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Syrian Army Retakes Key Town From ISIS In Aleppo Province (Map Update)


Syrian Army Retakes Key Town From ISIS In Aleppo Province (Map Update)

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On February 21, the Syrian army’s Tiger Forces liberated the key town of Rasm Harmel al-Imam from ISIS terrorists in the province of Aleppo.

Rasm Harmel al-Imam is located northeast of the Kuweires Military Airbase and north of the ISIS stronghold of Deir Hafer.

Meanwhile, government troops continued to pressure on ISIS terrorists in the town of Humaymah Al-Kabira near Deir Hafer. The Tiger Fores seized the Humaymah Al-Kabira Hill earlier this month. This allowed them to increase military pressure on ISIS units in the area.

Humaymah Al-Kabira is an important town controlled by ISIS which is located on the way to Deir Hafer. There are little doubts that Humaymah Al-Kabira will become one of the next targets of the Tiger Forces in the province of Aleppo.



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  • Trustin Judeau

    According to some pro goverment people SAA is attacking Humaymah Al-Kabira .If they capture it then Deir Haffir will be the next target

  • SPQR

    Why does the SAA still not advance into the area southwest of Dayr Hafir?

    • VGA

      When ISIS takes fighters from there, they will liberate them.