) have established positions near a key electricity station in northern al-Hasakah, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported on December 8.

“Army units expanded its deployment in the northern al-Hasakah countryside, deploying in new positions around al-Mabrukah electricity station,” the agency’s reporter in al-Hasakah said.

The al-Mabrukah electricity station was the subject of a recent Russian-Turkish agreement meant to de-escalate the tension in northern al-Hasakah.

Under the agreement, which was reached earlier this week, Turkish-backed militants were forced to withdraw from the station. Units of the SAA and the Russian Military Police will take over the station and help fix it.

According to a report by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), Damascus has agreed to supply the Turkish-occupied town of Ras al-Ayn in northern al-Hasakah with electricity as a part of the agreement.

The al-Mabrukah electricity station occupies a sensitive position near the M4 highway, which links al-Hasakah, Raqqa and Aleppo.

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Larry Rabinowitz, Ph.D

soon to be destroyed by the USAF!

Jacob Wohl's Nose

piss off already, Long Nose Larry

Do you think it will benefit israel if jihadists take over syria? I would like to see a stable peaceful Syria getting along with all her neighbors. Israeli attacks on Syria may seem like a good idea right now, but have achieved nothing, and will likely lead to israeli blood in the future. This is unwise.

John Wallace

Oh dear Larry. You have no friends so you have to upvote yourself. What does that say about you. The only person that agrees with you is YOU. Larry VD ..

Daily Beatings

Troll much? You posted 89 comments in the last 3 days.

John Wallace


Karen Bartlett

Hasbara trolls always seem to bring the name of the US into it, as though you control where the US will deploy, in support of Israel, of course. Well, you Israelis may control our corrupt government, but you don’t control the American people. Here’s an American, and there are more, including Jewish Americans, who do not support IsraHell for any reason. Your sissy-boy military is only good for sniper fire at unarmed women and children and any medics who try to help them or journalists who try to report on your crimes. No wonder you try to use the name of the US military-you haven’t got one.

Larry Rabinowitz, Ph.D

fun facts for the day: 1 – the USAF has struck the Butcher Regime almost 50 times since 2012, most famously during the April 2017 tomahawk strikes on Shayrat Airbase, the February 2018 Battle of Kusham (Conoco Oil Field), and the April 2018 tomahawk strikes.

The Syrian Regime losses for all these strikes are estimated at 1000-1500 soldiers, 50 tanks/technicals/armored vehicles, 10 aircraft, and 10 SAM/air defense launchers

More fun facts for the day: 2 – the IDF have struck IRGC/hezbollah/regime targets in Syria over 500 times since 2012

IRGC losses from these IDF strikes are estimated at 1500-3000 fighters, 100 ammo storages/depots, and 50 vehicles

Regime losses from these IDF strikes are estimated at 300 soldiers, 50 SAM/air defense launchers/radars (including 5 SA-22 Pantsirs, 15 BUK, 10 KUB, 10 SA-2, 5 SA-3, and 5 SA-8, plus multiple anti-stealth radars), 15 tanks/vehicles, and 20 buildings/observation points

That means the IDF and US Airforce, combined, have eliminated 2-4K Syrian Regime/IRGC fighters and dozens of air defense batteries since 2012!

Jacob Wohl's Nose

your numbers here are more exaggerated than the holocaust’s 6 million lol

Wayne Nicholson

Doctor Rabinowitz

It’s nice to see you find comfort in US propaganda however these tales you tell don’t explain why in spite of these terrible defeats Russia and the SAA are East of the Euphrates sorting out the border with the Turks and the Kurds while the USA is sitting in the desert “guarding” oil wells while their military activities are down to bombing the SDF for smuggling oil to the Syrians.

You see if the USA was winning they would be gaining influence and territory instead of giving it up.

