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MAY 2021

Syrian Army Secures Kafr Nabudah, Kills & Captures Several Militants (Video)

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) secured the strategic town of Kafr Nabudah and its surroundings in the northern Hama countryside, a few hours after storming it.

A military source told the Muraselon news outlet that the town was captured in a “surprise” military operation that was launched in the morning of May 26. According to the source, the ground assault was preceded by a large-scale aerial campaign that targeted militants’ positions in the town and their supply routes.

“The Syrian army managed to kill dozens of militants and wounded others during the clashes,” the source added.

Other pro-government sources revealed that at least three militants of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and Jays al-Izza were captured inside the town.

HTS, supported by several Turkish-backed factions, imposed control of Kafr Nabudah in a costly attack earlier this week. The Ministry of Defense of Russia said that the terrorist group and its allies lost more than 350 fighters in the course of the attack.

The fall of Kafr Nabudah is a major blow to HTS and its allies, which were planning to develop their operation in northern Hama and go on to recapture the town of Qalaat al-Madiq.

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  1. Marck Simone Caltagirone Coppi says:


  2. Prince Teutonic says:

    Now make a fucking fortress out of this town and let it become a graveyard of stupid shithadists!

    1. jorge says:

      Attention: at east, also all the M5 in Idlib is under syrian air and artillery’s attack.

    2. Toni Liu says:

      Unless they taking the hill in the east this city will be serve as trap to terrorist forever cause it will be hard to defend while terrorist still had high ground

      1. abuqahwa says:

        Yes it is the SAA which must take the high ground running directly NE of Kafr Nabouda to drive terrorist mortar and heavy wepons fire out of range

  3. Tudor Miron says:

    It was inevitable. Local terrorist supporting rats were jumping all over when Al-queda was able to retake Kafr Nabudah but their dance was short. From military point of view HTS would remain stronger if they didn’t try to retake the city. But their UK/US/Israel masters didnt give them any choice and the end result is Kafr Nabudah is under SAA control and Al Queda suffered heavy losses. I bet that terrorist rats feel honored to die for UK/US/Israel interests.


    1. jorge says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised in case of an big syrian attack also by east, along all the M5 in Idlib.

      1. You can call me Al says:

        Go to 3:26 (mins).

        1. occupybacon says:

          What are the arrows mate, scenarios or it’s actually happening? Or bombardment?

          1. abuqahwa says:

            Strategic objectives – must be taken to defeat enemy throughout Idlib and SW Aleppo

          2. occupybacon says:

            Ahh thanks

        2. jorge says:

          I forgot Aleppo (M5 in Idlib and ALEPPO).

          1. FlorianGeyer says:

            I am reliably informed by CNN that the US has secretly sent Tow Missile replacements to a White Helmets depot on the M5.

            Near Bristol :)

          2. AM Hants says:

            LOL, would not surprise me. No doubt they will blame it on two Russian tourists, who turned up in Bristol, hoping for a romantic weekend, but, ended up leaving some toys behind.

          3. FlorianGeyer says:

            I actually had a civilised debate ( I do abhor the Americanism ‘conversation) with a friend of mine who is married to a now retired senior British Army officer whose latter employment was in the MOD.

            She said that it was true, in her opinion, that Russian ‘Agents’ were responsible. At the end of our detailed discussion I asked her if it was likely that the two male Russian agents on a mission to murder the Scripals would share a female prostitute in a cheap hotel in London in the days before going to Salisbury, AND to make so much noise during the night that other guests were alarmed by the screaming etc. So much so that the local plods were informed , if I remember correctly. The hotel room was also trashed.

            She was aware of none of this and said ther agents on a mission would be most unlikely to have done that.

            I told her that the British Police investigation had confirmed the ‘prostitute in the hotel room facts’.

          4. AM Hants says:

            Nice one. Not forgetting the weather, when they turned up. The UK, especially the South, was closed, owing to the snow fall. Roads blocked, plus, the trains were not running. So why would they go to Bow, East London, when arriving in Gatwick, South England and then travel to Salisbury, after a lively night in East London. The geography seriously does not make sense, especially when you take the transport problems into consideration.

            None of it makes any sense, apart from a false flag, gone seriously wrong. There again, wasn’t it meant to be a minor part of the story? Allegedly, those who planned it all, intended a major CW attack in Syria, but, Russia and Syria, managed to prevent it from happening?

            Army Officers, who came out of Sandhurst, were never the brightest bulbs in the box. Poor love, not only being married to one, but, believing he could actually know anything. MoD, well, they only promote the’Yes’ men, who never answer back and just do as they are told.

        3. abuqahwa says:

          Yes, 3:25 to 4:11 clearly show the ultimate strategic objectives.

    2. Lupus says:

      Thanks for the VID Tudor ?

    3. FlorianGeyer says:

      Thanks for the video ,Tudor, excellent.

  4. Attrition47 says:

    Interesting how the naysayers are always treating military operations as a matter of manoeuvre warfare rather than attrition operations. They should look at WWI and WWII tactics against the German army.

  5. ColinNZ says:

    Huge losses for Turkey-supplied al qaeda, 600+ killed with many more wounded … and in just a relatively short time (few hours). Turkey used the ceasefire to resupply the jihadists hundreds of TOWs … it seems the SAA & allies were aware and coped admirably.

    1. Joe Dickson says:

      There are about 100 videos of TOWs ripping apart the SAA, I don’t know how that is coping admirably by dying by the hundreds.

      1. ColinNZ says:

        Yes there are deaths in war, and it is likely that SAA deaths so far are into the hundreds, whilst al qaeda deaths are already into the thousands, heavy losses by their own admission. Given that SAA has around 100,000 for this offensive against 30-40,000 thinly spread al qaeda, I suspect the latter are already in big trouble (do the math Joe AQ Dickson !).

