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JULY 2020

Syrian Army Reportedly Liberated Sukhna From ISIS, Started Securing Area


Syrian Army Reportedly Liberated Sukhna From ISIS, Started Securing Area

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the National Defense Forces (NDF) have allegedly liberated the strategic town of Sukhna from ISIS terrorists in the province of Homs.

According to some pro-government sources the town has been already liberated. Other sources claim that some fighting is still ongoing but the SAA and the NDF will liberate the town soon.

Earlier today, government troops overrun the ISIS defense and entered the town of Sukhna following a success in capturing the overlooking heights in the area.



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  • Jesus

    Good job SAA and allies, let the 5th corps and Tiger force allocate some troops to close the pocked and trap ISIS in central Syria, without any communications or supplies. Then, the main vanguard from both pincers can continue approaching Deir Ezzor.

    • Spanker Dane

      SAA is a bunch of incompetent goat herders. Tiger Force are only good at raping defenseless women. They are a joke in the eyes of true professional military people.

      • Jesus

        And who do you consider “true professional military people”?

        • Tudor Miron

          Himself? Another keyboard warrior?

      • Michael Qiao

        Jihadi got butt hurt?

      • PZIVJ
      • northerntruthseeker .

        I smell hasbara here once again… Only Jewish scumbags would make such a statement!

        • Attrition47

          Zionists aren’t Jews you ignoramus, thet can’t be because to be Jewish you have to follow the religion; you can’t do that if you’re a secular, fascist antisemite. QED

          • Jesus

            The Jews in Jesus’ time follows their Mosaic theology embellished with human shortcuts, the very High Priest who was the upkeeper of the Law/religion acted as a Zionist, refusing to believe that Jesus Christ was the Son of God, and falsely condemning Him, declaring it is more expedient for one man to die than a nation perish.
            That is the ultimate Zionist expression.

          • Hisham Saber

            There is a 13th tribe, and the predominant one. The tribe of Khazaria. The vast majority of the 12 tribes became either Christain or Islamic.

            The vast majority of todays Jews are not semitic at all, but come from Khazaria. The Khazarians are/were a bloodthirsty, diabolical, war mongering race who used to worship the phallus, practice homosexuality and ritual sacrifice. When their king adopted Talmudic Judiasm, the whole race adoptaed it too, overnight.

            Now, this sick race has seized positions of power and influence in the west, while the citizens of the west were essentially sleeping.

          • Jesus

            I get the background of the Jews from Biblical OT scriptures. There were 12 tribes and another one, the Levi tribe chosen for religious duty, to carry the tabernacle, to assemble and disassemble it, later when the Temple was built in Jerusalem, the levites carried the priestly duties in the Temple. In 70AD Jerusalem was sieged and taken over by the Romans, the Temple was burned and many surviving Jews were carried into captivity as slaves to Rome. As far as the Khazars, I hear individuals mentioning the concept, however, from a religious standpoint without a Temple it is impossible to carry out God’s requirements for sin offerings, for individuals and the nation.
            Before AD, Greeks tried to understand and possibly observe the Mosaic law, however, they were put off by the requirements of clean and unclean animals and some other issues peculiar issues they found strange.

            Jews that were carried to Rome, according to my understanding stayed in western and central part of Europe for 10-1200 years. There were Jews in Asia, long before the destruction of Rome in 70AD, they stayed there because of economic opportunities, and they did not have a problem mingling with the local population.

            Jews in Europe maintained their identity and customs by observing a truncated form of the law, since there was no Temple. Synoguges were just a place of gathering, the Temple was a place where you made your offerings to support the priesthood and sacrificed animals for sin offerings.

            The 12 tribes did not become Christian nor Islamic, maybe a few did under pressure, however, even 2000 years ago Jews were regarded as trouble, when Emperor Claudius kicked all the Jews out of Rome. I am not convinced about the Khazar theory, in the scriptures at the end times before Jacob’s/Israel’s trouble against the whole world, the 12 tribes are mentioned again, so the Khazar notion is just a notion.

          • Attrition47

            Are you an American?

          • Jesus


      • Hrky75
      • goingbrokes

        Sore loser!

      • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

        Wow, if it isn’t the Monkey Spanker troll sounding as stupid as ever , you should pull your head out your ass long enough to see your COD gaming doesn’t make you a an expert nor being in the US army does.

