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Syrian Army, SDF Unite Efforts To Repel Turkish-led Attack In Northern Raqqa (Videos)

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The Turkish attack on the town of Ain Issa in northern Raqqa was reportedly hindered by the staunch resistance of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

A few hours after the beginning of the attack in the morning of November 23, Turkish-backed militants captured the village of Saida and Ain Issa’s refugee camp right to the north of the town.

The advance was facilitating by more than 20 airstrikes by Turkish warplanes, likely combat drones, according to the North Press Agency (NPA).

Despite their initial success, Turkish-backed militants failed to hold onto Ain Issa’s refugee camp, that was recaptured by the SDF and the SAA within a few hours. The forces are now carrying out a counter-attack on Saida.

The Turkish-led attack on Ain Issa, a center of Russian forces, is a blatant violation of Ankara’s recent agreement with Moscow on northeast Syria. This dangerous provocation could jeopardize the entire agreement.

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King Cliff

The rusian and the Iranian need to start bombing the hell out of the Turkish back group whenever they carried such acts. The fronts line need be reinforce with men power and heavy artillery and drone…The Iranian always showcase alot of drones well right now the Syrian military can use some of them to support they troops in north eastern Syria.


How rdiculous is this fighting war. How is that Syria army has not any capability at all to destroy this car ?

Derek Johnson

Just goes to show you the “quality” of the Syrian army doesn’t it and why they need Russian air support, no Russian support, no Assad, its sad but true. Where are the photogenic, beautifully ironed crisp uniformed and well groomed bearded Tiger forces when you need them? Having their photos taken elsewhere…….

Free man

“Where are the photogenic, beautifully ironed crisp uniformed and well groomed bearded Tiger forces when you need them?” Fighting the real enemy – the unarmed Iranian protesters.

You can call me Al

Where are the Russian air force or S-400 missiles flying ?.


Almost looks like Turk forces are being baited to come forward and take the empty refugee center. Seems they do not like that water tower! Meanwhile SAA and SDF is save and sound around 93rd Brigade base looking over the town, and having a good laugh. :D


“no Russian support, no Assad”. Forgot how they led major offensives without Russia? Did you miss the Latakia offensives and the breaking of the siege of Aleppo against tens of thousands of Jihadis, who received nonstop supplies by the west, israel, turkey and the gulf states while the SAA was on their own? And don’t forget the sieges of Kafraya, al-Fuah and Deir ez-Zor city. The terrorists in Idlib couldn’t capture Kafraya and Fuah, despite a 3-year long siege. What about the Deir ez-Zor siege, the SAA defended the city for 3 years. In 2016 Us airstrikes killed over 100 soliders, isis held the eastern parts of the city and constantly shelled the government-held area and the saa still successfully defended deir ez-zor and it’s airport. All without russia.

Hanny Benny

turkey = REAL ISIS !!! (500 years of devsirme childabduction) turkey HAS TO BE SHATTERED FOR PEACE !!!

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“This dangerous provocation could jeopardize the entire agreement”.

LOL, I hope it finally ruins the agreement. The first 13 Astana agreements have all been broken by either the Turks themselves or their proxies, and now this new MOU between Russia and Turkey has also been broken as well, so when will Putin ever learn, this man just can’t be trusted.

Mehmet Aslanak

As far as I know the town in on the M4 highway, so it is included in peace corridor. Whole purpose of the peace corridor distance 30 km or 20 miles is to prevent Kurdish communist guerilla use the highway. Russians know that very well from the agreement, so does the Syrians. Fakery of the news is that Syrians fighting along Kurdish communists to prevent the peace corridor, this is ridiculous. Another fakery is that Turkish army is there fighting with Syrian army. Actually Turks only gives artillery & air support. There is no so-called Turkish invasion.

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