      2. Dontlietome says:

        Mmmmm, check those video’s out, most are old re-cycled , some are plain stolen from ANNA or even SAA sources, The tiger forces are mincing the al-qaeda scum into worm-food.

  6. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

    “According to the source, the ground assault was preceded by a large-scale aerial campaign that targeted militants’ positions in the town and their supply routes”.
    Large scale, are they kidding, I had a look and all I could find was just 2 or 3 sorties for the day for that location, and not even one mention of any Russian air support at all from any official Syrian new sites.
    Hopefully they’re able to hold the town this time, and then use it to help push even further into rebel held territory.
    These areas where the SAA are trying to advance are the same areas last year the civilian population came to blows against the rebels when they were trying to dislodge them from their towns, there were also many groups from these areas that wanted to reconcile with Assad but couldn’t due to rebel intimidation, unfortunately most of them have been long gone from the area otherwise they may have joined in and helped the SAA take back their towns.

    1. Promitheas Apollonious says:

      SF keep trying to push the message that russia is involved in what SAA is doing and that is pathetic. The russians only used their airforce to attack locations where the missiles attacks originated. But are not supporting the SAA against the turks.

      1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

        I agree with both your assessments, the Russians do only just enough to keep themselves safe and maintain the status quo, and SF insinuates the Russians are assisting the SAA when they aren’t at all, FAKE WAR and FAKE NEWS.
        I even suspect the Russian weren’t fully informed of the SAA intention to take back the town either, they may have been worried that Putin would possibly warn Erdogan and then Erdogan would most likely warn the terrorists, and yes I do think it’s actually getting that bad between Russia and Syria now, I know if I was Assad I wouldn’t trust Putin anymore.

        1. Promitheas Apollonious says:

          my info comes from the ground by local sources. Many of the syrians who found refuge in greece returned back home and some of them are in the SAA army now. They could have gone to europe or stay here, their parents are, but chose to go back home and fight soonest they was of age.

          1. Alex says:

            Of course your info comes from the .. bla bla bla .. it seems that everyone has got a Syrian neighbour these days that informs him/her about the “real”situation in Syria .. IMHO. You are full shit !!!

          2. Promitheas Apollonious says:

            no idiot we have more than 50.000 syrians in hot spots in greece as refugees we had much more but they proceed to go to europe passing from greece and I have 10 families of syrians living and working on our lands.

            The one is full of shit is the asshole that drop you turd, so why dont you crawl back where you come from.

          3. Alex says:

            So they left for europe not Syria and why do you think they are not just telling what you want to hear, i know some people that tell around that they fully support the western backed rebels when in reality they have fled from them but do not dare to say it. People will say many things if that will help them to stay in europe.

          4. Promitheas Apollonious says:

            tell me what I want to hear ? you are a single cell simpleton kid so why dont you crawl back to the hole that drop you and stop assuming becoming an ass?

          5. Alex says:

            I see much wisdom in your words, a true son of Aristotle among the local farmers.

          6. Alex says:

            All of you bitches have been complaining for the past couple of years, oh Putin has betrayed Assad, Russians are stupid and in the end Syrian and russian coalition have been steadily and slowly retaking the lands, you might want to search for the Syrian maps of 2015 and compare them to this year, There are many things going behind the scenes, like preparation of troops, bringing in more weapons … etc etc etc … it’s a thing they have got to plan carefully cause many strong sides are involved in this conflict, they can’t be just as irrational and sporadic like some people here. There is a single cell simpleton kid here and that ain’t me. ))))

          7. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            And I’ll bet that not one of them has one good thing to say about Putin’s behaviour lately, they’re bravely going back to Syria to try and retake it from the rebels, but Putin’s doing nothing at all to help them, perhaps even hindering them, and like you, I think Putin should be doing everything he can to help those heros, not make it more likely they’re going to die in the attempt.
            Everyone that looked at the maps and seen Russian jets bombing around the location the SAA were trying to hold and then being told they were hitting rebel supply routes must have missed the SAA claims that they only lost ground to the rebels due to the lack of Russian air support, that’s not massive air support if the SAA are complaining about the lack of it. I checked the maps and could only find 2 or 3 sorties over the location the SAA were trying to hold and all the rest were in towns well away from the fighting, 99% of the sorties dealt with the supply routes [some 20 or 30 km away lol], and only 1% of the sorties helped the SAA during the actual fighting LOL and :[ . Yeah massive air assistance if you’re a pro Putin hero worshipper, but not if your a SAA soldier on the ground trying to hold your position.
            Young peoples logic is different to older peoples logic, we were taught not to help the person who’s actually helping your enemy try to kill you, you might actually help him succeed, but that logic is lost to the younger generation, they substitute geopolitical concerns for logic nowadays.
            I wonder if Assad sometimes regrets not agreeing to the Saudi/Qatar gas pipeline, I wonder if you’ve ever read his speech concerning the reasons he didn’t accept that proposal, I wish Putin would re read it from time to time, it might remind him of what he really owes Assad, contrary to what most people believe it’s Putin that owes Assad everything, not the other way around. Cheers.

          8. Promitheas Apollonious says:

            No you are very wrong they have a lot of good things to say for putin, but helping in idlip is not one of them, during the attacks and counter attacks, that is syrias airforce job .

            I am not pro to any one, beside my own kind. I just analyze what is happening based on fact and not an illusion based on knights with shinny armor as there is none left in this world for millenniums now and putin as the rest of them all he cares is his national interest.

