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Syrian Army Resumes Its Advance In Northern Lattakia, Kills Dozens Of Terrorists

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Syrian Army Resumes Its Advance In Northern Lattakia, Kills Dozens Of Terrorists

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) resumed its advance in the northern Lattakia countryside on May 17 imposing control of several points in the al-Zuiyqat mount and point 1154 near the strategic Kurd mount.

Syrian pro-government activists said that the army killed more than 50 terrorists of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), Ajnad al-Kavkaz (AK) and the Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP) while advancing.

This new push was facilitated by intense shelling on key positions of HTS and its allies in the 112 and 125 hills south of Kabani. The strategic town is the main target of the SAA’s ongoing operation in northern Lattakia, which was launched on May 8.

In the last few days, HTS repelled two attacks by the SAA on its positions south of Kabani, killing and injuring several Syrian soldiers and officers.

A source in the army’s 4th Division, which is leading the military operation in northern Lattakia, told SouthFront that the remaining HTS positions south of Kabani may collapse in the upcoming few days. However, he said that the terrorists fighting there are determined to hold onto their positions.

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klove and light

Show no mercy…and kill their fucking families too, including the fucking jihadi infants.

Promitheas Apollonious

the same can be said also about the zioamericans who caused so many genocides since their existence as a colony as well their masters who created this jihadists and arming them ever since. So what category are you fit in who want to kill infants? To me you sound no different than the zioamericans, with your comment. I do agree with the notion none of the armed jihadists to be left alive, but killing children and especially infants only a sick person can suggest that.


I prefer to be remembered as a mass murder than expose my children to this future jihadist

Promitheas Apollonious

you will be remembered as nothing but a turd.

Gabriel Hollows

The jews would kill your children if they could, they have no mercy. Why should we? Make them go extinct, they’re born evil.

Promitheas Apollonious

we was not talking of jews but of children born in a war time under occupation. I dont have any objection the defective khazar dna to be extinct from the face of the earth.

As for someone try to kill any of the children within my group they are welcome to try and then they learn the very hard way what Maniots blood feud means that never ends until who ever attack us and all his root is eliminated.

I only care for my kind the rest to me are targets, or future targets. On the other hand I will never hurt a child. Children are what adults and society make them to be. If you feel so strongly on what you preaching I want to see you doing what you ask from others to do and be a subhuman as you seem to be. Just like a jew in short.

Astrid Watanabe

“….only a sick person can suggest that.”
The situation is so infuriating that even a normal person can have this thought. It is not necessarily meant literally.


Many share this sentiment, and that is only natural. But to suggest it as a course of action is not right. The right way to express this is to say that I feel like killing them all, but of course we need to let justice decide.

Promitheas Apollonious

depends who say it and how he mean it. Just remember one thing when you think about it. We are better from the ones we are fighting against and we will prevail against them and win. But the moment we become as them then we have lost the war.

many mistaken our humanity with weakness none of them lived to understand their mistake.


It is not good to have a jew attitude. A person must be judge by his criminal actions, but not his family.

Xoli Xoli

Truly you can’t kill devil and leave demons and satanist.


From recent maps it appears that the SAA has gained quite a bit of ground and in some is nearing the Turkish border. It is time to keep this offensive going until they liberate all of Idlib. The Russian aerospace forces have done a very good job with precision munitions by destroying most of the terrorists tanks and armor. The terrorists main backer Turkish forces masquerading as FSA and HTS terrorists now must also pay a price. Turkey can not sustain high casualties as the Anatolian peasant cannon fodder factories are getting restless with returning coffins.


Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP)? Not those poor Uyghurs that China is locking up because they are violent terrorists?


Good news, but SAA-Russia can do it much better. So, go ahead without any stop at all (even with Turkish).


There was a lot of diplomatic work that had to be done to get to this stage where the SAA and Co. could proceed with this advance without outside interference from the various Jew world order miscreants.

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