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Syrian Army Resumes Its Operations In Southeastern Idlib, Captures Several Towns

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Late on August 28, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) resumed its ground operations in the southeastern Idlib countryside.

Pro-government sources said that SAA units were able to capture the towns of Khuwayn al-Kabir and Ard al-Zurzur as well as the Aghir hilltop following heavy clashes with Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and its allies.

The SAA continued its advance later, imposing control of several farms in the outskirt of the key town of al-Tamanah, west of Khuwayn al-Kabir.

Syrian Army Resumes Its Operations In Southeastern Idlib, Captures Several Towns

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A day earlier, HTS, the al-Qaeda-affiliated Wa Harid al-Muminin operations room and the Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation (NFL) launched an attack from their positions around Khuwayn al-Kabir at a Russian position near the town of Abu Dail. The attack was foiled by the SAA within a few hours.

The SAA is likely working to secure its eastern flank in southern Idlib in order to prevent more similar attacks by HTS and its allies.

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OUTSTANDING. SAA IS BACK IN THE FIGHT ! :))) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/13a2a669997878cbca9df9d1508baafc9382cc62c7bba04c23ef7f1984183643.png


Breaking news: Toronto Tonto’s holiday in Tel-Aviv is now officially ruined.


Why? Tel-Aviv has already been erased?

John Wallace

He is actually in hospital getting treatment for the diseases in his mouth he got off occupybacon.. He must be more careful in the future on what he sucks and of whom.


Just after finding out “Tiger Forces” have just been fully incorporated into the SAA and hence forth will be known as the “25th Special Mission Forces Division”. AMN News


Yeah I read that article too. Now they’re an offical military unit. That’s a huge achknowledgement.


Hopefully the wanker will choke on his matzo-balls soup !


Soon encircling more turkish outposts…. :}


And yankees outposts. And more: ZioNAZIZ, go to Pluto!


Only US outposts in Syria are in Rojava and Al Tanf. As long as the latter does not become part of SDF, imo the value of Al Tanf is zero or negative.

Xoli Xoli

Then Puton will liberated double face Erdogan terrorists.Aslong as double face Erdogan terrorists safety is endangered .


I figured those moronic terrorist blew their wad yesterday, in a failed attack in that same area. I guess it made even more easier for the SAA to take those villages. Speaking of predictable, most likely coming soon another ineffective Israeli pinprick air strike from behind their border on Syria that wont affect the war on the ground. Since the Syrian government knows its a pathetic distraction and wont take the Israeli’s bait.

Icarus Tanović

Looks like you’re right, they just show up theirs positions to SAA, because of that heinous attack from yesterday.


As I said to Barba Papa, maybe first by east. So, Barba, I worn the bet.


This looks like a push to the east and north of Um Jalal. The rats to the south will have to pull out or be taken out. :)


The push is going to be everywhere, and in the end the last will be hang as in the picture “Schindler’s list”, but this time will be a ZioNaziz.


Lets see.


So you did. But any SAA advance is always a pleasant surprise. Lets hope this offensive will keep on going. To Idlib city and beyond!

Although the cynic in me still think it will halt once the headchoppers have been pushed out the areas they need to strike at the Russian bases. But then the optimist in me says like these headchoppers aren’t innovative enough to increase the range of their drones. Which means the SAA has to push on even further. :)


Good morning Papa,You are a good guy, don’t worry, and you are on the good side. As the great sergeant n says, for you we wouldl die (you are on our side), the others (of the other side), we kill everything that moves, even the flies (massive and full concentrated attack its always an wonderrful job)

Smith Ricky


Icarus Tanović

Whay don’t you just call them Wahhabi scum, or Al Nusra…

Leon Auguste

crumbling cards

Jim Prendergast

This is an heroic action by the forces of the SAA. Every move is a risk of life, and they move with constant dedication!


“The SAA is likely working to secure its eastern flank in southern Idlib in order to prevent more similar attacks by HTS and its allies.”

So it seems this is not the start of the next big operation as we hoped, but just a consolidation of the previous games.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Don’t be so sure.


bravo SAA!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9b970b03a5b49656a7511226b9a071ebea2b2be4a06b7eee5f27946b2aafca6b.gif

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Thank you President Putin, this is certainly what Assad needs right now, full and decisive cooperation from Russia, and you’re delivering everything he needs at exactly the right time. The refugees are already heading north in growing numbers now, and even more SAA advances into the area will only see those number grow exponentially, so now’s the time for the SAA to strike, while the proverbial iron’s still hot, keep the refugees heading north in ever growing numbers. It’ll be just like stampeding the cattle in a cowboy western, stir them up and drive them through the enemies camps, and then all you have to do is just keep driving them until they actually end up at the enemies homestead, breaking down all the homesteaders lovely fences as they’re trying to get through, LOL, the 10,000 soldiers Erdogan recently sent to his southern border won’t be enough to stop the stampede though, he’ll need ten times that number I think. Assad’s a genius, because now Erdogan doesn’t only have to fight his foes the SAA, he’s now going to have to start fighting with his refugee friends as well, just to keep them out of Turkey, and most of those refugees fathers brother and sons, have just been fighting a war for Erdogan, so they won’t be very happy when Erdogan refuses to let them seek sanctuary in Turkey. And because of the way those terrorist’s tempers and loyalties change in an instant, I suspect Erdogan may end up even more hated by those fanatical terrorists than Assad is now, as I said, Assad’s a genius.

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