            No I did not read the speech and the reasoning of Assad. Maybe you can give me a link to it? But no Assad is not regretting not agree to the deal with the saudis he turn down, because if he did agree now he be a bitch for the zionists and will not have lived for very long after signing any deal with them, this is why he went 100% pro russian. He just did not expect putin will be selling him to the turks and agree what he agree with the turks giving them parts of syria as well pull out of the war as he did when he declared the russians win. Also did not expect that the russians will also close a deal with the israelis about the golan and not only.

            syrians dont forget how russia saved their ass at least not yet. To them the picture is not as clear as one who look from the outside in and has more than few seconds thinking span.

          9. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            “And I’ll bet that not one of them has one good thing to say about Putin’s behaviour lately”, that means just recently, I think you misunderstood me.
            I’ll find the Assad speech and link it in an edit.
            After resolution 2254 comes into effect and the new Syrian constitution is rewritten Assad won’t last long anyway, he’ll most likely be gone in the first election and then the Zionists and US Neocons will have won anyway, only 50 of the 150 member committee rewriting the constitution will come from Assad’s government, the other 100 members will be chosen from opposition groups and the independent parties that make up the Kurdish autonomous region, how will Assad and his government survive that. I’ll link the resolution and the protocols for the new constitution along with Assad’s speech, tomorrow.
            I’m upset with Putin for much more than just the lack of air support for the SAA or his capitulations to Erdogan and the rebels, it’s this new resolution and it’s new constitution that worry me even more. I can nearly understand Putin capitulating to Erdogan and not providing adequate air and ground support to his allies the SAA, but I don’t understand for one second why Putin’s in favour of this new resolution and constitution, which I think is a guaranteed way to destroy Assad politically.
            Lets just hope Putin starts pulling his weight and lets the Russian Air force do the job they want to, properly assist the SAA wipe out the rebels for good, I’m sure the Russian pilots don’t like the fact the rebels get to fire rockets and send drones against them practically every day.

          10. Promitheas Apollonious says:

            just dont hold your breath.

          11. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            No I won’t hold my breath, I’ve done it too many times already and choked.
            I looked for 45 mins and couldn’t even find excerpts from Assad’s statement but I have read it myself only a few years ago, God knows why I can’t find it again, here’s just a few articles that corroborate that he did make a statement back in 2009.

            In 2009, Assad announced that he would refuse to sign the agreement to allow the pipeline to run through Syria “to protect the interests of our Russian ally.
            When asked for their agreement, Syrian President Bashar al Assad refused to sign the plan because he wanted to “protect the interests of its Russian ally”,

            But this is what I think is even worse than Russia not assisting the SAA properly.
            Resolution 2254

            And this is the new constitution for Syria and what Assad really thinks of it.

            And this is who’s in favour of the new constitution.

            If Russia Iran and Turkey want to rewrite Syria’s constitution it should be at the worst a fifty fifty split, half of them government representatives and the other half opposition representatives, but according to this it will be only 50 members from Assad’s government and the other 100 from the foreign influenced opposition groups. Putin Erdogan and Iran are are trying to force Assad into writing his own death warrant, I don’t blame him for being unhappy. Cheers.

        2. Alex says:

          Bla bla bla .. everyone knows that you are a provocateur, if not for Russia there wouldn’t be a Syria by now, now Assad, no syrian army no nothing, it would have been wild east, just like it is now in Lybia, two sides are fighting each other and the most funny thing about them is that they are both supported by the west IMHO. Now you little provocateur, just sit down and be quite, let the big boys like Putin do the global politics.

          1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            You’re right, I am a provocateur, are you trying to tell me I shouldn’t be, if enough people like me start saying what I’m saying, people like Putin [just on the odd occasion] sometimes listen to and do what we tell them, that’s what they call politics. The real geopolitics, not the fake geopolitics where you help the friend of your enemy kill your own people as well as your allies, that’s called something else, not geopolitics. logic used to tell us that that was about the stupidest thing you could do, but not anymore, Putin’s convinced a hell of a lot of you that this is now logical because of geopolitical concerns, but he hasn’t convinced me at all, I still think it’s totally illogical.
            NOT JUST HELPING THE FRIEND OF MY ENEMY TRYING TO KILL ME, BUT ALSO HELPING MY FRIEND HELP MY ENEMY KILL ME, just keep saying that over and over a few hundred times and you may just be able to break the brainwashing procedure you’re suffering from, it may be hard to understand in the beginning, but eventually it’ll start to make perfect sense and Putin won’t
            So Blah blah blah to you too.

          2. Alex says:

            I’m not sure what geopoltics are the true geopolitics according to your
            standards but they are clearly from some kind of perfect dreamworld of
            If you think that the Russians are eager to jump in and shield everyone with their chest, you are wrong, they have done so many times in the past and afterwards those countries gave them a middle finger after they were able to get a better economic deals elsewhere, Syrian govmnt. is no different. As how i see it, they have done plenty for Syria and have even been sanctioned for it too. This is a long game, everyone bleeds here, starting war with everyone won’t help. If Russia would start fighting Turkey, immediately other evil wishers would find ways to make it even more costly for Russia so that they could get rid of their rival.

            Even the americans, the so called most powerful nation on earth could shield the kurds from erdogan.

            There is a big war for world domination and Syria is just a little part of it, now tell me why should Russia just go all mental and start making costly wars and get weaker instead of building economic ties, getting stronger and calming down the region by making deals with all parties.

          3. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            The Syrian government shielded Russia’s economy from the Saudi/Qatar gas venture into the EU market and helped save Russia’s economy from a potential 30% reduction in revenue at the time.
            In 2009, Assad announced that he would refuse to sign the agreement to allow the pipeline to run through Syria “to protect the interests of our Russian ally.
            It is a big geopolitical war and Putin needs to make new and stronger allies, but it makes it hard to do that when your potential new allies see you stab the old ones in the back when it’s convenient.
            Here’s what Putin, Erdogan and the Iranians have planned for Assad thanks to resolution 2254.
            And this is what Assad thinks of it.

