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Syrian Army Restores Control Of Oum Mardakh Area In Sweida Desert

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Syrian Army Restores Control Of Oum Mardakh Area In Sweida Desert

A screeenshot from the video

Units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the National Defense Forces (NDF) and other pro-government factions have continued their operation against ISIS cells in the Suweida desert, according to pro-government sources.

On August 14, the SAA, the NDF and their allies reportedly restored control of the Markadah area killing at least 5 ISIS members and destroying two vehicles. The Syrian state-run media says that government troops deployed near the hills of al-Safa and launched a first phase of the effort to clear them from the terrorists.

According to some sources, ISIS members already started withdrawing from the al-Safa area aiming to reach the desert area at the Syrian-Iraqi border. If this is true, government forces will soon restore control of al-Safa without significant clashes.

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Feudalism Victory

Sounds like they got away again maybe into the iraqi desert? They should hunt them with sniper rifles.


Why is SAA allowing terrorists to escape ? Just kill them since they will join with others (AL-Tanaf) and will kill civil people somewhere in Syria. Do not allow them to escape !!

Promitheas Apollonious

I dont think they allow them, to escape.

Feudalism Victory

They should lie in wait where there likely to come back and ambush them.

Promitheas Apollonious

I am sure the soldiers who been fighting this scum of the earth for 8 years know better than us, what they should do.


Definitely , yes.

Pave Way IV

It’s suppose to be impossible for ISIS to escape from Safa! All the area around the al Safa cauldron is shaded red = Syrian government-controlled. ‘Control’ of territory generally means the enemy is not able to enter or move freely because they’ll get shot. ‘Control’ does not mean ‘but hundreds of the enemy can still sneak through and escape, undetected’.

Did the head-choppers drive between the red arrows or is everyone there just guessing? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d56383297396d3500c5e44e383dd9f6db7fd961451f6f69669a33851b38085d4.png

Feudalism Victory

Obviously they can only maintain vigilance when attacking. Whatever garrison is either holed up in their barracks or bribed to look other way.

John Whitehot

obviously, one must not have a high opinion of the SAA to come up with such ideas.

wonder why nobody puts in doubt the validity of the 2 lines in question (read: bullshit) and instead make a panegiric on how the SAA fails to kill ISIS.

one could well imagine that some articles or parts of them are written to elicit this kind of (how strange, SAA critical) response, or if it’s the usual opportunistic scum from the usual side, hiding among the creases and the crevices of every single word like sewage rats to launch their retarded pharisaic attacks against Syria.

Hope this people die in their vomit.

Feudalism Victory

Mustve hit a nerve.

John Whitehot

then log it for when angry mobs will start beating on your office door.

Feudalism Victory

Yea well isis didnt kill hundred of people and kidnap dozens more in suweida because the government was doing its job providing security. Then they say they killed 5 isis and retook the already taken territory.

So yah criticism deal with it.

John Whitehot


i can discriminate criticism from smear attempts.

Feudalism Victory

I would beg to differ given your advocacy of personal violence to me.


Well, you shave off your beard, ditch the turban, and change sides. I don’t think it’s all that easy to police, and there are probably people who can be bought on the government side too.


Why they escape? Probably because this area is vast, the frontline does not consist of consecutive WWI trenches but isolated checkpoints and there are never enough troops to guard every meter of the frontline.

Empire's Frontiers

When you’re in the woods with your dog, and the dog runs off, he’ll lead the bear he finds right back to you.

al quaida

If the SAA have the area surrounded, why would they approach through the rocks, where a path has to be cleared with a front end loader, when obviously there was a rock free direction to approach from, which ISIS just used to escape?

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

perhaps they are going to use that approach too

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

No pursuit? No interminable harassment from the air?

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