      • martin aguilar


    • Xanatos

      I agree the first course is to merge tiger forces from kawm oasis to Sukhnah, divide ISIS and open path between 5th corps and tiger forces. A mistake would be tigers overextending themselves marching down the euphrates valley to deir ezzor on its own. A coordinated isis attack on resafa, or an HTS attack on ithriya , will put tigers in a pocket.

      • Jesus

        Tiger forces are supported by tribal units numbering around 10,000, without any mention of NDF, other Syrian troops or Iranians. I would say that pincer is strong enough to sweep ISIS out of the way to Deir Ezzor. The Tigers are the lead attacking forces, they have ample support. As far as an ISIS counterattack against Resafa, ISIS is trying hard to defend central Syria, they have numerical inferiority, they lack mobility since Suk-25 and gunships from Tyas air base can hit any ISIS gatherings with impunity in a very short period of time.
        Lacking mobility, I do not see ISIS being able to mount any effective counterattacks.

        As far as HTS, they are still licking their wounds, and are trying to establish themselves as the top dog in Idlib.

        • esathegreat

          The tribal fighters are worthless

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            Great!,another idiot troll spouting nonsense go back to your keyboard games elsewhere.

  • dutchnational

    Several sources on #sukhna confirm this and tell of 20 SAA death today and some 50 yesterday. Over the whole three days some 100 SAA death and loss of several tanks.

    • Michael Qiao

      much less then I expected

    • Jesus

      That is what real war is, hard fighting and corresponding casualties, not some SDF drama where they kill a few ISIS, and ISIS kills a few SDF. What about the VBIED attack that killed 40 SDF members who were sitting on their hands unprepared?

    • Leon De Elias

      100K lost already,but they turned the table on these butchering mfers,and winning the war..and that is the only news matter..20,or 100 more lost..? Does not matter,but the butchers will gone,all of them finally and heavily pay for what they did..

    • Robert Duran

      Why is this POS always pointing out the negative when it comes to the SAA?

      • Wolfgang Wolf

        still dont know why people publishing unverified ISIS propaganda

        • dutchnational

          From a none IS tweet site with several sources and anyone can go look.

          • Tudor Miron

            non IS? Let me guess… CIA public relations or similar? Something similarily “non connected”? Something that is funded from the same source as white helmet hores?

      • Bru

        because he is a kurd

      • Tudor Miron

        He openly admitted that he takes SF readers for complete dumbs – that’s his rationale to post BS here. That tells you about “value” of his opinions. It’s like… he knows that we know that he lies but just can’t stop.

    • Barba_Papa

      If it meant capturing the most important strategic town between Palmyra and Deir Ezzor then 100 dead is not only worth it. It’s chump change compared to the losses the SDF has suffering, is suffering and will continue to suffer in Raqqa.

      • Michael Qiao

        speaking of which, I am curious of how much losses the SDF suffered, I know it’s enough to exhaust their advance

        • dutchnational

          In Sukhnah none as there is no SDF there. Losses to SDF in Raqqah reported to be over 200, I would say nearing 300 now. In a period of some two months.

    • Tudor Miron

      Those soldiers died while liberating their Motherland from the terrorist scum that you and your masters poisoned Syria with. Death on the battlefield defending your Motherland is considered the most honorable here in Russia. Families of those soldiers are feeling the pain and loss but they are also proud and grateful to those that died for Syria.

  • Hrky75
  • Jan Tjarks

    That is much quicker than anyone could expect. I’m curious, why Daesh gave up so easily, not that they weren’t fighting other hopeless battles like Mosul and still Raqqa.

    Not sure what I should make of that. Are they already done that much, or are there other plans to defend closer to Deir Ezzor?

    • Jesus

      They lost the will to fight considering the constant losses they have been suffering for the last 1.5 years. Not much different when Germany was attacked on two fronts in 1945 and they knew the war was over, without much will to fight. Around Deir Ezzor they will be attacked from three directions similar to Sukhana attack; they are done.

      • FlorianGeyer

        There is a thorny question that needs to be considered .

        When ISIS is defeated in Syria and Iraq , what will happen to the ISIS prisoners ? There are said to be circa 20,000 hard core ISIS left in Syria + 2000 holed up in Raqqa and tan unknown number in Iraq, in an area surrounded by Syria including the Kurdish enclave, Iraq and Jordan via the US occupied desert adjoining Syria.