          4. Alex says:

            Pipe or not, they would have removed Assad in any case, it’s much cheapper to buy oil and gas from some rebels and Isis that from any government. Also an excellent way of keeping your competitors down, they prosper while you fight amongst yourselves for a couple of oil dollars. Makes expanding the western colony that is called Israel much easier.

            There is also Iran that they have been wanting for decades now, eliminating potential allies is also on their agenda, so pipe or not they still would have caused war in Syria like they did in the neighbouring countries.

            Resolution 2254:
            The resolution demands that all parties immediately cease any attacks against civilian targets, it urges all Member States to support efforts to achieve a ceasefire and requests the U.N. to convene the parties to engage in formal negotiations in early January 2016.

            Groups seen as “terrorist groups” by the U.N. Security Council, including the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and the al-Nusra Front,
            are excluded. Offensive and defensive actions against such groups will
            continue. A mechanism to monitor the ceasefire will be set up.[2][3]

            Within 18 months, free and fair elections will be held under U.N. supervision. The political transition will be Syrian-led.

            Do you really think that any other political party than Assad even stands a chance to win a “real” election at this moment in Syria, please point out one.

            Also this resolution is also supported by Iran, do you think Iran would have supported it if there was a chance for the west to install their puppet in Syria ? Pretty sure they are not that stupid.

          5. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            Did you miss the part about a new constitution and who the people chosen to rewrite it, 150 member committee, 50 from Assad’s government, 50 from opposition parties [people who back the rebels], and 50 from by partisan parties [meaning the wheat belt and the other parties that belong to the Kurdish autonomous government in the US/Kurdish autonomous region] with a new constitution drawn up by a majority of opposition group members I don’t think it will be a free and fair election, and neither does Assad.
            Didn’t you read the article about what he actually thinks about it, I’ll link it again.
            I think he knows what it means better than any of us, but you seem to think the new elections held after the new constitution could be free and fair, the people who are backing the rebels and the US have never been free and fair buddy, EVER.

          6. Alex says:

            It’s a political show, nowdays everyone wipes his behind with UN resolution unfortunately, just like before WWI with the league of nations.

          7. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            Putin, Erdogan and the Iranians aren’t wiping their asses with it, it’s only Assad wiping his butt with it, the other 3 are holding it up high over their heads and waving it around, they all agree to this UN resolution wholeheartedly.
            People with any sense at all should start to question why Erdogan’s happy with it and Assad isn’t, that should’ve been a warning to everyone that this resolution isn’t as good as it’s made to sound, at least not for the Syrians who re-elected Assad in the last free and fair elections held in Syria, but that last one in 2014 will be the last free and fair election ever held in Syria, once that UN resolution comes into effect, no more free and fair.

          8. Alex says:

            If you ask me. it’s just a political show, no more.

          9. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            And real people are dying while the show goes on, no more than a political show did you say. I have to disagree with “it’s just a political show, no more”.

          10. Alex says:

            So i guess if not for that agreement people wouldn’t be dying, right ? I think you are trying to shift the blame on someone else for the poor situation in Syria. Talks or no talk, war was started by the western backed rebels and if not for Russia Syria would have become a secod Lybia a long time ago.

          11. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            If Assad had accepted the Saudi/Qatar proposal there would have been no war at all in Syria, Assad told us all the reason he didn’t accept the Saudi/Qatar proposal, and he said it was because of the harm it would do to his Ally Russia’s economy. He was a loyal friend and ally, but the same can’t be said for Putin.

          12. Alex says:

            If pUtin was loyal, there wouldn’t have been a Syria back 2011, Putin is truing to get as many countries to his side as possible, but you probably would run around like a monkey with a stick and bash everyone om the head with it.

          13. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            I used to say he didn’t do enough back then, I thought he should have put boots on the ground within 12 months of hostilities erupting, and most if not all his military commanders were suggesting at the time that he should do that.
            But he did take up the mantle and help eventually, and I was very happy for quite some time with Putin’s ability to help Assad recover territory, but I started to question Putin’s decision to create the Astana agreement when it was first implemented, and I haven’t stopped questioning it ever since, all it’s ever done is help the rebels and Erdogan and done nothing but harm the SAA.
            So I’ll praise him when I think he’s done something good, but I’ll also bash him over the head with a stick when I think he’s done something wrong.
            I think your too one eyed and unobjective if you believe the Astana agreement has been good for Syria in any way, it’s been the opposite, just good for the rebels.

          14. Alex says:

            whaever you say hasbara

          15. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            WTF sort of accusation is that you halfwit, how the hell do you get to accuse me of being pro Israel, I can’t even fathom where the hell you pulled that from, I accuse you of being a Turkish/Qatari paid for troll because you push the same narrative they do, and also link articles from their propaganda news sites to confirm the narrative as being valid, and you accuse me of being a Zionist sympathizer, you really do deserve a pay cut if that’s the best you can do.
            Anyone who’s followed my posts for the last 30 years would no I’m not pro Zionist at all, just the opposite, but I also don’t blame them for absolutely everything bad that happens either, just quite a lot of the bad things. And I never insult people just because they’re Jewish, I’m only anti Zionist and a lot of Jews aren’t Zionists, so I’m not a Jew hater like you probably are, just anti Zionist.
            But trolls like you always fall back on, “you must be a Jew sympathizer to say that”, but if you haven’t noticed it yet, a lot of people don’t fall for that anymore, you can’t deflect my accusation that you’re a paid for Turkish/Qatari troll just by making that tired old one, especially when there’s not one thing that I’ve ever said that could ever confirm it, Hasbara troll, yeah sure Turkish/Qatari troll.
            If this halfwits bossers are reading this you should be giving him a pay cut, he doesn’t deserve very much Turkish or Qatari cash for his dismal efforts, he’s a liability to your propaganda efforts, not a help.

