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Syrian Army Restarts Offensive In Wadi Barada As ‘Rebels’ Block Govt Engineers From Restoring Water Supplies To Damascus

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Syrian Army Restarts Offensive In Wadi Barada As 'Rebels' Block Govt Engineers From Restoring Water Supplies To Damascus

On Sunday, the Syrian army and the National Defense Forces resumed an offensive operation in Wadi Barada, located northwest of the Syrian capital, Damascus. The main reason was that militants blocked entry of government engineers to fix the water supply line to Damascus.  On Monday, government forces were in control of Dahr al-Masaby, several hills northwest of Deir Meqren and continued to develop the advance.

The military pressure by government forces will likely push local militant groups to fulfill the terms of the recently concluded agreement within this week.

On Saturday, the Syrian government and militant groups operating in the Wadi Barada area reached a reconciliation agreement, according to which militant groups were set to allow the restoration of the water supplies to Damascus, to hand over light, medium and heavy weapons to the Syrian army, and to surrender itself to government forces or to withdraw from Wadi Barada.

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Pave Way IV

The local rebel groups are not from the area or foreigners. If al Nusra is anywhere in the area, then they are the absolute bosses of all the other Wadi Barada rebel groups. That’s the way it works everywhere else in Syria. No formal alliances are declared – you just obey them.

FSA soldiers actually from Wadi Barada wanted the fighting to stop a long time ago. They are perfectly willing to surrender their arms and seek amnesty because the Syrian government would bring peace and stability back to the area. But Nusra and the other head-chopper thugs would kill their families and burn their houses to the ground if they surrendered.

The Russians know exactly what the situation is in Wadi Barada. They are trying to give the locals and non-headchoppers a chance without Nusra and the foreign head-choppers retaliating against their families. This may go back and forth a couple of times, but the Russians and Syrians have always eventually got it sorted out. They will continue to take out head-choppers while evacuating as many civilians as possible. Eventually, the head-choppers run low on hostages and the locals will turn on them, or Russian, Syrian and Hezbollah snipers will thin their ranks so much they’ll give up. The head-choppers are trapped like rats and have zero negotiating power since they cut the Damascus water supply. That was a particularly stupid move – now they’re just walking targets.


I believe that the rebels in charge there are Jaysh Al Islam who are actually just another faction of ISIS and Al Qaeda with the same ideology but controlled financed and armed by Saudi Arabia. They have called for the killing of all Alawites and Shia and stated their goal is an Islamic caliphate with Sharia law,In other words they wish to turn a secular country into something similar to Saudi Arabia

gfsdyughjgd .

This war is encouraged by Erdogan how can he support sabotaging terrorist FSA.He is against his own countries opposition but wants sovereign Syrian government to allow him to do to as he like in Syria.Camoflage behind fake friendship.Erdogan has deals with Aserbajan and Ukraine against Russia.Have created no fly zone in Syria.Erdogan claim to reserve the right to attack and be in Iraq.

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