        The ISIS survivors will have nowhere to flee. Unless of course the US flies some out as they were observed doing in Mosul.
        Who will want to take responsibility for them as they could never be released ? It would take thousands of guards to secure them and ISIS are proven tunneller’s so would a rather deep abandoned mine be the best option as a prison.

        Killing them would create a furore amongst the bleeding heart liberals.

        Its a conundrum.

        • PZIVJ

          But there may be only 12,000 ISUS left in both Syria and IRAQ.
          Perhaps some of them can be flown to that tunnel system in Afghanistan that was recently vacated due to MOAB ?

          • FlorianGeyer

            What would Human Rights Watch say about that though :) Perhaps if the ISIS head choppers were given counselling by overweight Libtards they could be returned to society and take up plumbing or teaching in junior schools ? On reflection that would be a bloody silly idea :)

            Vot to do, Vot to do ?

          • Merkel will be pleased to welcome them to Germanistan!

          • Tudor Miron

            How about moving them all to friendly house of mr. mccain? I’m sure he will love this idea – his dear friends paying him a honorable visit…

        • Jesus

          The ISIS scourge has to be eradicated. The ISIS forces in Syria west of Eufrates will be terminated, if some ISIS leftovers hide in the desert it will be a matter of time.
          Senior ISIS leaders committed suicide in Mosul, rather than be captured, I would not allow US to move ISIS anywhere. Vlad Tepes impaled ottoman troops and emissaries, a similar fate involving ISIS prisoners lining up the streets of Deir Ezzor would not be out of question.

          • Siberian gulags!

          • hhabana

            Excellent idea!

        • Quenten Bruce

          No, its not conundrum,.. Many isis are disillusioned ideologically or otherwise and will take the opportunity to stop fighting if it is presented. Many others will die fighting and the rest? They will be tracked and monitored when they get out of jail. That is those that will not be executed.. If you didnt think Syria was a heavy handed state before, they surely will be in order to stop the isis scourge from reappearing in any form.

        • Moon Base!

          • FlorianGeyer


          • These Orcs can be put to use tunneling into the interior. In a hundred years malls, cinemas an amusement parks will replace their prison, after they are dead and gone.

        • dutchnational

          I do not think there is just one answer.

          A lot of them will get killed in the endfighting. Some of them will escape by blending in with fugitives. Those that escape will either go to HTS, Turkey or their home country.

          SDF has let some of them go when they were not fighters and their local community or tribe vouched for them.

          Assad will likely imprison those he takes and not many will make it out.

          • John Brown

            Send all ISIS and Al Qaeda prisoners to their master Israel!

          • Hisham Saber

            Yes. Re-program them, or should I say re-weaponized them with 24/7 propaganda videos of Israeli ethnic cleansing, atrocities, etc. Then arm them to the teeth and show them the directions to Israel. Simply turn the tables on those Zionist monkeys.

          • John Brown

            That is not what I mean. Since racist supremacist Israel created, controlled, paid, supplied weapons to, gave medical and air support to etc. to ISIS and Al Qaeda, so let Israel have to imprison them and pay for it for years or Israel can kill them all so it will be much harder for Israel to recruit such stupid Goyims to be slaves in the future when they see what their reward will be.

        • goingbrokes

          What’s the problem? They are in Iraq and Syria. Those countries are perfectly capable of dealing with them. We need to trust justice to them – it is up to them. They are a US/Israeli assets so those two specifically must have nothing to do with the process. Western countries should have no say in it at all. Any ISUS fleeing (that are not rescued by CIA or Mossad) must be returned to their place of posting.

        • Ma_Laoshi

          Cannot be answered I think without knowing if they are locals or foreigners. In the latter case, I think it’s only just to let NATO, Saudis, and Israel meet these folks in their own streets, and get them to experience what they have supported for all these years.

        • Wahid Algiers

          Sentence to death and the problem is solved. All in one trial.

          • FlorianGeyer

            It is a preferred option but would it inflame further tensions and also detract from the international laws of combat that Russia is keen to see observed ? And that the US is seen to be ignoring.
            It is certainly a thorny question .
            Surely if we who uphold morality descend to the depths of US/ISIS/Israeli amorality , we have become devils ourselves ?

        • Florian We

          Probably they will be sent to Germany as “refugees” ???

      • gustavo

        Yes, we hope PMU close the border for ISIS-Daessh but it looks like they do not move at all right now.

      • Jan Tjarks

        One big difference, the Germans fiercely fought the onslaught in the east, for obvious reason, trying to save as many people as possible, moving them to the west.

