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JUNE 2023

Syrian Army & Russian Air Force Repulse Fatah Al-Sham Offensives in Hama and Latakia

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The Syrian Army has repulsed the Fatah Al-Sham’s offensive in Hama, while the Russian Air Force put an end to the Jaysh Fateh Al-Sham’s offensive in northern Latakia.

Syrian Army & Russian Air Force Repulse Fatah Al-Sham Offensives in Hama and Latakia

Photo: Sputnik / Iliya Pitalev

Attacks of the Fatah al-Sham Front (previously known as the al-Nusra Front) on government forces’ positions were repulsed by the Syrian Army in northern Hama. Due to strong defense of the Syrian Forces, the Fatah al-Sham terrorists failed to prevail over the government forces’ strongholds near Tal Skeik and Maan. The terrorists retreated from the battlefield, suffering heavy losses.

On August 16, the terrorists’ military positions in the surrounding areas of Atshan village in the northeast of Hama were targeted and destroyed by the Syrian troops, while various districts of the town of al-Latamina were struck by the country’s Air Force. The army also advanced in several districts of al-Latamina town, backed by the Syrian Air Force.

The terrorists’ positions, located in the village of Um Haraytan in the northeastern countryside of Hama and al-Zara village in southern Hama, were also pounded by the Syrian fighter jets.

At the same time, military positions of the terrorists in Hirbnafsa in southern Hama also were targeted by Syrian airstrikes.

The Fatah al-Sham Front attempted to take a control of the al-Zara power plant in the southwestern countryside of Hama, but the Syrian Army pushed the terrorists back.

A BMP vehicle in the al-Madajen Front to the north of al-Zara village was also destroyed by the Syrian Armed Forces.

In addition, on Saturday morning, the Russian Air Force put an end to the Jaysh Fateh Al-Sham’s offensive in northern Latakia, and struck the latest armored convoy inside the village of Kabani.

A military source in Jabal Al-Akrad region of northeast Latakia said that the Russian fighter jets had precise coordinates of the terrorists’ movements near Kabbani that allowed the aircraft to inflicted heavy losses on the Jaysh Fateh Al-Sham equipment and combatants. The source also added that a storming of the Syrian Arab Army’s defenses at the southern perimeter of the Zuwayqat Mountians was planned by the Jaysh Fateh Al-Sham. However, the terrorists’ plans were ended by the Russian airstrikes.

Sporadic clashes are ongoing at the southern axis of the Zuwayqat Mountains, but no one side has made any progress.

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abu kornet

trying to distract everybody from your failed counterattacks in aleppo in the last few days which cost you 150 men ;)

Andrew Illingworth

Yeah, and how many of your moderate beheader (aka Bearded Monsters) pirate friends have been killed in the last two weeks? 3,000?

I read that the total losses, both dead and wounded exceed 5,000 Wahabbi criminal child-murders. What considerate commanders you have! Feeding you into a meatgrinder to save a few thousands Turkish and Saudi scumbag privateers trapped in East Aleppo.

abu kornet

i read that rebel aleppo has been besieged again and that 10000 moderate beheaders have been killed and the syrian army is advancing towards idlib

Andrew Illingworth

Now, that would be fantastic! Too bad the only source telling me this is either a Kurdish troll or a Zionist-backed Bearded Monster of Riyadh.

I also read that Al-Nusra has built its own stealthy air superiority fighter that farts Jihadist emissions and uses “Onion-breath missiles” to repulse Russian fighters and strategic bomber that have been continuing to hit its command posts, training centres and lines of communication. I also read that the Wahabbi Pirates of Conquest and Rape (aka Al-Sham “Liberation” Front) have assembled like 100000000000000000000000000 men in East Ghouta to liberate the rest of Damascus and that Jihadist commanders have activated “God Mode” to prevent further losses amongst their ranks.


Hahahah, LMAO.

Boris Kazlov

Onion-breath missiles, Russians love raw onions, keep sending those.

Boris Kazlov

This is a known jihadist, cheering for the child-beheaders and cannibals.

Alex M

It’s still Al Nusra Front no matter how they want to rebrand themselves. It’s still Al Qaeda, they’re still islamist jihadists and they’re still internationally recognised by both the US and Russia and UN as terrorists.


Thanks for mentioning this so called new group is actually al nusra aka al quada. I try and keep up with names but rebranding only works if people don’t continue to constantly remind listeners of the link to the original name for said group. Hopefully if enough people link the new name to the old the rebranding won’t be effective.

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