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MARCH 2021

Syrian Army Reversed All Militant Gains In Eastern Damascus (Map, Videos)


Syrian Army Reversed All Militant Gains In Eastern Damascus (Map, Videos)

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The Syrian Armed Forces recapture the entire factories area north of the embattled Jobar district in the eastern outskirts of Damascus effectively securing all points lost during the jihadist offensive in the area in the past few days.

The 105th Brigade of the Republican Guard and the National Defense Forces (NDF) are currently working on mopping up the buildings and setting up new fortifications. Engineering teams search for potential tunnels and IEDs set by militants.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) continues heavy artillery and missile strikes at militant targets in Jobar. The Syrian Air Force restlessly strikes Faylaq Al-Rahman positions in the neighboring Erbeen and Ain Tarma districts.

According to high-ranking reliable sources in the SAA, militant groups lost some 450 fighters since the launch of their offensive in eastern Damascus 5 days ago.

A Russian diplomatic source informed the Lebanese Al-Mayadeen News Channel that those who broke the ceasefire in Damascus countryside await for an unpleasant destiny reminiscent of that of Aleppo.

The government troops continue putting pressure on militants in Qaboun district targeting them with rockets. The Syrian military could consider launching an offensive to capture this strategic district in the coming weeks to prevent further offensive operations by militants deployed there.

A statement by the Syrian Defense Ministry:

Videos of operations in Jobar:



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