          16. Alex says:

            Yeah, besides military tactics there are aslo political tactics of which the commanders might be not aware off, one doesn’t just jump into a fight without preparing.

            Are you gonna stick that astana narrative at the end of you every comment ? Very Joseph Goebbelsof yours :)

          17. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            You were trying to tell me the Astana agreement was actually good for the SAA, and linked a propaganda piece about Erdogan from an Al Jazeera news site in Turkey to prove it, yeah I will stick to my narrative, your narrative is just the same as Erdogan’s BS narrative is, pure BS and propaganda.

          18. Alex says:

            Are you trying to put words in my mouth that i have never said, such a poor troll atempt, lol. I was telling you that the astana agreement and that UN article are just parts of a big political show but there you go again sticking to your narrowminded propaganda again, picking one point repeating it like mantra and drawing attention from the main picture,you have studied the Goebbels art very well, lol. That link i sent you can actually forget, it i’ve copied a wrong one and it wasn’t about the Astana agreement anyway, so yeah LOL.

          19. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            No these were your word,

            Alex 6 days ago
            Lol, you are just a cheap troll ))))) You do realise that the Astana talks and ceasefire were good for SAA too, lol, they needed to get new equipment that was delivered by russians, train their soldiers which also has beendone by russians for a large portion, rearm regroup, make new plans. They would never have been able to tackle Idlib in their previous shape.

            You are justa little troll that just keeps on spewing disinfo around IMHO.

            And I say nothing you said was true, not one thing. The SAA didn’t need new equipment, they already had what they needed to wipe out the rebels easily, but the rebels needed new Turkish weapons and equipment to turn them into a viable fighting force able to take on the SAA, and time to reorganize, that’s what the Astana agreement did, not give the SAA time to rearm and re-equip, you stupid Turkish/Qatari troll.
            Here’s an excellent time lapse map from youtube courtesy of NY Mapper, to help prove what I say about the SAA not needing time to rearm or re-equip, they didn’t need to, they were kicking the rebels to high heaven before the first Turkish OB post was erected and didn’t need new anything, here’s my proof to confirm everything I said.
            Pay attention to what happened from october 2017 onwards, look at what the SAA did straight after they defeated Isis in the region, that’s when they went straight to Idlib and Hama AND KICKED THEM TO HIGH HEAVEN TOO, that is until the first OB post stopped the SAA’s advance because Erdogan built an OB post right between the speedily advancing SAA and the just as speedily retreating rebels Feb 2018. That’s why the Astans agreement was reached, it was the beginning of an avalanche for the rebels, and the SAA were coming down on them like a mountain and they were going to be crushed, but Erdogan and the Astana agreement saved their miserable lives, and now they’ve reorganized, re manned, re armed, re equipped, and ready to take on the SAA on more equal terms.
            They love the Astana agreement but the SAA don’t.
            You have a warped sense of reality troll.


          20. Alex says:

            Lol, are you continuing your narrative by saying that i’ve tried to prove my that astana agreement was good by linking that article.
            Funny thing is that the article isn’t about astana at all Imho let alone that i have posted a worng link and my comment with that link wasn’t about astana aswell, congrats troll, you have just made a baseless accusation.

            SAA had their hands full fighting on all fronts and had major casualties, they needed time recuperate. They’ve had major setbacks on south and middle Syria, that’s they have decided to take out weaker fronts first and transfer all of the rebels to idlib on order to secure their backs and borders. I remember them being overrun in Daara while they were fighting to get to deir ezor i remember being overrun on that highway to deir ezor shorty after they broke the siege there, blown up in tunnels, massive difficulties along the river from der ezor to al bukamal, they have had a constan loss of area and gaining it back etc etc etc. and that with russian support and weapon deliveries, they were running short on troops and the tribals couldn’t fight that well and couldn’t hold their ground against massive assaults, they had to send in the tigers to get the lost territory everytime, so yeah they needed more time to prepare more capable troops.

            That timeplapse is nice but it doesn’t prove anything you have said above.

