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Syrian Army Makes First Gains Around Aleppo City (Videos)

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) advanced late on January 25 from its positions in the northwestern outskirt of Aleppo city, securing several areas.

According to several pro-government sources, the army imposed control of the al-Sahafyeen residential complex and the Ghabat al-Assad hilltop following heavy clashes with al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and Turkish-backed militants.

Prior to the advance, the army shelled militants’ positions in the outskirt of Aleppo city with heavy rockets. Syrian and Russian warplanes also carried out several airstrikes on the region.

The SAA launched its ground offensive around Aleppo earlier in the morning with the aim of securing the city’s center, once and for all.

Now, army units are reportedly advancing towards the district of al-Rashidin and the town of Khan Al-Asal to the west of Aleppo city. The two areas are known to be strongholds of Turkish-backed militants.

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J Roderet

Great job, Syrian army! Soon Aleppo will be safe and secure from the Neocons’ barbaric al-Queda minions. We should expect to see and hear a lot of moaning and groaning from the usual suspects over the next weeks and months. It is not a fun time to be a Neocon, hehehe.

Assad must stay


Liberal guy

Hey is jolani scum coward is in Libya already or turkey or back packing to hide in Syria itself


hes in haifa


If the US loonies get their war with Iran, Haifa will be at great risk of looking like Mosul and Raqqa :)

Liberal guy

What he is doing there

Liberal guy


Gary Sellars

Show no mercy. Convert the Wahabbi shit-stains into dog food.


Syrian Armed Forces, Russia & the other Syria allies are doing a superbious amazing job; keep pounding 24/7, and don’t allow these terrorist gangster factions one minute of sleep; these thugs should be suffering from sleep deprivation by now.

Jan. 25, 2020 – Syrian Foreign Ministry stated: “The military operations of the Syrian Arab Army against militants will not stop until they are eliminated.”

I agree 100% – Syria cannot have a “political solution” before Syria’s “military solution” to “neutralize” all terrorist gangsters active in Syria are accomplished, and Syria’s land mass of 185,180 sq km is completely whole and secured by the Syrian Armed Forces, Russia & the other Syria allies.

Terrorist gangster factions should surrender or be annihilated.


Our U.S. troops continue to use Iraq for military occupation and activity into Syria; even though millions of Iraqis turned out for their “Million Man March” to evict U.S. from Iraq on friday.

Muqtada al-Sadr stated during Iraqi “Million Man March”, that if U.S. refuses to leave, Iraq will: Close all military bases. End all contracts. Close all U.S. contractor companies. Iraq airspace closed. Declare U.S. forces as an occupation.

Iraq should stop allowing themselves to be used by the U.S. as a mechanism to engage in illegal violent criminal acts against Syria. I want our troops home, and not participating in insane maneuvers created by “unhealthy minded” Trump, which will cause the death of our soldiers. Trump is delusional, and has “lost touch with reality”; he might have “dementia” (impaired reasoning / pathological lying – pseudologia fantastica). Trump’s impaired reasoning must be stopped from creating a war. Trump must be removed from office before it is too late.

Pentagon said “34 of our U.S. troops have brain injuries from the Iran attacks”.

Expect these soldiers will suffer post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and will be disabled for the rest of their lives.


I send more prayers that courage and bravery will push forward and liberate lots of Syria’s real estate.

“Look Beyond the Stars for Spiritual Guidance – Avow Liberty throughout; from corner to corner, universally, unanimously, across the world; our world with one future, FREEDOM!” (authored by Vahlsing)

Russia’s New A-50U Reconnaissance Aircraft https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7dfb00be51282837b2594702b82b69fe72d986cc57475dc5d90398a4fd2cfaeb.jpg

Assad must stay

A truly excellent post!


See Vahlsing’s excellent post was deleted as Spam. Why does this shit happen? Wtf is wrong with SF/Disqus. It happens myself on a regular basis and I’m sure it happens many more. How do we stop this from happening???? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4fe6a05d76507a8025fcc8be95db831b5723a6aacde49af13d77f8b79e25f5c5.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0582706a86bd5cc3b2b8aecd591b277a9246d22ab8dd644e251da86230542db2.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/36f376306e3708d88dcad70018d17ecb11bab4e0e9782a74c4f3056bf88a945a.png


The hasbara trolls are an abject failure here and the hasbara moderators only real weapon is the ‘Spam chopper’.

Truth has always exposed the venal cult that has been universally despised for millennia and the cult today lives in fear of a long overdue pogrom. :)

Assad must stay

dont know man thats messed up :( did u try contacting disqus or southfront?


Supposedly the Maher al Assad’s 4th division was redeployed to Aleppo from DeZ about two weeks ago, they are probably operative elements here pushing forward.

