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Syrian Army Repelled Large Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Attack In Idlib De-Escalation Zone: Russian Military

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Syrian Army Repelled Large Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Attack In Idlib De-Escalation Zone: Russian Military

Late on January 22, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) repelled a large attack by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) in the Idlib de-escalation zone.

According to the Russian military, about 150-200 militants supported by 15-20 vehicles equipped with machine guns attacked SAA positions in the areas of Abu al-Duhur and Abu Sharja. They also employed at least one suicide vehicle borne explosive device. The militants overrun the first line of defense and penetrated about 1.5-2 km deep into the SAA-controlled area.

Then, the military deployed reinforcements with support of artillery units SAA troops repelled the advance and forced militants to withdraw from the recently captured positions.

According to pro-SAA sources, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham members suffered significant casualties.

Briefing by Russian Centre for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides in Syria (January 22, 2019):

Peaceful settlement of the conflict and rendering of comprehensive assistance are the main vectors of work in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Representatives of the Russian Centre for Reconciliation carried out a humanitarian action in the settlement of al-Deyr-al-Asad, Daraa province. People received 500 food sets.

In total, since the Russian Centre for Reconciliation started settlement process, it carried out 2,050 humanitarian actions. The total weight of humanitarian cargo delivered amounts to 3,234.2 tons.

Refugees are making their way back home. Ten check points including one at the Damascus International Airport and the Baniyas maritime one are operating with support of the Russian Centre for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides. As for January 21, 2019, in total 218,360 Syrians returned.

As part of the implementation of the decree of the President of the Syrian Arab Republic, the Syrian authorities continue to work on amnesty for those who evade from military service, including those among refugees and former members of illegal armed groups. As for January 21, 2019, in total 29,337 were granted amnesty.

Social infrastructure is being recovered to create favourable conditions for returnees.As for January 21, 2019, 31,082 houses, 724 educational facilities and 133 medical centres has been recovered. Besides, 980km of roads have been repaired.

Despite the ceasefire regime being established throughout the country, there are still cases of ceasefire regime violation by illegal armed formations in the Idlib de-escalation zone.

Over the past day, terrorists have attacked Jubb-al-Mgara and Bsharfa in Latakia province, Zor al-Mahruqah, Abu-Omar and Jubbai in Hama province as well as southwestern (three times) and northwestern outskirts of Aleppo. As a result of the shelling at Eyn-al-Naur in Latakia province, one soldier of the SAR armed forces died, as a result of the shelling at Hiha settlement in Hama province – two servicemen of the SAR armed forces were wounded.

The situation in the Idlib de-escalation zone escalated sharply.

The Jabhat al-Nusra groups simultaneously attacked positions of government troops in areas close to Abu-Duhur and Abu-Sharjah. Armed groups numbering 150-200 fighters on 15-20 pickups with heavy machine guns operated in each area.

During the attack in the area of Abu-Dukhur militants used a suicide bomber on a car bomb, which was destroyed by ATGM fire in front of the frontline of the government forces.

The terrorists managed to penetrate the defence of the Syrian army to a depth of 1.5 km, after which they were stopped by fire and thrown back beyond the contact line by the approached reserves.

In the area of settlement Abu-Sharjah, the fire of the units of the Syrian armed forces, the attack of the militants was thwarted. Having suffered losses, the terrorists retreated to their original positions.

The Center for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides organized interaction with the Turkish side, which is timely provided with information on the situation in the areas of Abu-Dukhur and Abu-Sharj.

Bulletin of the Centre for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides and Refugee Migration Monitoring (January 22, 2019):

Return of Refugees from abroad

Over the past day, in total 974 people returned to the Syrian Arab Republic from the territory of foreign states: 438 people (132 women and 223 children) left Lebanon for Syria via the Jaydet-Yabus and Talkalakh CPs, and 536 people (161 women and 273 children) from Jordan via the Nasib CP.

