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Syrian Army Reversed Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham’s Gains In Eastern Damascus (18+ Photos, Videos)

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Syrian Army Reversed Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham's Gains In Eastern Damascus (18+ Photos, Videos)

Syrian battle tanks operate in the area

On March 20, Syrian government forces continued developing momentum against the joint militant forces led by Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (formerly the official Syrian branch of al-Qaeda).

The Syrian army and its allies retook the Abbasiyeen Garages, the Abbasiyeen square and the Al-Ghazal factory. These gains allowed to reimpose the siege on the Qabun area in eastern Damascus.

Over 30 members of terrorist groups were killed and at least two armoured vehicles were destroyed in the clashes, according to pro-government sources. The numbers were confirmed by photos and videos from the area.

Liwa al-Quds (a Palestinian pro-government group) even reported that government forces had regained all points lost to terrorists yesterday. However, this still has to be confirmed.

Menawhile, pro-militant sources argued that over 40 members of the Syrian army and other pro-government groups were killed. Nonetheless, no photos and videos were provided.

On March 19, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham an attack against government positions in the Qabun Industrial District in order to link up the Qabun area with the Jobar and Eastern Ghouta regions held by militants. Initially, the militants seized a number of points and broke the siege.

Videos from the area:

More photos from the area:

Syrian Army Reversed Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham's Gains In Eastern Damascus (18+ Photos, Videos) Syrian Army Reversed Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham's Gains In Eastern Damascus (18+ Photos, Videos)

Syrian troops at the Abbasiyeen Garages:

Syrian Army Reversed Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham's Gains In Eastern Damascus (18+ Photos, Videos) Syrian Army Reversed Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham's Gains In Eastern Damascus (18+ Photos, Videos)

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Trustin Judeau

Now the rebels are blaming JAI .Almost all of their gains are reversed.


Thank you for your always insightful comments! :) Can you please elaborate why is Qabun so important – do the supplies to the Guta pocket go through there?

Trustin Judeau

Yes.The supplies for Ghouta come from Qaboum pocket.As you see the distance between Qaboun and Ghouta is small.There also tunnels there


what is there in Qaboun that this many tunnels are directed from there? the frontline with Goutha is huge, dozens of tunnels could provide resources, not just some from Qaboun.

Peter Lynch

These pictures of soldiers posing with dead rebels are horrible and need to be stopped by commanders. They’re going to contribute to ill will for years after the war has ended. Show some respect to dead countrymen, even if they chose the wrong side.


True, but these thugs would have done, and have done the same many times over.

It all boils down to the same thing, you have to prove to the outside world that you’ve won.

jim crowland

Gree with you Pete. That is why we Christians need to take back the Middle East.

David Pike



Actually, it’s an unarmed woman standing between those that wanted to rape/kill/enslave/hijab her (and all the others). Justice isn’t always a pleasant thing to watch. Those who start a “holy war” should be prepared for an unholy death.


Ridiculous. You have been brainwashed by the Western MSM, and have the typical arrogant, morally self-righteous, delusional Western-liberal attitude. On the contrary, MORE such photos should be taken and disseminated after every successful engagement against jihadis. The jihadi savages not only torture, behead and execute captured Syrian soldiers on a regular basis; they proudly make and disseminate videos of their beastly acts. Why should their dead be respected??

These photos serve as a deterrent to aspiring jihadis, by demonstrating to them in graphic detail what their end will be – their worthless carcasses piled up in streets and fields. They also depress the morale of active jihadis and their supporters. In particular, the poignant photo of the sad-faced pretty young female Syrian soldier is very moving and effective – it shows everyone, including misinformed liberals, feminists, progressives etc. around the world, that the soldiers on the secular Syrian government’s side are normal, decent young people fighting for their country, rather than the monsters that the lying Western MSM presents them to be. It also shows that the Syrian armed forces include many normally-dressed (i.e. no Islamic head-coverings and the like), modern and civilized-looking, integrated young women in its ranks. (Compare the appearance of this Syrian female soldier to the photos of the jihadi apes and Islamist women, for example).

Why does the sight of bodies of dead jihadis bother you so much, anyway? These are shariah-supporting, sectarian jihadi terrorist swine who have destroyed a secular Middle Eastern nation in collusion with evil foreign enemies – not democratic “rebels”. Whose side are you on? If you claim to support the Syrian government’s side, well, then – WITH “FRIENDS” LIKE YOU, WHO NEEDS ENEMIES?


Well said. This is a war for the very survival of our Syrian nation, we must kill every enemy in the land until victory – All very well for Westerners to look on and tut-tut treatment of jihadi thugs, how many prisoners have Western backed terrorist groups taken in six years ? None, all SAA taken are shot or knifed- no nice jolly Stalagluft IV style POW camps for a Syrian soldier. So please spare us – this is a war to the death, not some sport or game with polite rules where we all shake hands when referee calls time – try desparately fighting for your life, your home, your family and kids against psycho sick jihadis intent on slaughtering you and raping your eight year old sister Mr Lynch – then you might not be so worried about treatment of the enemy. Typical European idea that war is a sport for trying out weaponery and live-fire training then when they’ve had enough they can pack up and go home, no harm done to folks at home safely out of danger. Pathetic.


@Peter Lynch Many if ISIS are not Syrian countrymen, they are thieves and criminals released from Saudi, QATARI, Turkish etc jails. Added to that there are the insane and psychopaths who are present in every community in the world and are those who would kill , rape, steal and torture for fun if they feel they can get away with it.

So on balance I care little what happens to their dead. I like to think that I would not abuse their dead BUT my friends and colleagues have not been abused by these creatures.

The British Army killed thousands of French etc at Waterloo in 1815. There are no mass graves there for the French. They were exhumed and the bones ground down for fertiliser and spread of the fields of England.


This yet leave the question of: why did they launched an attack on a clearly deffensive front? They don’t have resources there for a large victory, and most important; they know it.

What is the target of this offensive?


Logistics apparently. Which means they’re getting desperate.


Russia and Iran with SAA shoud plan and make big offensivw in ghouta region like they did in eastern allepo so damascus can finally be full liberated and safe, its syrian capital


They have a plan, and they have been working on it for a while. This war has been going on for many years, and it won’t be over soon.


How are these small pockets of terrorists able to survive year after year? They are completely cut off from the rest of the terrorists and are surrounded by government forces on all sides, where do they get arms from?

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