          21. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            The battlefront the SAA were fighting in Homs and deir ez Zor against Isis wasn’t a battlefront at all, it was a cleanup operation. The Iraqis, Russian’s and the SAA, all cooperated in an operation to secure the Iraqi/Syrian border between october and december 2017, they had also invited the US and SDF to participate in the operation but the US refused. By the end of december 2017 all but a few isolated pockets of Isis remained in the desert areas of Homs and Deir ez zor, and Putin prematurely announced in dec 2017 that Isis in Syria had been eliminated, which as we all know left him with egg on his face, but it only took the SAA and Russia 2 months to secure their side of the border, and a few more months and the Iraqis had done the same with all their side of Syrian/Iraqi border too, with VERY FEW CASUALTIES.
            Then we have Daraa and Quneitra, where King Abdullah of Jordan had already gotten the 50,000 strong Southern front alliance and 2 other big Arab militias to agree to not only a ceasefire agreement, but a reconciliation agreement with Assad, and he also secured his border with Syria to stop the anti reconciliation rebels crossing. And 10 of the 12 Druze militias were already on Assad’s side, so the only 2 major rebel groups left willing to fight the SAA in Daraa and Quneitra were HTS and the FSA, as well as a few thousand Isis fighters. I hope you don’t think this was a battlefront, it was just a containment line, it became a battlefront eventually, but only after the Astana agreement came into effect, and the same was true for Ghoutah and Al Rastan. They were nearly all just containment lines before the Astana agreement, but straight after the agreement came into effect the SAA were forced to pack up their troops in Idlib and Hama and Aleppo and then went straight to Ghoutah to cleanse that pusshole [as a SECOND CHOICE campaign], when they finished there they wiped out all the US backed rebels in the south east around the US exclusion zone at Al Tanf, that was more or less just a cleanup operation too, with only the exclusion zone left for the rebels to operate in. The enclave in Raskan was so heavily bombed by the Russians they just agreed to pack up and leave for idlib, they took the brunt of casualties there too, fighters and families alike, not the SAA. Then the SAA went to Daraa and Quneitra to do the same thing to HTS and the FSA with minimal casualties [miniscule casualty numbers], and now they’re back at Idlib for the second time to finally cleanse it once and for all.
            You know if Assad had been able to secure the Turkish/Syrian border way back in 2017, all the rest of the rebels would have probably just given up full stop. 75% of the rebels in Daraa and Quneitra had already reconciled with Assad and even the die hards in Ghoutah would have had less enthusiasm for fighting after the Turkish border was closed. But it never was closed was it, because the campaign to take back Idlib/Northern Hama/West Latakia/East Aleppo was halted in its tracks when that first Turkish OB post popped up right in the middle of a real battlefront, and the SAA couldn’t close it because the Turkish OB post was in the way.
            You can believe what you want to, but the SAA weren’t burnt out and fighting for their lives as you think they were, it’s the opposite of what you suggest the case was. They were actually in an unlosable position back then, and nothing could have stopped them from actually taking back all of Syria [except for the US exclusion zone and the Kurdish self autonomous region], all their enemies were contained or reconciled isolated and demoralized, and just waiting their turn for annihilation or surrender, but a bit of paper stopped the SAA, I didn’t foresee a piece of paper doing that but it did, BUT IT’S NOT ANYMORE LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL. More towns retaken yipeeeeeeeee

          22. Alex says:

            bla bla …. all BS

          23. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            35 posts

          24. Alex says:

            bla bla …. all BS , you westrn troll

          25. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            34 posts

          26. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            You accidently copied the wrong link did you, BS you did, you’re just a paid for, and I’m being totally serious, a paid for by either Turkey or Qatar propaganda troll, that’s what you really are.
            I’ll be watching everything you post from now on troll, when I believe you’re spinning for Erdogan I’m going to call you out on it, stupid troll.
            Did you view the timelapse map, do you still assert the SAA needed time to reorganize and re-equip before they tackled the rebels. You half witted propaganda troll, you’re the one spreading BS and misinformation, the Astana agreement did exactly what that timelapse video showed it did, it stopped the SAA from obliterating the Idlib/Hama rebels when they were in the process of doing just that.
            SAA benefitted from the Astana agreement my ass, they were actually stifled by it is the real reality.

          27. Alex says:

            Both sides have benfitted from the agreement, SAA kept on loosing territories and they had to send in the tigers every time it happended, Syrian regular soldiers were undertrained and needed to up their skills, how do you expect the tigers to take on idlib and feel secure about their backs when SAA is loosing groung every time there is massive attack from the rebels in the south or isis in the east. That was clear indication that SAA needed some time off.

          28. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            The timelapse map I provided shows the real situation and you’re still trying to say the SAA needed to retrain and re-equip before they tackled the rebels, the map shows the SAA continuously smashed the rebels in Idlib and Hama right up until the Turks built those OB posts, the SAA were well on their way to smashing the rebels all the way back to Turkey, and if Putin hadn’t agreed to implement the Astana agreement, they would have last year.
            Pay attention to what happened from october 2017 onwards, look at what the SAA did straight after they defeated Isis in the region, that’s when they went straight to Idlib and Hama AND KICKED THEM TO HIGH HEAVEN TOO, that is until the first OB post stopped the SAA’s advance because Erdogan built an OB post right between the speedily advancing SAA and the just as speedily retreating rebels Feb 2018.
            The rebels didn’t have all those Turkish weapons, equipment and vehicles before the Astana agreement did they, but they have them now.

          29. Alex says:

            Nonsense … you have no clue what you are talking about or do you, western troll.

          30. Alex says:

            Oh yeah .. forgot to mention .. you blame all of the stuff that is happening now in Syria on Putin, Erdogan and some other powers, do you know who you should blame it on ??? Your own people … the people that have believed in the western BS about super-life and other things , the people that have raised weapons against their own govmnt. and have made this mess possible in the first place.

          31. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            I blame one of my own hero’s alone, Putin, and I think he was mad signing the Astana agreement. Don’t you think any of your hero’s make mistakes or make bad decisions, or is it if they do make a mistake you just don’t like to criticize them for it, or even possibly you’re just too stupid to see the Astana agreement is just a bad deal for Assad full stop, and so is resolution 2254 that Putin endorses, even worse in fact than Astana.

          32. Alex says:

            Looks like you are locked in your own narrow mindedness

          33. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            So we do have something in common, both of us are narrow minded.

          34. Alex says:

            Not really, i’m painting a global picture, you on the other hand are too obsessed with the astana, like it is a pillar of the whole war, very typical of a western troll.

          35. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            If there was no Astana agreement there would be no more war in Syria full stop.
            Back in June last year just before Assad launched the Daraa/Quneitra campaign, all parties except for Erdogan said Assad could remain in power, the US/Israel/Arab League/EU all said Assad was allowed to remain in control of Syria, the only reason there’s any fighting at all is because Erdogan has refused to accept Assad remaining in power.

          36. Alex says:

            LOL, and you believe all other parties, like they have never lied before IMHO. Get lost troll.