Since July 18, 2018, in total 107,689 Syrians have returned back to their homes from abroad:

  • 44,717 refugees have left Lebanon (13,540 women and 22,725 children), with 26,528 of them – via the Jeydet-Yabus CP, Zemrani – 4,346 people, 1,834 people via al-Dabusiyah, 854 people via the al-Qusayr and 11,155 via Talkalakh;
  • 62,972 people (18,918 women and 32,101 children) have passed via the Nasib CP from Jordan.

According to consolidated information provided by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, as for January 1, 2019 there are still 6,675,308 registered refugees seeking asylum in 45 countries worldwide, with 2,002,592 women and 3,404,407 children among them.

In 45 embassies of the Russian Federation in foreign countries where the Syrian refugees seek asylum, 30 countries (Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Germany, Egypt, Iraq, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Greece, Switzerland, Cyprus, Belgium, Italy, Romania, Spain, Ireland, Malta, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Argentina, Luxembourg, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Iceland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Latvia) confirmed the figures provided by the UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, on Syrian citizens in these countries.

At present there are 6,345,760 Syrians in these countries: (Turkey – 3,622,366, Lebanon – 948,849, Jordan – 671,551, Germany – 534,011, Egypt – 132,553, Iraq – 252,772, Netherlands – 74,998, Austria – 42,505, Denmark – 17,995, Greece – 13,139, Switzerland-6,702, Cyprus-5,899, Belgium-3,982, Italy-3,836, Romania-3,101, Spain-2,352, Ireland-1,729, Malta-1,289, Bosnia and Herzegovina-1,630, Poland – 1,069, Argentina – 1,496, Luxembourg – 663, Croatia – 530, Slovenia – 460, Bulgaria – 180, Hungary – 51, Iceland – 197, Slovakia – 43, Czech Republic – 39, Latvia – 19).

It is estimated, that 1,712,264 Syrians in nine countries expressed their desire to return back to their homeland(Lebanon – 889,031, Turkey – 297,342, Germany – 174,897, Jordan – 149,268, Iraq – 101,233, Egypt – 99,834, Denmark – 412, Brazil – 149, Austria – 68, Argentina – 30).

Since September 30, 2015, in total 336,969 Syrians have returned back to their homes from abroad (101,116 women, 171,748 children).

Ten CPs have already been deployed for returnees, among them there are:

  • five on the Syria-Lebanon border (Zemrani, Jaydet-Yabus (Zabadani), al-Sabusiya (al-Aarida), Talkalakh and al-Qusayr (Qusayr));
  • one on the Syria-Jordan border (Nasib);
  • On the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic:
  • two CPs at al-Salhiyah and Abu al-Duhur
  • one CP at Damascus international airport;
  • one CP at Baniyas sea port.

The leadership of Syria is taking active steps aimed at increasing the efficiency of the process of repatriation of Syrian refugees from the territory of foreign states.

Internal Displacement

It is reported that 226 Syrians returned back to:

  • Eastern Ghouta (Damascus province) – 30 people (11 women and nine children). Since September 30, 2015 – 138,737 people (41,786 women, 68,922 children);
  • 196 people (women – 61, children – 89) and 19 vehicles returned back to the places of permanent residence in Deir ez-Zor and Damascus provinces through the checkpoint al-Salhiyah.

Since August 25, 2018, in total, 34,887 people (women – 11,844, children 16,228), 1,934 vehicles and 2,232 heads of cattle.

Over the past day, no refugees have left the Idlib de-escalation zone.

Since March 4, 2018, in total, 44,736 people (women – 14,413, children 20,398), 4,751 vehicles and 54,841 heads of cattle left the Idlib de-escalation zone.

Since September 30, 2015, in total 1,273,148 IDPs have returned back to their homes in the Syrian Arab Republic (384,114 women, 645,783 children). Since January 1, 2019, 4,552 IDPs (1,555 women, 2,017 children).

