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Syrian Army Repels ISIS Attack On Al-Bukamal (Video)

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On June 9, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies repelled an ISIS attack on the strategic city of al-Bukamal near the Syrian-Iraqi border, in the southern Deir Ezzor countryside, according to the pro-government blog al-Masdar news.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) confirmed that ISIS fighters withdrew from most of the positions they had captured north of al-Bukamal and said that the SAA had killed more than 16 fighters of the terrorist group. The pro-opposition monitoring group also claimed that 30 soldiers and officers of the SAA, Hezbollah and Iranian forces were killed around the city in the last 48 hours.

ISIS launched its attack on al-Bukamal from its positions on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River, according to SouthFront’s source in the SAA. The terrorist group positions on the eastern bank are supposedly besieged and monitored by the US-led coalition and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

This is the second attack of ISIS on al-Bukamal this month. Some experts say that the terrorist group is receiving at least indirect support from the US-led coalition.

Meanwhile, the Russian Defense Ministry stated that all ISIS strongholds in Syria are located in the coalition’s zone of responsibility.

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Good job SAA! But why repeating the fact that there are ISIL units across the Euphrates – not like they swam the river to attack Al Bukamal. It was the rats hiding in Homs desert. They were left there by a conscious decision of Russians/Syrians because back in the day SAA forces needed to be transferred elsewhere – Homs, Hama and Damascus. It was always a gamble but one that paid off in the end – so this time it’s not really US fault. Unless Syrians can prove a lively ISIL operated-NATO sponsored ferry traffic across the Euphrates west side of which SAA is in complete control of. In any case, now it’s time to steam roll over the Homs desert and clean the remaining strongholds.


Join the SAA! They need you!


I fought my war 25 years ago when my own country needed defending. Syria has enough 20-something guys to defend her, without my help. BTW did you ever try putting your life on the line for your country? Or for any reason for that matter?


Sorry, Hrky75, I meant everybody in general, not you in particular, or the syrians in particular.


The Desert Area has served well as a de facto prison camp to incarcerate the ISIS killers bussed out from urban areas. It is now time to eradicate ALL of them.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