Toni Liu

I thought they deployed from latakia after fail to capture kobani hill

Willing Conscience (The Truths

That was the 25th division, the Russian backed one with the Tigers in it, and yes they didn’t do so well up there, there’s way too many insane fanatics up that way, and they all seem to want to go to heaven way too quickly, so they can wait until later. The Iranian backed 4th division redeployed from Deir ez Zor as Phoron said, so the 4th division is in Aleppo and the 25th divisions in Idlib now.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

They will be the vanguard of the SAA, they usually form the spearhead of most successful SAA assaults, the elite shock troops you could say.

Sympathy with the Devil

Dear SF, please, show maps in such kind of articles to understand the situation more.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Look at the map, to the west of Aleppo city you’ll see a red dot with a skull, next to it is a green dot with a gun, that’s the location. https://syria.liveuamap.com/

Sympathy with the Devil

I do not think that SF should promote ukronazi portal. And it’s the shame, that they have the most punctual informations. (OK, they promote the bad news for them with huge delay)

Willing Conscience (The Truths

SF don’t promote using them but I do recommend the site, apart from its constant use of SOHR propaganda concerning combat and civilian casualties, it’s actually very accurate when it comes to territorial gains and losses from both sides. If you don’t like using it here’s another very good map a fellow poster linked, it is however much harder to navigate and lacks some details. https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1liqnO9iSvshTLwgPB3q9sJTgfUI&ll=34.698059967918276%2C36.800262605602825&z=6

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Opposition say 43 missile/rocket strikes, and God were some of them big, that second video was extreme, OMG, imagine being anywhere near them when they came down, the civilians won’t be sleeping in Aleppo that’s for sure. And the gains the SAA made have been minute and already changeable, the SAA lost several positions they gained initially, and are now seemingly being held at a standstill for a while, at least according to opposition and independent sites. So not off to a great start in other words, but it was always going to be extremely tough up here so that’s not important yet, it’s going to be a long hard slog and speed isn’t the important factor, civilians are. Will Turkey tolerate this offensive so close to their border, mmm, we’ll find out, if the rebels get Turkish artillery, long range missiles/rockets and air support, it’s going to complicate things no end, and since the Turks and the Iranians have become such good friends lately, what’s going to happen as their 2 proxy armies go head to head, will this fracture the newly founded friendship, mmm, hopefully it smashes it to pieces.


Dont forget that the rats and the moderate happy head chopping scums backed by the Turds, a nation bitten by the ottmonian bugg is well dugg inn, and with an pack of over the top stoned and ready, isnt going to be easy, its the worst kind of war fare, urban wars, street by street to block by block witch are heavy fortifyed, etc and you need shit to punch holes into this, but the overall issue should be the logistics, you need to starve them out, because no matter what, it will be an tough fight. And for now, they are protected to, by the Turds to the west, for been “rebels” as the pimping is in Norway, this days, in an noridck nation derailing, and degenerating into lalaland.

But since we are at it, I blame this on the Turds, 80% and the west, the rest, some more acurate boming of the head quarters would be more convincing, and that means Turds, take an tankeedooodle and just say uups, sorrry. The question is, what comes, I recon the last stage is what we are seeing coming into life, where the train of rats and happy head chopping is been relocated to, yeah, Libya. This, Africa is where the west is rotating into/onto, this days, where they dont even bother to exuse or correct the past, but just blasts off with an insane ability to lie, and when that dont work, lie some more and give any kind of equally insane reasons witch have only legitimasy thru their eyes, of course and whom the f….. cares about the people in Libya. Yeah, and they whine about me been an white ass nationalist and this white ass nationalist is going to tell the Africans to be black ass african nationalists, but not all of Africa is originally black, Africa is by all standards bloody bigg, Africa is wast, with Saharah is the natural border, but not in ancient times, then it was green. You idiots had an ball watching europa been buttf…. but that is what comes to you, Arabs and Africans. This time, Africans, its all yours, the consequencess, is all yours, and if you want chains, you will get that, but this time, I will blame you, nobody else. Africa.

The truth is the world is runn after all, the wills of an empire, and right now they are realigning, since some of the battlefields are going sour, and alies going nervous, and the huffing and puffing behind the curtains I guess is packed with people, it is an intresting time indeed, what comes out of this, and what will the empire alow to happen, but dont forget this Africans, like the shit for brain Europeans, drowing them self in PC-ism and the wims of insane polticians and then we have the MSM that this is drinven by the empire, and of course, their hangarounds like France/Germany witch is occupyed territory, to Italy, etc and then we have the Yankikes, an epic crash is what is coming, since reality is changing. Never underetstemate the stupidity and ignorance among the everage prozac chewing JoeSix pack and the stuffed up hag beside, they care only about them self, they are the empire and until now never been under pressure, and now, while pointing everywhere else, of course, they refuse to see what comes in their own. What could possibly go wrong.


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