Cities and Towns Ready to Receive Refugees

There are 1,497,650 places arranged to receive and accommodate refugees in 412 settlements less affected by the combat actions.

Infrastructure Rehabilitation

Six buildings were recovered over the past day (Akraba – three, Daraa province, Kafr-et-Tun – two, Hama province, Slim – three , al-Suwayda province) a school in Hama, a bakery and a power station in Bokzata were put into operation.

They assessed the social infrastructure and facilities, housing fund, amount of construction materials available in Djafra (Deir ez-Zor province) and Mellah (al-Suwayda province). In order to improve living conditions for Syrians, and to complete infrastructure rehabilitation  it is necessary to supply materials in the following towns:

Djafra –a wheeled crane, a dump truck, 24 windows, 16 cu m of brick, 12 cu m of cement, 13 tons of building bars, 930kg of lime and filling, 1,250m of water pipes, 1,150m of electric cables to overhaul four houses, a bakery and a water pump station;

Mellah – an excavator, a grader, a dump truck, 28 windows, 19 cu m of brick, 14 cu m of cement, 9 tons of building bars, 1,250kg of lime and filling, 1,050m of water pipes, 2,500m of electric cables to overhaul five houses, a medical station and a power station.

Heads of local administrations prepared applications  to the Ministry of Public Works and housebuilding to receive construction materials for recovering social infrastructure.

Since July 18, 2018, in total, in the Syrian Arab Republic:

  • 724 medical (one over the past day) and 133 educational organizations have been recovered;
  • five road bridges and 980 km of roads were recovered (1 km – over the past day);
  • 897 km of power line have been installed (1 km – over the past day);
  • 574 power substations (one over the past day), 122 water supply facilities, 141 bakeries (one over the past day), 14,256 industrial enterprises have been put into operation.

Currently, in 345 settlements of the provinces of Aleppo, Damascus, Deir-ez-Zor, Latakia, Hama, Homs, Daraa, al-Suwayda, al-Quneitra, Raqqa, work is underway to overhaul 2,162 houses, 213 schools, 182 kindergartens, 195 bakeries, 232 water pump stations, 207 power substations, 189 medical centres, and 93 places of worship.

Humanitarian Assistance

Over the past day the Russian side has carried out a humanitarian action in Deir al-Adas (Daraa province) to distribute 500 food sets with a total weight of 2.16 tons.

Besides, the Kadyrov Regional Public Fund distributed a ton of bread in Aleppo city.

In total, the Russian side has organised and carried out  2,050 humanitarian actions, delivering 3,234.2 tons of food supplies, the bare necessities and bottled water.

Thirty-three civilians including 22 children received first medical aid in the town of al-Salhiyah (Deir ez-Zor province).

In total, 104,355 Syrians were provided with medical assistance by Russian military medics.

Mine Clearance

The SAA engineering units carry on the mine clearance operation in the settlements of Shaukatliya, al-Othmaniyah, Oufaniya, Trunja, Rafid, Qseiba (al-Quneitra province), al-Zelaf (Damascus province), Ein-Zat, Talbiseh (Homs province).

26.4 ha of the territory, and 2.1km of roads were cleared. They found and defused 36 explosive devices including one improvised explosive device.

In total: 1,661ha of the territory, 3,317 buildings and 269.1km of roads. They found and defused 17,936 explosive devices including 5,403 improvised explosive devices.

Arrangements for Refugee Reception

The government program on restoration settlements liberated from the militants has started in Damascus, Aleppo and Hama provinces. The program consists of three phases: preparation of infrastructure (water supply, electrification), targeted aid to the population, the repatriation of residents to permanent housing. Efforts taken by the Syrian Arab Republic activate repatriation of refugees and internally displaced persons.

