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Syrian Army Secures 2,000km2 In Western Deir Ezzor

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Syrian Army Secures 2,000km2 In Western Deir Ezzor

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On June 14, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies launched a security operation to eliminate ISIS cells and destroy their hideouts in the western and southwestern Deir Ezzor countryside. According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), the SAA has secured over 2,000km2 between al-Ward oil field, al-Maizilah, al-Tamah and Faydat ibn Muiny’a so far.

During the first hours of the operation, the SAA killed several fighters of ISIS and defused dozens of IEDs and mines which had been planted by the terrorist organization, according to the SANA.

In the last two months, ISIS launched two large scale attacks on the SAA positions along the western bank of the Euphrates River from the western and southwestern Deir Ezzor countryside. Syrian pro-government activists believe that more than 1,500 fighters and commanders of the terrorist organization are currently hiding there and in the nearby Homs desert.

Earlier this year, the SAA and its allies launched a similar security operation and cleared wide areas in western and southwestern Deir Ezzor. However, ISIS fighters resurfaced there within weeks, as their positions in the Homs desert were not attacked.

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Please do not let up until pocket is eliminated.
Otherwise ISIS will continue to move about.
They must be getting low on transport I would hope.


One would have thought they would have starved in the desert or come out with their hands up now. Better off just clearing the pocket and reinforcing existing borders now.

Daniel Castro

US armed forces would never left their proxies without proper supplies… unless they have no more use, of course…


I am thinking hit their transport and let them get a nice “desert tan”
On to Al Tanf. :)


Totally in agreement, this ISIS pocket must be eliminated inmediately, point.


And where do these jihadists in the desert get supplies from? Oh yeah, from at-Tanf…


spot on

Raymond Chan

USA of course

northerntruthseeker .

Gee… And here I thought the US was in Syria to “fight terrorism”…. What the heck was I thinking??? LOL….

Bill Wilson

From poorly paid members of the Sissy Arab Army.


The alternative is very grim. As described by Israeli journalist Gideon Levy, “The
truth is that Israel is well prepared to massacre hundreds and
thousands, and to expel tens of thousands. Nothing will stop it. This is
the end of conscience, the show of morality is over. The last few days’
events have proved it decisively. The tracks have been laid, the
infrastructure for the horror has been cast. Dozens of years of
brainwashing, demonization and dehumanization have borne fruit. The
alliance between the politicians and the media to suppress reality and
deny it has succeeded. Israel is set to commit horrors. Nobody will
stand in its way any longer. Not from within or from without.” could´nt write/say it any better

Val Shadowhawk

Which is the reason it must be totally destroyed, dismantled, and shredded. The so called ‘jewish State’ is a pariah. An abomination. An absolute abhorrence. It must be gotten rid of, for the sake of the entire planet.

Promitheas Apollonious

Ok lead the way we follow. Until humans stop thinking and demanding someone else to fight for them while they seating in their a*ses and just talk rather than do, nothing will ever change.

All this you say that must be done, whom you expect to do them, for you? And I dont disagree with you, by the way.

John Whitehot

“Nobody will
stand in its way any longer.”

You can believe it all you want, but the present shows otherwise.


The zionist occupation is as much a US imperial creature as ISIS (or whatever they’re called this week).

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“Syrian pro-government activists believe that more than 1,500 fighters and commanders of the terrorist organization are currently hiding there and in the nearby Homs desert”.
They were saying that before they shipped in the 1,200 to 1,700 Isis fighters from Yarmouk camp, shouldn’t that number be 3,200 now.
Both opposition and pro Assad media confirmed those Yarmouk fighters and nearly an equal number of their family members were shipped to a secret location in Dier ez-Zor, but since then any estimates given for this pocket of Isis the article is referring to has remained 1,500 why. I can only assume it’s because they weren’t actually shipped here at all, they may have actually been moved elsewhere, and that’s the reason this 1,500 estimation has remained the same.
Originally opposition media reported the evacuation and transfer of the Yarmouk fighters was already in progress but within 2 or 3 days they’d changed that to “postponed and waiting for a secure and secret location to be sent to”. 2 weeks later pro government media confirmed the agreement and stated they’d be moved to a “secret location somewhere in Dier ez-Zor”. Back then I suspected the original report by opposition media was actually correct and the government’s statement just a cover, but I didn’t suspect it was a cover for a different location, just keeping the timeframe for evacuation secret. Now I’m wondering if they really did come here or not, if they did their numbers should’ve been added to the 1,500 estimate we’ve been quoted so many times now.
And haven’t they killed 100+ fighters here in the last 3 weeks, that 1,500 estimate should have gone down to 1,400 at the very least.

US-Navy Revert Shia

Kill them all and let ALLAH-(SWT) sort them out

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