Bill Wilson

LOL! The US is winning! Trump pulled back coalition forces to force Assad’s government and the Kurds to finally reconcile their differences plus to make Erdogan to either act on his big talk or shut up. Trump had the US forces take control of the oil & gas fields to keep Turkish forces away from them, to allow the SDF units patrolling those to deployed north to the border, to put a stop of the theft of oil by the local Arab tribes and to facilitate the sale of oil in Iraq with the proceeds going to the Kurds to pay the expenses for administration and protection of the regions under their control. Assad can’t complain about any of that since that allows his government to concentrate their meager resources and manpower on liberating Idlib.

Wayne Nicholson

“LOL! The US is winning! ”

When ISIS was selling oil to the Turks in 2015 it took the Russians publishing aerial photos of lines of ISIS tankers lined up at the border to get the USA to even acknowledge that oil smuggling was taking place.

Remember 9/11and the “war on terror”? Remember Al Queda who now call themselves Al Nusra Front? The SAA have them cornered like rats in Idlib and the USA is keeping the oil out of the Syrian people’s hands to protect the very people who attacked you on 9/11.

So Obama was happy to let ISIS fund their war machine on Syrian oil at a time when the USA had complete command of the skies over Syria and could have bombed the crap out of them but didn’t.

And now Trump, a native New Yorker who was on the ground at 9/11, is keeping the oil from the Syrians at a time when they have the perpetrators of 9/11 bottled up in Idlib and need fuel to bomb the crap out of them

19 years at war and $7T spent and your now protecting Al Queda ….. and YOU call this “winning”?


John Wallace

Oh dear Larry. You have no friends so you have to upvote yourself.


Let’s even assume those bogus PR number are entirely true. There was a war, you cowardly and opportunistically killed a fraction of its victims, and to what end exactly ?

To what concret effect and strategic consequence ? Before the strikes, the Syrian-Iranian-Russian coalition was winning and expanding territory from all direction within sovereign Syrian land.

Now, after all these nice strikes : more of the same. 80% of Syrian territory controlled by a combination of Russian, Syrian, Iranian armed forces and allies, and counting.

Conclusion : you wasted some more of your time with this post tripping with yourself on some very expensive strikes yet with a minuscule, utterly irrelevant, negligible scope and impact with regards to the total losses absorbed and overcome by the SAA/IRGC since 2012, which make them more a waste of ressources and international legitimacy plus long-term strategic posture (making enemies faster than you kill them within several neighboring countries, and antagonizing neutral yet important actors such as Russia) than anything… “useful”.

I wish you a lot more of the same null & void efforts. I mean it. If that’s what makes you that happy today in late 2019 that truly means Eretz Israel is truly dead in the water. How about taking back the Suez, Sinai and Southern Lebanon and talk again about who has lost grounds for real in this region in the past decades ?


So, you are the new Zionist propaganda entertainment to roll into town here? Your numbers are delusional, even if one puts an once of credulity into the IAF numbers. You are way lost man. Good propaganda needs to reflect reality, if it is not to be met with outright laughter, as yours is being view as now.

Long Nose Larry, Ph.D

false allegations! all these casualties were the result of strikes from my LONG NOSE. You have been banished from Avi Schwartz’s Merchant Guild

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Fun facts for the last 12 months, Iran demonstrated to Israel just how capable their new MRBM’s were, they sent them 600 km to their destination, attacked Isis targets located just a mere 5km away from where US special forces were deployed, and the missiles weren’t detected at launch and possibly not at all during their flight. So they have more than enough range, precise accuracy, and effective anti radar stealth capabilities. Fun facts for the last 6 months, And the US found out the Iranian anti air defence systems have improved as well, that multi million dollar drone was popped like a sitting duck wasn’t it. Fun facts for the last few weeks, The Blue and Whites sat down with 2 Arab bock parties and began negotiating the possibility of forming a minority coalition government together, which would have happily sent Netanyahu off to face his corruption charges, and also would’ve given the Israelis a few Arab members of government. I wonder did that make your blood boil like lava when you heard the news, or did it instead make your blood run cold, I myself got an equal dose of adrenaline and endorphins running through my veins, a warm fuzzy feeling :].

