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Syrian Army, SDF Retrieved The Bodies Of 57 Soldiers Killed By ISIS In 2014 (Videos)

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have retrieved the bodies of 57 service members, who were executed by ISIS in 2014, from two mass graves in the northern countryside of Raqqa.

Locals informed the SDF of the location of the mass graves in the town of al-Farhaniyah, 6 km to the southwest of Ain Issa, on August 31.

On September 1, first responders from the Raqqa Civilian Council opened the first mass grave. The bodies of 15 Syrian soldiers and officers were recovered. The SDF handed the bodies over to the SAA.

The second grave was opened by the SAA engineer units and representatives of the SDF’s Public Relations Office on September 2. The remains of 42 service members were retrieved.

The remains belong to the personnel of the SAA’s 92nd Brigade that was stormed by ISIS terrorists in 2014. Many of the brigade’s personnel were killed. Most of those who survived the attack were captured then executed by the terrorists.

After the attack, the locals collected the bodies of the victims and buried them in secret to avoid ISIS revenge. The terrorist group forbids such acts.

Two other massacres took place in the 17th Division base east of Raqqa and in Tabqah Air Base in the governorate’s southern countryside in 2014. Hundreds of Syrian service members were captured, then executed.

In 2018, the SDF uncovered two mass graves in northern Raqqa. The bodies of hundreds of soldiers were retreived and handed over to the SAA. According to several sources, many other mass graves are yet to be uncovered.


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Lone Ranger

RIP Heroes. You have been avanged. The blood is on the hands of the U.S., UK, France, Turkey, Saudisis Arabia, Israel.


Humankind is a vicious and deeply wrathful organism. Civilization is evaporating and masses of hostiles will always move in to fill the vacuum created by collapse. Stand alongside brothers to the last, there will be little or no mercy for those who throw themselves at the tender mercies of the Mob. Something to think about as the bones of those who thought they might be spared are exhumed…

Damien C

I remember the videos in the early days of the slaughter when the head-choppers were armed by American air-drops guided by The Mossad paid by the Saudi/Qatari/UAE bankers and airbrushed by the Western media as “Rebels”

They were hate filled monsters devoid of all reason craving the lust of blood as they beheaded, crucified, raped, /kidnapped, oppressed and extorted their way through Arab lands

I also remember the videos of Kurds in a pally pally relationship with ISIS at the Tabqa Damn area as these butcherings happened,

Lone Ranger

Demon hordes, indeed. Thankfully most of these demons are fertilizer now. Never forget, never forgive…


One of the worst acts of savagery i can remember and there have been many,was when those bastards sawed the head of a young Palestinian boy they had snatched from Hospital,western backed animals they were.

Lone Ranger

I remember that. May he rest in peace. Poor boy. :(


Yeah, that was one of the Black Messiah’s CIA-armed and funded jihadi factions.

May he get his in the after-life.


Yes i remember those days,when the terrorists stormed Allepo from Turkey first thing they did was throw postal workers off the roof of the post office,then there was the so called rebel of the FSA biting the heart of a fallen SAA hero,thats why i wouldn’t have been taking any of those Apes prisoner since then,and the media in Britain are still excusing those savages,one of the worst is that Bitch Alex Crawford from SKY news,i have been hoping she will get shot at or bombed next time she enters Syria illegally to embed herself with those head hacking child killing Apes,or she ends up being one of their victims,those Apes can’t help themselves so they may organize a mass gang rape.

Servet Köseoğlu

dig the guys up and kill over again…

MeMad Max

Always save the last bullet for yourself.

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