National Reconciliation Committees established in Syrian provinces and cities (made up by heads of administrations, police, sheiks, representatives of public organizations and opposition) hold negotiations on joining ceasefire regime and voluntary defection to the side of legal government and the surrender of weapons. Former members of illegal armed formations and internally displaced persons are granted amnesty who lived in the territories earlier occupied by terrorists.

The Joint Coordination Committee of the Syrian Arab Republic on the repatriation of refugees carries out social and economic activities to activate the process of infrastructure rehabilitation; all necessary measures are taken to enable refugees and internally displaced persons to return back to their homeland.

Syrian Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform has launched a complex of measures to assist small farmers affected by heavy rains and a cold snap in Latakia province . Program participants will receive subsidies for the restoration of greenhouses, the purchase of seeds and fuel.

The SAR Ministry of Health plans to send 11 mobile brigades to Home province, whose mission is to provide medical care to residents of the desert territory who have returned to their places of permanent residence. People in need will receive medicines and basic personal hygiene items.

Officers of the Russian Centre for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides held two working meetings:

  • with the Head of the city Security Committee on discuss reduction of crime in the city;
  • with administration of Deir ez-Zor province to discuss creation of conditions for repatriation of refugees.

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And how many Syrians have DESERTED serving SAA and defending of their own country against foreign invaders?
50% maybe?
With other …..% fighting on the other side and , or supporting (Zionist Jihad)
Those estimates doesn’t seam to interest anybody… Specially not big mouthed “supporters” of Assad who are ready to accuse everybody for everything except Syrians themselves.
Hell, maybe some of them are refugees who deserted their duty to defend their own country and now they posturing in virtue signaling and teaching moral lessons to the others….

Everybody is guilty except those COWARDLY bastards who let OTHERS to liberate their country!
Nobody ever talks about them!


Why don’t you volunteer to go to Syria and fight for Assad then? I’m sure you will be thrilled to fight for a government which is not always that strict on human rights, democracy and fighting corruption. The enemy of my enemy (the US), is not my friend, just my enemy’s enemy. It pleases me immensely that America’s and Israel’s designs on Syria have been thwarted, but I have no illusion whatsoever that Assad is therefore a squeaky clean nice guy, and I can understand that not every Syrian was eager to risk his life for him. Never judge a man before you’ve walked a mile in his shoes.


I might “volunteer” to kick your arse but I don’t know anything about you.
Than if I think about it that would be totally INSANE.
So why the fuck would I volunteer for Syria?!!?
I don’t even know why all those Russians are dead for those ungrateful Syrian bastards?!?
Russian’s are not Syrians and they are not Muslim Shia either they have no reason to die for Assad or Syria there !
They could just bombed Syria indiscriminately American style scorched earth! But SAA was incapable to deliver crucial victories in war so Russian’s had to help.

I don’t believe in such bullshit like ” human rights, democracy”
Those are just illusions. And Assad is just best Syria has at the moment.
He is far from what Syria needs now, but there is nobody better around. And Russians have said that so many times: “NO viable alternative for Assad”


You are being a bit delusional here! What makes you think people want to fight for Assad?

Assad is a coward who dosen’t dare to answer Israel and tell me how do you respect someone who dosen’t respect himself. His dead to the arabs and the Syrians deep down.

He just needs to be put out of his misery by someone kind towards him.

He has betrayed his own DNA and arabism first and foremost. He has nothing to stand upon. His just a warlord and even Russia can’t save his honor. The man dosen’t deserve respect which shows why ISRAEL STRIKES HIM ON DAILY BASIS.

This is just the nature of life if you don’t respect yourself nobody will respect you. He disrespected himself alot and forgot about his pride and honor by entering puppet-hood to extreme level to the point of slavery


@ Bashil123 who removed his post!

Russia is not going anywhere.

Dream on….

I will not even comment Ukraine and such…

I have been reading predictions for collapse of Russia for decades already!

Yet Russia grows stronger and US is getting weaker all the time!