          37. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            I believe Assad when he says, no uninvited foreign troops can remain in Syria, and all terrorists must be eliminated, that’s what I do believe, and what I also want to believe, what do you believe in, nothing?

          38. Alex says:

            You forgot Iran, they have signed it also :).

            I must say that your determination is awesome, you have been proved wrong many times and still you stick to your narrative, lol.

            You are a a very pro troll :)

          39. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            Yes Iran did and they also endorsed resolution 2254, they’re just as bad as Putin, does that make it more right that both of Assad’s allies have thrown him under the bus.
            I’ve been criticizing Iran as much I’ve been criticizing Putin for this betrayal, all my recent posts are critical of both.

          40. Alex says:

            Lol, Putin didn’t start the conflict and also he couldn’t stop it with so many countries envolved in the background. You do know that the conflict did not start with Astana, no matter how often you will repeat it it won’t become true.

            Imho, the greatest fault for the crisis lies on the western countries for tricking so many people into believing that removing Assad would bring prosperity. Oh and supporting the rebels with weapons and training, oh and the jihadists …. etc etc etc , lol. But sure the Astana agreement to which nobody sticks too is the thing here, imho.

          41. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            Now you’re putting words in my mouth, when have I ever said the conflict started with Astana, what a BS thing to say you dickhead.
            I’ve only ever stated the Astana agreement is detrimental to the peace process contrary to claims it’s good for the peace process, and I’ve also said it’s hamstrung the SAA and empowered the rebels, nothing more dickhead, and yet you linked no a Turkish propaganda piece about Erdogan from Al Jazeera to prove that it was in fact good for the SAA, poss off you moron.
            You’re a paid for propaganda troll for the Turks or Qatar, that’s what you are.

          42. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            So your linking a story from a journalist who works for a Qatari owned news agencies in Turkey, that only ever sprouts Erdogan’s propaganda anyway because they’re not allowed to do anything different, they get locked up if they do.
            It’s PURE TURKISH PROPAGANDA and you’re linking it to prove Assad was wrong and responsible for the uprising, you’re either pro Turkish or pro Qatari.
            Assad and his family used to be even better friends with the Qatari royal family before the war, they suggested the Saudi/Qatari pipeline proposal was a good idea but Assad didn’t agree with that either, and they’re not friends with the Qatari royal family either anymore, SO WHAT?.
            Was there a point to linking a pro Turkish propaganda piece for me to read, just because you linked it from a pro Qatari news outlet.
            Are you really a pro Turkish or Qatari paid for troll, if you are you’re not earning your pay.
            I think you’re really a paid for troll Alex, and I believe you either work for the Turks or the Qataris, and I’m going to do my best to make sure your bosses give you a paycut, it’s time to get you pieces of crap off of our forums and i’ll take it on as a task.
            Watch out paid for Qatari or Turkish troll, I’m going to rip anything you comment on to pieces, especially if I feel you have a pro Turkish or Qatari agenda scripted into the comment.
            Only a PAID FOR pro Turkish or Qatari troll could try to argue the Astana agreement is actually a good thing for the SAA, no one else in their right minds could, and you’ve sent me 10 or 20 pro Astana comments trying to argue your case.
            Every time I answer your pro Astana comments you get a pay cut now dickhead, and have you noticed I answer every single one in detail, I’m sure you have. Due to you piss poor efforts. Ithink your bosses should have already given you a pay cut if they haven’t already.
            Fancy linking a pro Turkish propaganda piece supplied by Qatar to try and prove the Astana agreement is actually good for Syria, that’s like trusting an Israeli news agency when they promote an article claiming IT WA ALL ASSAD’S FAULT.
            You deserve a pay cut troll, you’re not worth your pay when you start linking stories like this.

          43. Alex says:

            ok so i’m turkish now lol, than you are a hasbara troll

          44. Alex says:

            All of you bitches have been complaining for the past couple of years,
            oh Putin has betrayed Assad, Russians are stupid and in the end Syrian
            and russian coalition have been steadily and slowly retaking the lands,
            you might want to search for the Syrian maps of 2015 and compare them to
            this year, There are many things going behind the scenes, like
            preparation of troops, bringing in more weapons … etc etc etc …
            it’s a thing they have got to plan carefully cause many strong sides are
            involved in this conflict, they can’t be just as irrational and
            sporadic like some people here.

          45. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            I’ve never said Russians are stupid, though I think Putin’s behaviour recently is, I just sent my reason why in my other response to you.
            Assad has at least 100,000 SAA troops surrounding the area, possibly as many as 120,000, as well as some regular Iranian forces, Hezbollah forces, and Arab militias, he can’t fit any more troops in and doesn’t have any more to spare, he only has 150,000 SAA in total.
            Yes they have taken back heaps of territory true, but the SAA were attacking north Hama and beating the rebels senseless just before the first Asatan agreement was signed, but before it was even signed Erdogan had rushed in a convoy of trucks and erected the first Turkish OB post smack in between the advancing SAA and the losing rebels, poor old assad had to pack up and go deal with the rebels in Ghoutah then.
            Yes I do think Putin’s made lots of bad decisions and he’s still making them now, and if you don’t like me complaining about them don’t read any of my comments, because they’re going to get much worse if Putin keeps pushing for resolution 2254.
            You do know you’re bitching about me bitching about Putin, is you’re bitching better than mine is it.

          46. Alex says:

            Yet again your view is too narrow, what should have Putin done then ? Bomb the turkish that were rushing in ? That would have triggered a much larger conflict than it is now and worse economic situation for Russia, Turkey and Syria, other countries might have stepped in more aggressively, since turkey is a NATO country, might have bombed to Damascus or what not … it seems to me that you do not or simply don’t want to realise what kind of thin thread everyone is walking over there.

