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Syrian Army Responds By Force To New Violation Of Deconfliction Agreement In Southwestern Aleppo

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Syrian Army Responds By Force To New Violation Of Deconfliction Agreement In Southwestern Aleppo

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In a new violation of the Russian-Turkish deconfliction agreement, fighters of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) destroyed a BMP-1 armored vehicle of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the southwestern Aleppo countryside with an anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) on November 8.

Few hours later, the SAA responded to the violation by shelling several positions of HTS and its allies in the area of al-Rashidin northwest of the city of Aleppo with Grad rockets.

The deconfliction agreement forbids HTS and other radical groups from deploying any fighters or heavy weapons in the southwestern Aleppo countryside, as it is considered a part of the demilitarized zone around the governorate of Idlib.

HTS is yet to comply with these terms. This poses a serious threat to the deconfliction agreement. Last week, a Syrian source warned that the SAA and its allies will launch a large-scale military operation in Idlib, if the agreement collapses.

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I repeat it, The Russia-Turkey agreement has been a wonderful opportunity for…..the terrorists to re-arme, re-prepare, re-stablish, re-taken initiative, and continue damage SAA army, nothing else. Russia is saying that it is to early to destroy this agreement…WOW, maybe Russia is expecting some serious attack to its airfield bases in Syria to see that this agreement was just Turkey garbage.

Concrete Mike

After 7 years of war…saa can have a little break come on.

Also this lul was not wasted with the air defenses beefed up.

The Idlib terrorists wont last long…dont worry.


All this guy does is complain about Russia winning the war. The more Russia wins, the more that he complains about what a lousy job that they’re doing. He’s a complete moron.

Concrete Mike

Lol perhaps, I havent noticed him too much. Some people are like that. An example…some guys cried for years to legalize weed, those same guys are now saying fuck that legal weed is too expensive….never happy no matter what.

Any “visitors” lately?


Visitors, like ETs?

Concrete Mike

Yeah..i always found the subject fascinating…had a couple experiences too.


The more that I work on it, the more interaction that I get, it just isn’t the kind of interaction that I’m looking for. Like a good looking disc or small ship showing up with a telepathic comlink in good English that sounds OK. Hi, we’re here, we’ve been watching you and would like to meet and talk. And I’d reply, OK, please set it down and disembark and we can chat. And even if what got out wasn’t human, as long as they looked and behaved OK, and we didn’t get harassed by whoever may be watching, I’d welcome that.

What I’m getting instead is mixed at best, and life threatening at worst. So now when I go out into the wilderness on ET/ED contact ops I gear up to deal with problems in case they occur, which half of the time they do. So I’m clearly getting messed with by negatives. When what I’m looking for are positives.

I just got an email from the export manager at the factory in China where I’m having a special order winter quad track built, that technicians in production are progressing satisfactorily with the build.

These are the specs:

1) Model – ######, I’d like this frame and seating arrangement used so that I can put a trunk and cargo across the back seat and cargo rack without the rear seat and back rest from the other model getting in the way. A screen shot is attached.

2) Engine – 900cc gas 74 horsepower V-Twin cylinder. A screenshot is attached.

3) Drive Train – 4×4, with front and rear locking differentials, and a locking power divider between the front and rear differentials so that all 4 tracks can receive power without slippage at once.

4) Hydraulic disk brakes on all 4 tracks.

5) Electric power steering

6) Tracks and aluminium alloy wheels with tires

7) Electric Winch

8) Steel Bottom Plate

9) Snow Plow

10) Trailer Hitch, I’d prefer the hitch receiver version if it’s available on this frame, a screenshot is attached. If it isn’t the flat flange with a hole in it is also acceptable.

11) Finish – Winter Woodland Camo, a screenshot is attached.

12) Shipping – included in price, lift gate service required.

13) DOT Compliance – I’d like to register and insure the ATV for road use and will need a transferable title, and the unit will require the accessories to be road legal such as lighting, mirrors, license plate bracket, etc..

14) Payment terms – $3,000.00 down payment and $1,000.00 balance due at receipt of ATV via bank to bank wire transfers.

15) Warranty – 2 years parts replacement.

16) Factory badging.

Concrete Mike

Get heated grips and thumb warmer…best 50$ youll ever spend.

Could the visitors be us from the future? They seem mischevous like us.

Burroughs and Penniston beleive rendelsham was us from future….just a thought.


Some could be time travelers, some clearly aren’t.

There are a lot of accessories that I’m looking at, I’ll put the grips on the list, thanks.

My take is that our “dimension” is unique to us. Dogs can hear what we can’t, eagles can see what we can’t, and ETs/ EDs are genetically enhanced compared to us, as we’ll probably become ourselves. And some probably already are in the super soldier and other programs. I’m probably partially enhanced myself.

I just want to get along with them, make friends, and get a ship to become an ET myself. Preferably an armed deep space freighter small enough to land on a planet’s surface for loading and unloading.


So the small bike attached to your Bronco yet?
Knew you could never make it past that large bolder on old forest road.
I have hiked quite a few of them, one had a 3 meter wash out crater.


I partially unboxed it to get the VIN and registered it as an offroad motorcycle and got state stickers, and located a lightweight aluminum hitch receiver rack rated for 400 pounds in stock at Harbor Freight near by for $125.00 that I’m going to pick up. It’s a compact frame model and only weighs about 230 pounds. I still need to spend an afternoon finishing the assembly and take it to a dealer for a state inspection to get plates and insure it for road use. Once I finish the assembly I can legally ride it on wilderness trails with just the offroad stickers and federal forest service permit. Though there will be snow at elevation soon. Tomorrow I’m moving from a 10′ x 10′ to a 10′ x 15′ storage bay so that I’ll have enough room to put the quad track together.
comment image


Early winter treks are the best.
With snow falling on you and no ice beneath your feet.
In a pine forest, nothing compares to this! Best of times. :)))


And you can see what’s up there with you, like the unidentified trial print that I posted a picture of here a few months ago. If there’d been snow on the ground last summer during the bigfoot encounter. I could have gotten a better idea of what I was dealing with.

Concrete Mike

Agreed…other than being 1000ft underground..its the nicest quiet youll find.

Albert Pike

It was always just a time filler, till the midterm elections. Elections are over, it can go on.


Peter the Great used to say: “Never trust a Turk!”


I reckon the biggest reason why these headchoppers attack is so the SAA will cancel the deconfictation agreement and we will be back where we used to be. A major SAA attack imminent, the white helmets ready to carry out a fake chemical attack and the US ready to attack Syria. Of course that would require some leadup so the US can froth at the mouth and huff and puff in the MSM media and UN. The smart thing to do for the SAA would be to respond with an out of the blue offensive that grabs some major territory before the US can come to the aid of its headchoppers and then declare mission accomplished, deconflictation is back in force again.

I reckon (and hope) that this is why we haven’t heard from the Tiger Forces in a while. They’re being kept somewhere, at the ready I suspect, hopefully ready to go at a moment’s notice.


How long should I wait until I see the superb TOS-1 fire barrage???

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