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Syrian Army Repels ISIS Attack In Eastern Homs

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Syrian Army Repels ISIS Attack In Eastern Homs

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On April 11, Syrian Arab Army (SAA) repelled ISIS’ attack on its positions in the’ eastern countryside of Homs, according to several sources.

The large-scale attack, which began two days ago, targeted army positions between the town of al-Sukhanh and Wadi al-Waer. Opposition sources are claiming that up to 40 Syrian soldiers and officers were killed in the attack.

Syrian and Russian warplanes provided army troops with a close air support during the clashes, targeting ISIS’ personnel, positions and equipment. Sources affiliated with ISIS claimed that two warplanes were hit. These claims appear to be an obvious war propaganda not based on any evidence.

While several sources are claiming that the attack was fully repelled, ISIS could launch another phase in the upcoming few days.

Syrian Army Repels ISIS Attack In Eastern Homs

Click to see full-size map. Source: (@Suriyakmaps) on Twitter, Via Google Maps – TerraMetrics

Meanwhile, the SAA and its allies are deploying large reinforcements in eastern Homs, mainly in the governorate’s desert. Hundreds of ISIS fighters are taking shelter there.

According to pro-government sources, the SAA is preparing to launch a large military operation in the Homs desert. Hundreds of troops will allegedly take part in the military effort.


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Jose Martinez

The US’ primary ally in the region just got their butts kicked!! Good job! We all know how much Wahaabi ISIS cells LOVE “Democracy”. Tch

Azriel Herskowitz

Butcher Regime still struggling to beat ISIS. Over 20+ Regime militants were eliminated in the attack. This is why the US needs to stay at Al-Tanf. If they left, ISIS would expand there and have easy crossing into Iraq. The regime has shown they can’t defeat ISIS

Jose Martinez

ISIS is a United States asset! ISIS is fighting to remove “demon” Assad from power. Do you really think the United States gives a f*** about removing a situational ally from the region?! The US is arming ISIS for the sake of destabilizing the Assad regime! Take your “Democracy” and get the f*** out! Nobody wants you there

Hasbara Hunter

Are you still alive Azazel Pedowitz? I thought you would be dead by now thanks to your own ZIOVID-19…too bad…maybe next week fuckn pedodwarf


Alejandro Bonifacio

you’re insane!!!!!


Without the US base in At-Tanf where most ISIS cells hide, the SAA would have defeated them long time ago you fucking Zionists troll, Jacob. Better go work on shrinking your MASSIVE rocket nose than trolling here around with 10 accounts. Everyone knows it’s you anyway.


Those US bases should have been given the message a long time ago if they don’t get the hell out then they will be a target,they won’t leave on their own,they never do.


Use your brain before you write.


What brain?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Come on Mustapha tell the truth, it’s your boss Erdogan who’s actually financing Isis and supporting them with relevant intel, that’s how they keep making these successful attacks, they couldn’t do it without his help. And how much info has Baghdadi’s sister and her fellow Isis commanders provided to Turkish intelligence since they’ve been languishing in Turkish jails, out of all those captured Isis commanders surely one of them broke and gave out some useful information, have you heard anything yet Mustapha, have any of them at all spilled the beans since they’ve been languishing in those luxury resort hotels, err I mean Jails your fellow Turks cruelly force them to live in. No I didn’t think so.

Azriel and Jacob Wohl aren’t really Zionist Jews, they’re actually paid for Turkish trolls, so don’t be fooled by their BS.

Lone Ranger

+25 Shekels hasbarat. Bibi sends greetings…

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Your butcher regime are still struggling to get Jewhadis for fighting the Palestinians, apparently they are too religious to kill kids themselves, lol.

Your history is 2000 years of begging Christians for help.


Have you always been a terrorist supporter or is your insanity recent?


Τurkisis and isisrael doing their best to destabilize Syria. Idlib must be liberated and the invading dirty turks kicked out. Stop letting them build watchposts or whatever you call them. Russia needs to bomb the fAk out of them or / and give the Syrians the means to do it themselves. Take back Idlib and then lets kick the oil – stealing yanks out of there !

Willing Conscience (The Truths

And will the SAA follow Isis into Deir ez Zor and chase them back to where they’re all coming from, and will the Russian Air force start bombing Isis in Deir ez Zor as well, because if they don’t it won’t stop Isis. Isis used to attack areas of Rif Dimash and As Suwayda when they operated out of Homs, when they were located near the US base at Al Tanf they could easily reach these areas, but they can’t anymore, now that they only operate out of Iranian controlled Deir ez Zor they can no longer reach those heavily populated areas, but they still create mayhem in Homs and Deir ez Zor. This map is not very accurate at showing where Isis activity is the greatest, it only shows Homs having any Isis presence or activity, but the fact is Deir ez Zor is the real hot spot now, Homs is just the recipient of attacks from Deir ez Zor, and so is US held Ar Raqqa and northern Deir ez Zor. The truth is Isis is running amok in Iranian held southern deir ez Zor, but for some reason it’s not something most people are aware of, which is not surprising, since SF never ever mentions it, or the fact the Iranians aren’t able to control/stop Isis by themselves.

Lone Ranger

Kill every cia/mossadisis operators. TOS-1 their rear end. Thermobaric rain 24/7. Hurra.

Lone Ranger

Glory to Mother Russia

Lone Ranger

Glory to the SAA.

Lone Ranger

CIA trolls and hasbarats will cry and rage ;)


Don’t tell the enemy what you are about to do,just do it.


The desert areas consist of tens of thousands of square kilometres and cannot be effectively patrolled or cleansed by SAA as long as Idlib remains unresolved, and as long as US and israel supply satellite data and intel to the jihadist cell in that area. There are tons of weapons and ammo buried in the desert, enough to keep groups operating for ten years, or more. The desert problem won’t be over easily or quickly.

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