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JUNE 2021

Syrian Army Repels Turkish-Backed Militants’ Attack In Northern Al-Hasakah

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Syrian Army Repels Turkish-Backed Militants' Attack In Northern Al-Hasakah

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) repelled on October 19 an attack by Turkish-backed militants on its newly-established positions in the vicinity of the town of Tell Tamr in northern al-Hasakah, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

“A unit of the Syrian Arab Army foiled an infiltration attempt by the Turkish regiem’s mercenaries near its positions in the village of al-Ahrras northwest of Tell Tamr, [the unit] clashed with the attackers and repelled them,” the state-run agency’s reporter in al-Hasakah said.

Two days ago, Turkey agreed on a U.S. sponsored ceasefire in northeast Syria. However, the Turkish-backed National Syrian Army (NSA) is still conducting attacks in the northern al-Hasakah countryside.

The SAA’s deployment in northeast Syria began last week following a breakthrough agreement between the Damascus government and the political wing of the SDF. The initial agreement allow the army to enter most of the region with the aim of countering the ongoing Turkish-led offensive.

The SAA and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are now working to secure their positions in northern al-Hasakah. A day earlier, units of the army entered more villages west of Tell Tamr.

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John Wallace

The Turkish Militias will be a law unto themselves so won;t recognise the ceasefire unless it is too their advantage to do so, ,


True. Thankfully these militias are fairly toothless and inept without Turkish tanks and airstrikes backing them up. And even in North Aleppo they’re more busy fighting each other over who gets to control the smuggling proceeds then fighting Assad. Occasionally they’ll lob a grenade towards a SAA checkpoint, but most of the time these get lobbed to each other.


Turkish operation is the last leg of the Syrian war, which is winding down. I wonder what kind of solution for the millions of refugees results.

Pence in Turkey was pretty much only to get political domestic heat off Trump, while enabling to fulfill one campaign goal. I’m guessing EU will again get it’s fair share of the stream of moderate head choppers (and from what I heard, there is no diplomatic solution for Idlib issue).


There is no way in hell that Europe will take in 3 million Syrian immigrants, taking in 1 million the last time brought the EU almost to the breaking point politically. This is potentially more dangerous to the EU then the Greek debt crisis or Brexit. Germany and Sweden could take in no more and currently have strong nationalist parties as a result, Merkel has become dead in the water because of it, and trying fob off even a few of these immigrants had the Eastern Euro’s up in arms more then the socalled threat of Russia. There’s a reason why the immigrant camps in Greece are still full, no European leader wants to face electoral suicide by taking in more Muslim immigrants.

This is why Erdogan has the EU by the balls. But he also knows that if he were to open the borders for these emigrants the EU will erect a new Iron Curtain between it and Turkey. And the Turkish economy will tank even more. It’s like mutually assured destruction and why nukes are worthless as offensive weapons. Once each side has the means to hit the other back war becomes rather prohibitive. My guess is that Erdogan will declare Syria to be safe again and shove the Syrian refugees back across the border, giving them the option of going to either Syrian government controlled territory, the Turkish controlled ‘safe zones’, which are de-facto Wild Wests where Turkish backed headchoppers fight over who gets to smuggle what, or the Idlib Terrorist Reservation.

Sure, forcing the Syrian refugees to go back to Syria will garner Erdogan some condemnation from European leaders who have say the politically correct thing for some of their audiences, but things will soon be forgotten afterwards. Ship them all to Europe and relations with Europe will be soured for decades to come. The nuclear option always comes with mutually assured destruction, so shipping them back into Syria is the least damaging option.

And yes, there is no diplomatic solution for Idlib, if only because nobody wants to take these headchoppers back. The SAA will simply not be able to kill every last one of them. If millions of Nazi’s could survive and escape the fall of the Third Reich, so will probably most headchoppers if the SAA takes back Idlib. They’ll just try to escape into Turkey. Best option for Turkey is to keep them inside Idlib. And for that Turkey needs the SAA to stay out of Idlib. I still wouldn’t be surprised if that was part of the deal where Turkey will accept the SAA taking back East Syria and did the dirty work to make this happen.

Jens Holm

Very sympthomatic You dont count at least 5 million syrians outside and 5 million inside as a leg.

Hard for me to see Turks and Assads can control, what they take.


Mustering the SDF Kurds into the SAA solves two problems and creates one. It decommissions SDF personnel and meets the Turks safe zone requirements. And creates an internal 5th column of potentially untrustworthy subversives in the SAA.

alejandro casalegno

The kurd military wanted a alliance with the SAA lomg time ago……….the kurds politicians were servants of the USA………..now the combat put the politics aside!!!


The Kurd military is a violation of Syrian law. And the political leadership is guilty of treason and a host of other laws.

Sasan Jamshidi

Also SAA and SAP are both guilty of crime against humanity and massacre of kurds in 2004.

Jens Holm

Its in the Micky Mouse parlament as well fx

1) If a female are done to a non virgin by an elder man, the man can be let free marrying here. How comes. You girls should be protected. In my country men are in jail right away and often for several years for that as well as they has to pay to the girl being damaged – and certainly not her father.
2) If a Syrian women marries a foreign man and they make children, the man cant come to Syria and be a Syriand citicen – BUT if a Syrian man marries a foreign women and make children, she can get passport almost right away.

The reasons for both must be, that girls and females are kept even more stupid then boys and men.

Here in Denmark we see its true and the crimerate for men being well helkped by us too often respect no women and too many are criminals.


Do you have links?

Jens Holm

The worst from You today, but the day is not over yet.

If it wasnt for SDFs by the Kurds, Assads hardy was Emirs of Latakia.

The laws in the whole Syria are illegal made by very few nepotistic hardly people naming themselves as Baathists and even worse then Russians, when cremlin was a secret book.

United nation says that too. Syria is no country but a private property runned with fear and bajonets.

The Baathist Leadership has been guilty in treason against its own population not hosting any improvements and equal rights for everyone, they dont like.

Good examples in the parlament for that again and again especially women and even girls being treated as second or their class hardly human beings.

Jens Holm

Kurds by the SDF never were servants of USA. I hear You: KURDS PUT YOU POLITICS ASIDE.

Thats how Your narrowminded small world is.

Ray Douglas

Additionally, the Kurdish fighters/terrorists/freedom lovers, could be split up/amalgamated into existing SAA battalions so that they are always a small minority.

Jens Holm

You must be out of Your mind knowing nothing at all about SDF infantery guerilla warfare.

SDFs are militias which one for one can choose if the want to fight or not, so they are no soldiers and most likely they will go home and let Assads and Russians take over ISIS unless they are paid very well – maybee withfuel hahaha.

And let me reemind You that Assads are experts in silent revenge.


One lesson of the Jews is that a high density of 5th columnists in control positions is a problem.


SAA needs the men


If the SAA can use reconciled terrorists, they can use Kurds. They just have to be monitored and managed properly.

Jens Holm

SDFs are not mustering at all. It makes no 5ths colonne.

If Assads take over the militias can go home and wait for revenge – or ehat are Your low expectations.

Stalin dodnt make Rosevelt to Communist as well as Rosevelt didnt make Stalin to a Capitalist.

More like You think SDF and Kurds are low.

Ceasar Polar

SDF will be absorbed by the SAA, no one will be left behind to wander around with US weapons and trainning, that will be a huge risk for 5th column, Syria has enough experience now not to let that happen.

alejandro casalegno

The only solution of kurds and SAA against the turkish jihadists……………KILL EM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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