        However, Daesh gives a sh*t about civilians, as such you are probably right. We will see how Ma’adan and Al-Bukhama will develop, but with soon being split right in the middle at Deir Ezzor, I do not expect them to fight on for much longer now.

        This was one of the reasons why I expected them to make a stand in Sukhna, as it took the SAA a lot of time to reach the city in the first place and made sense, to keep the occupied territory together, this won’t be the case anymore now.

        While the end of the war was a foregone conclusion already anyway, now it might become a mere mopping up action only, but we will see.

      • Florian We

        Honestly, the most honoured and brave fights of the Wehrmacht and Waffen SS especially where those from 1943 to 1945 in order to defend The Reich and Europe from the communistic invasion of the red army. Numerous highest decorations have been achieved in these defending fights. Wehrmacht and SS often fought as a minority of 1 versus 12 and won. The will to defend the homeland was even honoured by politicians and veterans from the other side. Look at Rudel (fought till the last hours of the war) and man alike. Some units even didnt stop to fight after the collapse and the capitulation. ISIS and those brave german soldiers can never be compared, also the situation is completely different. Just my two cent. Read books from people who participated in the war. Anyway I really hope ISIS/ US terrorists will be destroyed and Syria will be at peace soon. I bet the falcons in Washington have different plans though…

        • Jesus

          I understand that Germans fought bravely to defend their homeland, 1943 through 1944 Germany was withdrawing from Eastern CCCP and Europe, you fight wars with hope of winning, however, when the German cities were being leveled by allied bombings, war production although peaking in 1944 did not make an impact on the war effort, when teenagers were being drafted into the armed force as a last resort for manpower shortages…..you would know the end is near. After the failed Ardennes offensive, Germany should have tried to end the conflict through a peaceful approach, before the Allies and the Russians invaded the country. Of course Hitler had the same mindset that led Germany to the Stalingrad and Kursk disasters.

          • Florian We

            On a side note: Germany made more than 4 peace offers to England! From the very beginning of the war til the end. Of course this not part of the history lesson in todays schools…

    • goingbrokes

      Well, I didn’t expect it to take long! Only taking the surrounding hills took longer than I thought.
      What to make of it? In my opinion ISUS was never planned to have to do any serious defending. They were essentially a conquering army, and the plan was for them to win. To take down the government in Damascus. But they failed, so now they do the best they can. They are still dangerous because they are willing to die for their cause, but they don’t have the will and the capability to seriously hold territory against a national army.

      • Jan Tjarks

        Well, that is the thing, but they nevertheless proofed to be strong fighters within the rubble of a city, where air superiority and artillery have limited effects only. Beyond Sukhna, there is no major city to fight a city battle anymore, which would keep SAA off the Euphrates river, the remaining “IS heartland” for Daesh.

        In the open desert, they are no competition to the different SAA formations now, who can rely on air support. But it seems that Daesh nevertheless limited SAA’s movement in the desert reaching the city itself, thus the long time to take the hills around the city. One of the reasons I thought that they would make a stand in Sukhna, buying time to prepare. but with this development now, didn’t they prepare, or did they just falter?

        I can only guess, that Deir Ezzor will be a last propaganda target for Daesh now, to show that even in defeat, that they won’t stop with their terror. While the open battles might come to an end sooner than later, it’s far from over.

    • Colin Oskapy

      US Marines very worried and concerned for ISIS right about now.

      • Jens Holm

        No,they are not.You say.

  • Solomon Krupacek

    good news

  • Jesus

    Have Terminators been used in Sukhana? Since ISIS did not defend the city very effectively, it is possible that the Terminator’s 30MM guns made quick work of sniping or VBIED activity.


    AMN reporting 80% of Sakhna taken:
    Time to kick DAESH trash out of this important road link in the desert.

    • Loishwinans


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  • Alessandro Lattanzio

    and SF waits an ISIS’ confirmation…

  • goingbrokes

    Sukhnah taken! There are NO MORE TOWNS before reaching Deir Ezzor Governorate!

  • Solomon Krupacek
  • martin aguilar


  • martin aguilar


  • martin campbell

    Hello i have a couple of questions. I read an article about SAA reinforcements to Deir Ezzor. How do they get there? Secondly, defeated bands of fighters and camp followers keep being evacuated to Idlib. Whats supposed to happen next about Idlib? I understand the governments ambition is full territorial control of Syria.

  • martin aguilar