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Syrian Army Repels ISIS Advance Near Uqayribat. Russian Warplanes Hit 180 ISIS Targets Near Town

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Syrian Army Repels ISIS Advance Near Uqayribat. Russian Warplanes Hit 180 ISIS Targets Near Town

Valeriy Sharifulin/TASS

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the National Defense Forces (NDF) and the Qalamoun Shield Forces (QSF), backed up by the Russian Aerospace Forces, have repelled an ISIS advance on Uqayribat town in the eastern Hama countryside that took place on Monday.

ISIS units raided government troops positions in Uqyribat town and even temporarily entered it. However, they were not able to develop their success and retreated from the key town. On Tuesday, a fighting continued near Uqayribat.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that Russian warplanes destroyed 180 facilities belonging to ISIS near Uqayribat on Monay.The airstrikes were conducted in support of the advancing government troops.

On Monday alone Russian planes flew more than 50 sorties near Akerbat [Uqayribat] to wipe out nearly 180 terrorist targets – terrorists’ pockets of resistance and strongholds, underground shelters, command centers, terrorists groups, artillery positions and ammunition depots and fuel and lubricants warehouses,” the Russian military group’s Chief of Staff, Lieutenant-General Aleksandr Lapin said.

Lapin said that with recapturing Uqayribat, the SAA and its allies pushed ISIS from their last strategic transport node in central Syria.

“The last remaining loopholes for delivering ammunition and materiel to the terrorists have been plugged. The Syrian army is pushing ahead with security sweeps to clear the areas west and north of Akerbat of terrorists. The terrorist groups still offer strong resistance despite the heavy losses they have sustained,” he said.

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Repelled an IS attack?

Richard Noel Hedditch

No, relepped.


Thank you for the feedback.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Yesterday we got a bogus reports by the western intelligence sectors , trying to disrupt and demoralize the SAA. They are knocking out the stops on disinfo, but southfront shouldn’t pander to the game and only submit reliable and vetted articles, since these are generally pro-terrorist sites sprinkled with some partial truthful information but not much.


lubricants warehouses what? like oil?


You need lubricants if you want to hump a camel or a goat. Especially on a circumcised dick. 72 virgins may await you in the afterlife, but in the meanwhile now that the sex slave trade has dried up you need to get your kicks somewhere. That was the whole point of this attack on the town, sore dicks.



Gary Sellars

IS troops had heard rumours about a quantity of preparation H that had been left behind inadvertently during their hasty abandonment of the town, so they tried to go back for it.

IS have relaxed their prohibition on faggotry due to a operational shortage of goats, and several weeks of rear-action have taken their toll.

Gregory Louis

Lubricants for vehicles and weapons I believe or it’s just..oil :D

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Oils and grease and everything to keep you from grinding and wearing down parts in no time.


What were the resolutions for the referendum, how far have reached?


Having Kurdistan as a state sounds a good idea if the economy is stable but on situation were economy is unstable the same disaster will still continues coze the major cause was not addressed.


A Kurdistan dependent on the Washington barbarians will be as helpful to the Middle East as the zionist occupation of Palestine and the Saudi occupation of Arabia. The Kurds should sup with a long spoon.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Next time bring a relevant comment since this has nothing to do with the current article.

Carol Binkley

And then “Unchained Melody” was used in the movie “Ghost”. With Patrick Swayze, who is now a ghost.

DJ Double D

I have information that IS definitely suffered heavy casualties but still not giving up (to a lost course). Fighting still raging on the second road as SAA hasn’t yet completely secured the surrounding area. To prevent future IS attempt to reconquer Uqayribat, wide areas and surrounding towns must also be cleared. As I said many times already, don’t expect quick victory here.

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