All the might of the US Airforce, all the well equipped, well armed and well informed SDF, supported by both the US and Iraqi Airforce’s, all the big French artillery guns that haven’t fired a shot at Isis yet, [because they’re still pointing at the SAA troops on the other side of the Euphrates], the combined might of both the Iraqi ground and Airforce’s, and it’s taken more than 2 months, nearly 3, and this pocket of 1500 Isis fighters, crammed into a area 35km long and 15km wide, and hemmed in by a river, is still managing to hold on.
After Erdogan invaded Afrin the Kurds halted operations in this area full stop, the Kurds weren’t doing that much beforehand anyway, so nothing really changed much that affected Isis. They were able to operate in SDF controlled territory with impunity, and used the Syrian/Iraqi border to re supply their Isis comrades in Iraq with both supplies and fighters. Last year the Iraqi’s invited the SAA, the Russians and the US to participate in a joint operation to secure the whole Syrian/Iraqi border, and all but the US agreed to this joint operation. Without US help, they went on with the operation and by December the SAA had managed to secure the whole border south of the Euphrates, excepting for the area around the US base at Al-Tanf near the Jordanian border. The Iraqi’s took a little longer because they had more difficulty removing Isis from near that same US base in Syria, Al-Tanf, but when they did it only took a little over a month for them to go on and secure all the northern border as well. The Iraqi’s then started complaining to the US that Isis was still using the border areas of Al-Hasakah [SDF controlled] to move fighters and supplies between the 2 countries, and until April this year, nothing was done about it. The first strike in this new joint Iraqi/US/SDF/French operation was an Iraqi airstrike in Al-Hasakah early in April but the news articles that reported on the event were very curious. They were very clear in stating the Iraqi’s had NOT coordinated this strike with the US, but instead ONLY requested Assad’s permission to fly over Syrian sovereign territory to attack Isis. That only told me one thing, the US had to be dragged into this operation kicking and screaming, they weren’t willing participants at all, the Iraqi’s were fed up with the US stalling for so long and took matters into their own hands. In the first 5 weeks of this operation, the Iraqi’s staged 2 airstrikes in Al-Hasakah and 1 in Dier ez-Zor, used their artillery twice in Dier ez-Zor, once at the small pocket they’re besieging now, and had many border skirmishes with Isis with one of those infringing on Syrian territory. In the same 5 weeks the US stage 7 airstrikes and the SDF had 3 or 4 minor clashes with Isis in both governates, not very proportional if you compare the capabilities of both countries and the assets they have available.
When the Russians say the US is complicit in prolonging the life of Isis in Syria they’re only half right, if they’d said the US is complicit in prolonging the life of Isis in both Syria and Iraq, then they’d have been totally right.
In the comments I read some of us believe the Russians and the SAA have mistaken the Isis fighters they believed were from the besieged Hajin pocket, for the ones they just shipped in from Yarmouk to join their brothers in Dier ez-Zor and Homs, but does anyone really believe the Russians and the SAA are anything close to being that stupid. With all the intelligence equipment, spies and patrols, they could surely tell where these Isis fighter really came from and went back to. Unless of course they’re lying about it, which of course is possible, but I myself don’t think it’s the case here.
As to ” a lively ISIL operated-NATO sponsored ferry traffic across the Euphrates west side of which SAA is in complete control of ” just remember Dier ez-Zor city itself, Isis had a lot of practice doing it there and have become very good at it, they’re all good swimmers and boatmen now and I don’t think the SDF has gotten any better at securing their side of the river either. This scenario is just a repeat of what happened in Dier ez-Zor with the circumstances and situation being more or less exactly the same.
What the SAA do have to worry about though is a pincer operation by Isis that could coordinate their fighters in the Dier ez-Zor and Homs deserts with this crew here at Hajin. When I say that I don’t mean that Isis itself poses the problem, the SAA and Russians could handle anything they had to offer and are probably expecting it. What I mean is the SDF, the US and the big French artillery guns could be a big problem. May I pose a possible scenario.
Both groups of Isis launch a huge well coordinated pincer attack on the SAA just south of the Euphrates near the Iraqi border. The French use their artillery [that haven’t fired a shot yet] to supposedly assist the SAA and attack the Isis fighters crossing the river to attack them, but instead ACCIDENTLY hit strategic areas with high numbers of SAA fighters, allowing Isis to overwhelm the SAA forces there and start to take control of the battle. This would then give the SDF a very good excuse to cross the river and engage Isis, along with French and US air support, as well as those very accurate and very long ranged French artillery guns helping them. Once the battle was won does any one think they’d ever leave again. And if anybody thinks that sounds way too far fetched, I’ll just copy and paste my previous reasons for believing it’s possible. “This scenario is just a repeat of what happened in Dier ez-Zor with the circumstances and situation being more or less exactly the same”. that’s not 100% accurate but close enough and I’m too lazy to write anymore. 100 dead SAA and 2 coalition airstrikes remember.

Elmarie Muller

People must wake up against USA propaganda.Russian reconciliation Centre organize green busses to relocate surrendered terrorists and clear areas. But just a next day ISIS attack same areas over and over . Wake up there is no ISIS in Syria it is USA protected SDF which attack SAA. When Turkey attack there was no so call Attack in Syria because USA loses SDF in that time to attack in the fake name of ISIS.

bob balkas

According to the bible, the satan of the bible, is not ever idle. This then proves that the god of the bible is always idle.

God is activated most of the time when priestly class needs to be paid and when some of them are amassing fortunes, palaces, jets.

To make matters worse for all of us; and not just believers [?in empty], satan can and does behave, talk, and walk just like any good spirit, angel, or even jesus.

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