Rusians have invested too much money and too many Russians are dead for removing HTS AlQaeda, ISIS and other Zionist-Jihad members.

And job is not even finished!

Syrian presence average costs for Russia are 2.5 millions $$ per day.

I don’t understand opposition and Kurds why they don’t accept some compromise so that peace can be restored.

So that internationally monitored elections can give government that Syrians prefer to have

Russia is not there to impose Assad forever …

But for the moment they do not see any other alternative…

Russian Muslims are Sunni not Shia so why would they be so much for Assad if Syrians vote for somebody else?!

Russians simply don’t want Zionist-Jiahd to brake Syria apart and create terrorist caliphates.

That will not be permitted

That’s why they stick with Assad.

So Russians are guilty for “destroying” Aleppo and US-NATO special ops & Jihadi forces are not responsible for digging in tunnels under Aleppo?!?

And Zionist Jihadis are not guilty for HIDING behind population all the time either?

Form military point of view there was no other way to liberate Aleppo !

If they have use only soldiers they would need huge army they don’t have and they would not be able to sustain huge loses (which SAA couldn’t afford)

How com you don’t mention Al-Raqqah you HYPOCRITE?!

US was even “fighting” ISIS which are their allays mostly so that destruction was not necessary at all !


you just admitted that your not helping Assad because of friendship or because you like him but because you wanna fight muslims. So for you this is only a crusade masked this is what I get from you..

If you are a russian you have no dog fight in this war and you will come to this realization sooner or later this is Syria and you will have to deal with your own shit in Ukraine eventullly because you have a dog-fight there obviously.

Why dosen’t it even matter to you who wins in Syria? Do you feel threatened by them? If yes than you are very insecure in your own abilities because I can guaraantee you the rebels are no threat to Russia logistically they are non-state actors with very light weaponry basically civilians who took arms where as Russia can level Syria entirely to the ground in matter of days. So wasting that money or manpower in Syria is absolutely pointless from Russian point of view.

It’s like fighting a war with zero benefits and there is nothing to fight for you in syria because it’s not the holy land? then your crusade is truly based on ignorance because if you wanna wage crusade you do it properly and take important sites not Syria. You can look this at all angles Russia is wasting money there and manpower for no obvious reasons

Brother Ma

You tell me Bashi bazouk . Do you have a dog fighting in Syria? Why do you care?

Brother Ma

Many former Chechen terrorists are now fighting for Assad with Russia. Why? Because they see ISIs caliphates are just hebrew/us bullshit and onky Putin delivered on his promises of fixing Chechnya.

To all these fools saying Assad is a dictator. Who cares? I dont ! Remove nutty and the Arabs absolutists first and then I will maybe consider Assad! You go first hypocrites.

You wont. Why not? Because America loves tyrants and dictators as long as they are their tyrants and dictators. Duvalier ,Pinochet ,Guatamala’s generals etc


1st tell me are you Syrian and if yes WHERE the fuck are you?!

If you are Syrian refugee posting from North America or EU than fuck off!

WHERE is written to “fight for Assad”?!!
They MUST fight to defend their HOME !
And they MUST fight to defend their COUNTRY !
They can’t have COUNTRY if the foreigners are deciding everything in their own country!

Sunni can NOT fight Zionist Jihad for Israel !
That is betrayal of their country and Assad is 100 times better option than them!

Tudor Miron

Shlomo, you can you can spread lies as much as it pleases you but it would not change the fact that Assad managed to save the state of Syria against invasion of coalition of terror (US/UK/Israel etc.).

Concrete Mike

To the point of slavery…look whos talking your the slave here.

If you think your little airstrikes changed the outcome of the war your are wrong.

What i see is a cowardly scheme to use mercenairies to topple a government that is not puppeted to you and your “friends”.

Assad is doing the best he can with all the shit your friends are throwing at him, all things considered he is doing ok!


Well said.

Brother Ma

Shut up Shmuel or headchopper.


