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Syrian Army, Russian Forces To Establish Helicopter Base In Eastern Raqqa

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Russian forces are working to establish a helicopter base in the government-held part of the eastern Raqqa countryside, the Step News Agency reported on April 16.

According to the pro-opposition agency, Russian experts have inspected a site south of the town of Madan, where the base will be built.

Syrian Army, Russian Forces To Establish Helicopter Base In Eastern Raqqa

Click to see full-size map. Source: (@Suriyakmaps) on Twitter, Via Google Maps – TerraMetrics

Citing a source in the National Defense Forces (NDF), the Step News Agency claimed that the base will include ammo and supplies depots, logistic and military installations as well as barracks for Syrian service members.

“The establishment of a helicopter landing zone in that area aims to ensure the continued delivery of military and logistical supplies by air from the areas controlled by Syrian regime forces to their forces in the north very quickly,” the agency’s report reads.

The army liberated Madan and its surroundings from ISIS in September of 2017 with direct support from the Russian Aerospace Forces.

By establishing a forward helicopter base in eastern Raqqa, the SAA and Russian forces will be able to move supplies and even reinforcements to the country’s northeastern region with much more efficiency.


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I am sure that suitable Russian air defences to protect the base and surrounding areas will be provided to deter or destroy the ISIS Airforce :)

Jacob Wohl

Ha Ha! Just like Qamishli Airbase, right? Russkies have their notorious Pantsir deployed there, yet the US Airforce F-15’s, F-22’s constantly fly over it on a daily basis without a single problem. Russkies having their own eastern Euphrates airbase flown over by an adversary, and there’s nothing they can do about it! So much for that “invincible” pantsir piece of junk. America knows exactly how Russkie radars work, and how to destroy, evade and detect them.

US Navy P-8 Posideon and RC-135’s already captured the S-400 radar operating frequencies! They now can jam them easily and bypass them without a single hindrance. Game over, Russia.

Volker Burkert

Herr Wohl, you might have heard from MSM that there is no war going on between the US and Russia. Perhaps that might explain why Russians are not aiming their air defense systems against US Airforce. So, your claims of US superiority in the air is pure speculation or simply wishful thinking.

Occam's Razor

?? The USers can fly around all they like to the amusement of the rest of the sane world,but the gutless wonders won’t dare bomb any Russian Aircraft themselves. They sure wouldn’t be establishing a helicopter base if there was any danger..


Immer wieder lustig zu hören, was der Jacob Wohl wieder geträumt hat :)

Occam's Razor

ISIS Airforce.. ?? (ISUS)

Jacob Wohl

Another easy target for the US Airforce. F-35’s would pulverize them easily. Just like Russkie operated Qamishli Airbase which the US flies over everyday without a single issue.

As a matter of fact, Israeli F-35’s were able to approach Hamymim airbase from only 30 miles away until they changed course. US F-35’s constantly fly by other Russkie airbases in Syria as well. Eazy peezy targets for us to tackle.

Occam's Razor


Occam's Razor


Jacob Wohl

Yet are still invisible, and bypass Russkie radars in Syria every hour.

Occam's Razor

Just flying around in their lemons …doing nothing.??

Occam's Razor

Oy vey.?

Assad must stay

very nice

cechas vodobenikov

wohly is even more covid infected than previously—perpetuating her feminized amerikan insecurity—apparently the CIA helped her evade her prosecution for financial crimes in Arizona…..another fake amerikan used car saleslady desperate for a CIA payday

Occam's Razor

Well played Vlad..

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