The Iranians and Hezbollah have at least 10,000 rockets and missiles pointed Israels way, what could Israel do if they were all launched simultaneously, how many David’s Sling and Iron Dome systems do you have operational, I don’t think you’d have the 1,000 you’d need to defend against that sort of onslaught, and even if only a few hundred of Iran’s missile were the high tech variants, how much damage would those precision guided 750 kg payloads do, quite a lot I’d imagine. Hezbollah alone gave you a bloody nose last time your two armies came to blows, what would a 3 way army do next time, would you even last until the US cavalry arrived, the US have to come all the way from Iraq now, since Trump’s deserted you, I mean pulled most of the US troops out of Syria, so it’s going to take a lot longer for help to arrive if you need it. Don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house.

John Wallace

Wow Larry you are a barrel of laughs . Please tell why you had to leave your last job . https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e89a94e4e6d94718ba3654b2bd7030518a586f1c1fef23fd804975f0a3925ac4.jpg

Karen Bartlett

Americans are not your allies, Hasbara troll. And that Ph.D., as well as your name, are probably fake.

Larry Rabinowitz, Ph.D

ok whatever you say, Mrs.Antisemite

John Wallace

So quick and easy to label anything you don’t like as antisemitic. What a piss poor weak reply. As if calling anything antisemitic gives you some magical right. Just a clown Larry VD. I guarantee that is not your name and in no way do you have a Ph.D. It is all bullshit , you and your comments. Comments made by some 14 year old kid copy and pasting bullshit propaganda as your day job as a Troll. Should have stuck to your normal job as a toilet cleaner or weren’t you very good at that so they made you do this bullshit. Clown.

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5b6969947ab56738061f3f6c645ff4444f02c6ef39ba183e271b091f51c79bcb.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e89a94e4e6d94718ba3654b2bd7030518a586f1c1fef23fd804975f0a3925ac4.jpg

Karen Bartlett

Anit-Zionism isn’t Antisemitism, as you well know from actual religious Jews in Israel who demonstrate against being forced to join the IOF (bunch of sissy-boy baby killers) and religious Jews in the US and elsewhere who demonstrate against Zionism because Zionism is an affront to God and to Judaism: https://youtu.be/HMavd7E1oDo?t=2 and https://youtu.be/xLsHnLTsSNk?t=25

There are many more examples on YouTube.Here are the cowardly Israeli police beating and arresting Orthodox Jews in Israel protesting forced conscription in the cowardly IOF: https://youtu.be/tm1F8rs7oMc?t=49 and:https://youtu.be/Z3oEqOX6xyM?t=58

Zionism has been against God and the Jewish people from the beginning: https://youtu.be/d3SJYRkI2hM?t=103

Here are Israelis and Palestinians (who after all, are Semites) getting beaten by the cowardly IOF when they protest together against the Zionist murders of Palestinians:https://youtu.be/BqE9NlXTS9I?t=78

You and other Zionists are the real anti-semites, and are further against God, you cowardly scum.

S Melanson

Thank you for this. Many are unaware of the opposition of Jews to Zionism as you point out in very coherent arguments – the equating of anti-semitism to anti-Zionism is not only wrong, it will do more harm by increasing persecution of Jews as it perpetuates the myth that see all Jews as Zionists and all Zionists as Jews – both are wrong.

Mehmet Aslanak

Amazing that posting geo-fake pictures would ever secure a power station for the communist guerilla. Today’s Turkish online paper about the power station on Hurriyet Daily News; “Power supply problems in an area of northern Syria recently liberated from YPG/PKK terrorists by a Turkish anti-terror operation are on the mend, said Turkey’s National Defense Ministry on Sunday.” “Repairs began on the 22nd of November for the Mabruka electricity transformer station which feeds the south of the M4 highway and the Operation Peace Spring area,” said the statement.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

very good work SAA

cechas vodobenikov

as USA empire collapses Israel becomes more desperate; this is reflected by the CIA paid trolls that inhabit this site—the most recent being the “doktor” of stupidity, Larry R…the fabrications and fantasies delivered by these fake commentators continue to amuse

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