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Syrian Army Retakes Strategic Town of Ma’an from Terrorists in Hama Province

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Last night, the Syrian army and the National DefenseForces (NDF) recaptured the strategic town of Ma’an and the nearby village of Kubbariyah in the northern part of Hama province. Ma’an had been one of the major towns (others are Taibat al-Imam, Al-Lataminah and Kfar Zitam) strategically located near the M4 highway and captured by the joint forces of Jund al-Aqsa, Ahrar al-Sham, Jabhat Fatah al-Sham and the Free Syrian Army in the province.

By now, Ma’an is the most important success of the ongoing counter-offensive of the pro-government forces. The operation was launched amid infighting between the terrorist groups on October 7 and, by October 10, it has succeed in recapturing a bulk of villages and towns at the eastern flank of M4.

Syrian Army Retakes Strategic Town of Ma'an from Terrorists in Hama Province

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Every military confrontation America has been involved in for the last 180 years has been totally wrong. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4835e5bb891cd60dfd153d706c75ed99e1350c2dc1975984f1a45f976613ea2d.jpg


Yeah, Hitler. Nice chap. So kind and loving. Very different than President banana. Ze Germans, ze Austrians, ze Habsburgs, ze HRR? When was the last time they fought just war? Was it ever? US is nothing but descendant of them mentioned.

John Whitehot

actually zionists have always tried to make people think that those who oppose them are nazis. It’s been like that since Israel was planted in the middle east. So be very aware of connections between apparently “anti-zionist” material and nazionalsocialism because you can be sure as hell they are gonna try that road.


Really? Zionists are real. Nazis are not. Zionists waged wars on Russia since 13th century, Germanic tribes did not. I suppose them Zionists are real Nazis, while ze Germans and mr. Hitler were nice chaps trying to save the world from them Nazis Zionists.

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