          47. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            That’s just what a paid for Turkish or Qatari troll would say Alex, which means you’re just a paid for Turkish or Qatari troll, you can stick your Turkish propaganda where the sun don’t shine as far as I’m concerned, I’m not having a bar of it, what’s next, are you going to try and tell us Erdogan is actually the good guy in all this.

          48. Alex says:

            Running out of BS ? Trying to spice up your astana narrative with something else, how does now wanting Russia to get into a broader conflict but to find more ways to cooperate economically with other countries, to calm down the conflict instead of instigating it, how does that makes me a turkish troll IMHO.

          49. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            Putin doesn’t have to go to war against Turkey to eliminate the rebels, there are at least ‘1033’ other options available to Putin. I actually believe he could even force Erdogan himself to eliminate the rebels with Turkish regular forces if he wanted to, and let the SAA have a holiday.
            I know you’re thinking that comment is just me trolling you, but I’m dead serious, I believe Putin has way more leverage over Putin than anyone imagines, more than enough to end Turkey’s involvement in Syria.
            Hows that for more of my BS, you paid for Turkish/Qatari troll.

          50. Alex says:

            LOl, pretty sure he ahs more leverage, like he already has demonstrated when he made Turkey “switch sides” with those economic sanctions but i think he needs Erdo for a much bigger agenda in the ME and in his stand off with the west, erdo isn’t perfect but in the current circumstances it’s better than nothing, Erdo would never comply with this kind of demands anyway that would mean face loss and major backlash at home which could cost him his position as a leader. Imagine if the west would be able to install their guy, that would be even worse for Syria, he surely would push for removal of Assad even more. Etc etc etc

          51. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            33 posts in a few days, you get a prize.

          52. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            Erdogan will most likely end up hanging from a rope or living out his life in a Turkish jail.
            Politically he’s poison, the US hates him, the Israelis hate him, the EU hates him, the Arab League hate him [except for Qatar, and the Nato alliance hate him too, since he’s been nothing but a total liability to the Nato alliance ever since he’s been in power. But most importantly of all, 45% of the Turkish voters HATE him. That’s going to have repercussions at some time in the future, that 45% have family members that have been tortured and jailed by Erdogan, so they’ll do the same thing to Erdogan when they get the chance, he’s approval rating is sitting on about 55% now but when it falls to 50% or less, bye bye Erdogan.
            The Arab league have designated the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization now, and Turkey and Qatar are the biggest proponents for the MB, that’s going to cause some problems for the Putin/Erdogan relationship too.
            Putin’s trying to partner up with a dead man walking, that’s a DUMB IDEA, not a good idea at all.

          53. Alex says:

            Putin is partnering up with Turkey and Erdo happens to be the leader today, don’t think that Turkey would want to miss lucrative economic deals with Russia, imho, if the wrst could offer them something better there wouldn’t be a 180 in turkish behaviour towards Russia. The rest of your comment seems to a wet dream of a troll, imho. Saauds are also making deals with Russia. It seems to me that you are not getting the full picture here and i can’t be bothered to battle your narrow mindness,

            You might want to count your own posts and the length of those, you fit a troll profile more by far, imho.

            Now get lost, lol, won’t be replying to you anymore

          54. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            Thank God for that, now keep your promise, no more reply posts.

          55. Alex says:

            bb troll

          56. Promitheas Apollonious says:

            and you are a brainless puppet moron.

          57. Alex says:

            And you are a gullible sporadic simpleton that believes in his own BS.

          58. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            I don’t believe yours.

      2. You can call me Al says:

        That is not true at all… every now and againn, popover to view this –


        Pro-terrorist, but it gives us an idea of the air campaign.

      1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

        I already checked that source before I made my claim, as well as every official Syrian news source I could.
        That’s what they call a massive aerial campaign, 3 or 4 sorties, I’m surprised anyone has fallen for it since it’s so easy to disprove.

  7. gold37 says:

    Baffles me why the Eastern front has not been opened. Now would be the best time due to the amount of equipment and manpower concentrated on the Western front by Al-Qaeda and co.

    But then again, I am not a General or on the ground.

    1. You can call me Al says:

      This is a video (below), by Tudor Miron; your wish seems to have been granted.


      1. gold37 says:

        Yes, I have seen the video earlier. But Russian is not one of the languages I speak. Thanks for the link.

    2. abuqahwa says:

      Agreed, certainly need to cut enemy resup routes up and down Idlib – major enemy bases remain in Khan Sheikhoun, Ma-arat an-Numan, Jisr ash-Shughour

  8. Elias Thema says:

    Now we are going to hear false alarms about chemical missiles been used by the conquerors. Let those terrorists lay down their arms because the course is lost long ago.

    1. AM Hants says:

      Haven’t they been trying to use suicide bombers, driving armoured vehicles, stacked with weapons, provided by those who finance the ‘White Helmets’ and hoping they reach their destination. Hoping to blame Russia and Syria, who are well ahead of the game. Have not been able to get the script running, despite the MSM having the printers ready and waiting.

  9. Tudor Miron says:

    Great video from Anna new on the air at this very moment. You’ll have to rewind to the start about 3:10:XX from now 20:25 Moscow time. https://youtu.be/m0e2il25Nas

    1. goingbrokes says:

      ANNA has been the best video coverage of the attack on Syria. But it has become more difficult to find their videos online. Algorithms…

      1. Tudor Miron says:

        Algorithms of hiding the truth…

  10. Assad must stay (gr8rambino) says:

    very awesome!!! this is how you do it, a surprise attack, OVERWHELMING surprise, the rats wont have a snowballs chance in hell to repel it lmao

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