Russians are not dying in Syria for Assad, they’re dying for what Putin perceives as the best interests of Mother Russia. Similarly with Iranians and Hezbollah in Syria. No foreigner fighting on the government in Syria is there to fight and die for Assad.

Is Assad the best Syria has at the moment? No argument on my part there. But that doesn’t mean that most Syrians would be willing to die for him. Who was worse for Poland? Hitler or Stalin? Stalin wanted only to control Poland, not eradicate it from the face of the Earth. Doesn’t mean Poles relished trading Hitler in for Stalin.

And lets face it, Syria under the Assads was a dictatorship where nasty things would happen to those who disagreed with the Assads. A society of ethnic, religious clans, where clan loyalty mattered more then loyalty to the state. Where those with connections to the right clan enjoyed more privilege then others. Where state officials were more busy lining their own pockets then with public welfare. This is not very conducive to good citizenship and patriotism under the best of circumstances. And I can understand that many Syrians would say, hmm, Jihadis on the other side, Assad and his corrupt bunch on the other, rock and a hard place much? Maybe its best to see if the grass is greener on the other side.

Like I said, don’t judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes.


Every man must defend his home and family and country.
That is not fight for politicians but for basic freedom.
If they don’t have “links” to the state than they DO NOT DESERVE that state also.
Than that state shouldn’t exist…

What most Westerners make mistakes is that they measure Middle Eastern society by their Western standards
And you also make that mistake.
I don’t see “Assads dictatorship” to be main problem for them.
Just banal existential problems are of much bigger importance.
Corruption (as you say) is much bigger problem because affects quality of life of average citizen
But let’s not forget above all:
Syria is different culture and tradition that’s why is not up to other societies to tell them what is good and what is not good for them.
If they chose Assad to rule forever I couldn’t care less and neither should anybody else care…

” Maybe its best to see if the grass is greener on the other side.”
And I say;
If the majority of Syrians say that than FUCK THEM !!!
They do NOT DESERVE to have COUNTRY at all !!!

Than Russians and others shouldn’t give shit if Syria is cut in 3 or 5 peaces as long as they have their military bases!


CNN propaganda mantras and weak strawman bs…

Why don’t you volunteer to go to Syria and fight for Assad then?

Are you serious? You think someone else should fight for Syria while Syrians are hiding in Germany?
You never fight for the government, president, ministers, politicians, you fight for your country. Defend their homes and families from imported jihadi scum, not run away like pussies.


Right on the target, can’t agree more !

Brother Ma

True. Many of the scum in Europe may not be headchoppers but still sympathise with Salafist philosophy and just dont want to do the fighting. They just want to do the fcucking and live off welfare payments in Europe. Conquest by making babies! Umma in fifty years!
I am disgusted that all these helathy males have come to the Eu afraid for their lives. Piss off back to Syria and fight to protect your women and children whom you DUMPED there!
The Eu is not here for you to have another chance with a better model !


What if they don’t feel that Syria is their home? They obviously live there of course. But it was Assad, and those affiliated to him politically, economically and through clan and religious ties who benefited more from the Syrian state as it was then most Syrians did.

I live in Western Europe, the Netherlands, and I don’t feel like my country is working for me either. I feel like my politicians are only catering to the interests of big corporations and the US, and that the people who claim they are standing up for the common man, the socalled socialists, are only interested in playing identity politics for Muslims, gays and women, in that order. And that I, as a regular white man, can just fuck off and die. Would I be willing to stand up for my country if it were invaded? Well, I reckon the invaders would have to be pretty bad, because right now Putin could drive in 8th Guards Tank Army into the Netherlands and I’d be cheering for them. And maybe some Islamic conquerors too, as they at least would put an end to the excesses of feminism and SJW’s. Or maybe I too would go, fuck this shit, I’ll take my chances somewhere else.

Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes.

