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MAY 2021

Syrian Army Secures Key Area As ISIS Retreats In Southern Damascus

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Syrian Army Secures Key Area As ISIS Retreats In Southern Damascus

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On April 26, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Palestinian Liberation Army (PLA) captured the factories area, south of the Syrian capital of Damascus, according to Syrian pro-government sources. The SAA also advanced in the districts of al-Asali and al-Qadam, north of the factories area capturing several buildings from ISIS.

Russia and Syrian warplanes reportedly resumed their aerial operations south of Damascus after the weather had improved. Warplanes carried out several airstrikes on ISIS positions in the Yarmouk refugee camp and al-Hajar al-Aswad district, according to local sources.

From its side, the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq reported that ISIS fighters had killed four soldiers and an officer of the SAA during the clashes in the districts of al-Qadam and Tadamon and in the Yarmouk camp.

The Syrian pro-opposition news outlet Enab Baladi reported that the negotiations between the besieged militants in southern Damascus and the Damascus government are still ongoing. According to the news outlet, the two sides are expected to hold a new round of talks in the upcoming hours. However, it is unknown yet if ISIS is part of the negotiations.

Local observers believe that the SAA will step up its military operation against ISIS positions in southern Damascus in the upcoming days when the weather improves.

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  1. Rob says:

    In this kind of pockets it is cost effective if advance start from left side of the pocket. In this type of pocket dividing pocket in the middle is very expensive.

  2. Rob says:

    Exactly, if every country in the world has their own S400 and Pantsir-S2, nuclear weapons and ICBM then the I’d*ots Trump, May and Macron will think twice before starting proxy/sectarian war and attacking a peaceful country. Never trust these I’d*ot’s.

    1. jerrydrakejr says:

      Every country in the world, except that one which already used nuclear weapon!

      1. FlorianGeyer says:

        Good Point. :)

      2. Rob says:

        Of cource.

    2. Oscar Silva Martinez says:

      To begin with, nuclear weapons should be permanently banned in every country (no exceptions), secondly, the U.N. should do its job preventing wars or at least be a fair referee when wars are inevitable (conventional wars).

      1. Elisabeth Jenders says:

        “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.” – Jimi Hendrix
        The key is hidden right within of each one of us.

        1. Oscar Silva Martinez says:

          Hendrix rocks!!!

        2. Feudalism Victory says:

          Yup. This is correct. Many posters here think theyre brand of murderous hate is righteous because their opponets are also evil. This is false.

      2. Rob says:

        First all countries should be nuclearized and then in denuclerization process first to start from Anglo Zionists US, UK and France who have already used nukes on Japan and is a big threat to the humanity in the world.

      3. klove and light says:

        last year was big anti nuclear weapons UN conference….all signed banning nukes except
        1. usa
        9zionist entity called israel

        what you are asking for is a.childish b.foolish ….in case you dont know..the world we live in right now and for the last decades was created in 1945!!germany invaded and occupied till today, italy invaded and occupied till today, japan invaded and occupied till this day,creation of israel,creation of nato,creation of UN!!!
        Study history..its the ultimate end game…please dont forget all those above mentioned historic occurances came through war and mass murder.
        The pendulum is about to strike back, and ofcourse the nations that prospered (usa,eng,israel etc..) are fighting against the pendulum, they wanna keep their stolen goods,properties,influence,etc.for the usa alliance its virtually a matter of life and death.
        The western culture be it in europe or the us is decling in virtually every aspect of human nature…their kids get shot on mass scale by..nope no taliban insurgents,iraqi insurgents,nk insurgents..noo by their own brothers and sisters,..the average citizen in the west is seldom sober over a period of 48 hours..be it alkohol,tobacco,drugs…their healthcare system is imploding in the usa as in europe(imagination the tech and med. advances over the last 30 years, they schould all be happy and joyfull and healthy),
        one could go on and on on how western civilization is declining nto a bunch of facebookfakelives species

        1. Feudalism Victory says:

          Nice generic dehumanization. Dont think us westerners dont understand the genocidal hatred out there. We will remain armed to the teeth thank you very much.

      4. Feudalism Victory says:

        Fuck the UN. They have no more right to run the world than anyone else. Freedom for all!

    3. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

      New Russian M2 TOR and Kommersant are being supplied now.

    4. Feudalism Victory says:

      No government should be trusted. Power corrupts all but mostly because the corruptible seek it.

  3. Rob says:

    How to end all wars in the world, because its spreading very fast to other countries in the world? In the wars that are spreading very fast in the Asian and African countries we are losing many humans.

  4. Rob says:

    SAA and their allies should use larger telescopes, infrared cameras and drones.

    1. SHA says:

      To Expensive

      Syria is Broke

      1. as says:

        They were less expensive than precision munitions that’s used daily.
        Drone reconnaissance were plenty to provide target to soften from airstrikes. The rest were taken out with the usual run and guns tactics it developed against defending militants.

        1. Rob says:

          SHA is an Israeli migrant.

      2. Richard M says:

        Russia and Iran are not! :D

  5. Richard M says:

    Hopefully they all are killed, but if they surrender put them on a boat to Istanbul! :D

  6. Attrition47 says:

    Wahey the lads!

  7. Oscar Silva Martinez says:

    I wonder if it would be a good strategy to push the two pockets from the sides at the same time so they end up fighting each other as much as possible.

    1. goingbrokes says:

      Well, the FSA (green) are ready to come to a settlement, but only if SAA deal with ISIS first.

      1. PZIVJ says:

        It was reported that any surviving ISIS (hopefully not many :) would be bused to W Homs desert? This is quite strange! Will they then migrate to Al Tanf area, or try to cross the river?

  8. Eskandar Black says:

    This is a difficult situation due to the Human shields ISIS is deploying and many of the Liwa troops have relatives that are hostages in the camp, Russia once deployed a gas in a theater that rendered the terrorists docile. I wonder if such a weapon could be deployed over the terrorists in South Damascus. Probably more difficult because we are talking about an open space. There will still be casualties but compared to demolishing this area, the casualties would be small.

    1. PZIVJ says:

      But the MSM would love that, US will claim Sarin was used.
      And then launch another cruise missile attack before there was any investigation.
      This is how Trump operates foreign policy via Twitter. :D

    2. Feudalism Victory says:

      Knockout gas killed a lot of people in that theater.

      1. Eskandar Black says:

        10% in a confined space, less so than to golan rockets.

  9. Merijn says:

    Negotiations….with ISIS….??!!….Can’t you just Bomb the Fuck out of’m?

    1. russ says:

      That’s very closed minded. I’m sure ISIS are good people that just had tough childhoods. Dr Phil could bring them back into the fold.

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