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Syrian Army Retook 3 Villages Captured By Militants In Their Recent Attack (Map Update)

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Syrian Army Retook 3 Villages Captured By Militants In Their Recent Attack (Map Update)

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On December 3, units of the Syrian Army retook the villages of Rasm al-Ward, Istablat and Sarjah from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and its allies in southeastern Idlib. The advance was supported by air and artillery strikes on fortifications and military equipment belonging to militants.

These villages were captured by militants during their advance launched on November 30. Since then, an intense fighting has been ongoing in the area.

Recently, the Syrian Army deployed reinforcements in the area. This may be an indication of the upcoming large-scale operation against terrorists in the southern part of Idlib province.


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Syrian Army has all Right to Capture it`s Land back form Hostile Forces or Uninvited Armies


Good job SAA! Give ’em hell!

Mustafa Mehmet

Easy to retake emty village go on ? give em hell

Free man

Thanks to the constant Russian help.

Hide Behind

US Governments longest wars have been Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, N. Korea and now Syria will be part of that list, and it will never fully regain Sovereignty. Those who want peace and prosperity can, and someday will find it, only by becoming serfs to the existing international Finance and Trade programs. Iraq has become a member and it’s only identity as being Iraq is a foreign financed and controlled corrupt central government. Only group of peoples in Iraq that have advanced since US/NATO invasion are the Kurds who owe those gains to ISRAEL/US, NATO MILITARY AND it is they who control those foreign trade routes. Despite all the foreign inspired propaganda B. S. from Kurds that US abandoned them, billions of foreign investment is still flooding Into Kurd held areas. The rate and amounts of rebuilding of infrastructure and industrial, energy, and agricultural in Kurd areas is far greater than in any place where Syria’s military has regained. Kurds are modernizing their everyday walk of life, while Syria is busy trying to rebuild mud and concrete huts, and old outdatedbsqualid last century style apartment people warehouses. There is never mention of the Southern No Conflict Zone along Jordan border that is held by US, NATO and Jordan two major inland with huge reserves training and support bases in Jordan which is also being rebuilt and fortified with another foreign protected “Moderate Islamic Group” having a building of self government. Another chunk of border lands Syria will never regain full control over that has become a de-facto extension of Jordan. We do not see in US how drastic the change for the better has been daily lives of Kurdish people whose areas have been far more peacefully where all the foreign NGO’s and financials have become established since US and Russia agreed upon Kurdish borders. And then there is Israel/US working together to steal land for the Greater Israel Provram, that will make life for any non conforming Damascus Government and followers miserable. The Jews and Christian Zionist playbooks, Bibles and religious teachings want to fulfill the prophesy of Damascus becoming an uninhabitable pile of ruins.


Would be nice to see the area of the Jihadist’s terrorregime shrinks day by day. So SAA, Russia, Hezbollah and other allies for a free country: Stand your ground, and win Syrian ground back with every day. And the beheaders may go back to the shitholes where they came from – or stay for eternity in the terrorized country six feet under…

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I have a funny feeling the rebels/terrorists are going to be really sorry they broke the ceasefire, they captured a few towns for a few days but quickly lost them them again, and now with the absolutely massive bombardment taking place in southern idlib it looks like the rebels/terrorists are about to lose a few more in the next few days.

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