Promitheas Apollonious

Unlike the democracies in west you mean, that are all for the people and their well being. Assad is the only leader I seen going and walk among his people with out escorts and an army following him to protect him, from his own people driving his own car. Get serious and the line of your thinking expose you, to be just a mindless person who can not connect any dots even if his life depended on. Subconscious it is a bitch sometimes…..


Well, did he walk without escorts or were they walking off camera? Or was he walking around in a neighborhood in which people lived that were close to his ruling Alawite sect, who tend to profit more from his rule and have EVERYTHING to lose when it falls? I reckon if anything Assad needs bodyguards more then most Western leaders, if only because there are a shitload of foreign backed Jihadis who would like nothing more then to kill him.

Promitheas Apollonious

I been to syria twice once in 2014 and once in 2016. In the second occasion I meet Assad in a hospital where he visited his people and no was no cameras and no escorts and he come driving his own car an old toyota, the only escort he had was his wife and another person which we was no introduced to. Is this answer your question?


That only makes me more curious and raises more questions. Please feel free to tell more. Questions like why and how you were there. I’m curious, feel free to enlighten me.


” a government which is not always that strict on human rights, democracy and fighting corruption.”

This is a better description for the US Coalition of Terror I think Barba. It is they who are utilising mercenaries of the worst kind who literally celebrate cutting peoples heads off and burning people in cages etc , whilst the US Coalition advisers and airpower pour petrol on the flames on all sides of the conflict in order to perpetuate the destruction if the Syrian State ,and to please Israel.


I’m not disputing that. But lets turn it the other way around, would you be willing to fight for your government? Which I assume is led by Theresa May?

Now if your answer is, hmm, maybe, I don’t feel much inclination to die for Theresa May, now add a deeply divided society to that. Would you be willing to fight for Theresa May, who is leading a government in which big corporations plunder the country, pay no taxes, while SJW’s control the education system and wage a cultural wage against you for being a white male. Not saying Syria is exactly like that, but would you be willing to die for that clique? Or would you say fuck this, either anything is better then this or I’ll take my chances somewhere else?


IF the groups fighting the UK government were US backed medieval terrorists , I would fight to preserve Britain and then hope that my vote really counted after the US proxies were destroyed.

IF the UK was being attacked by a nation with better governance than Britain today, I would not fight .


Now you know the truth finally as SOON as Russia announce full withdraw like the Americans did on next election when putin steps down. The SAA situation would be worse than the kurds. They can’t militarily fight the rebels who have fairly beat SAA, Hez and Iran single handily while being non-state actors and numbers won’t really matter for the SAA imo.

It’s about heart, motivation and will? This is something SAA lacks so even if their numbers are 100.000+ they will never fight as much as the Russian soldiers who is fighting sincerely hence 10.000 HTS can easily overrun 100.000 saa with Russian support.

Russia is everything they have currently and their main life-line which they exist upon.

Russia will have to withdraw soon or later for other reasons like Crimea and Ukraine issues plus the baltic countries and economical issues hence the Russian project is not forever and will come to an end and ti could happen anything from 1 year from now to 10-15-20 years etc etc.

The Russians were fighting such a way like destroying cities like Aleppo and just to repair that it takes several decades like 20-30 years and SAA don’t know what to do with cities like Aleppo hence it’s just a ruin hence it will cost them eventually.

Russia has zero to gain from this war hence the Oil and everything is already lost to US and than Turkey there is nothing for them there

Willing Conscience (The Truths

What’s HTS going to do with 20,000 fighters, break out of the SAA containment lines and take over SAA territory, yeah right, as if the 100,000 + well equipped and well armed SAA are really worried they might lose some ground to HTS, I can just imagine them pissing themselves every time they read stories like this in the news, not with fear, but with laughter. Some people will believe anything they’re told, no matter how ridiculous, HTS is about as much of a threat to the SAA as boredom is right now, as a matter of fact I think boredom is more of a threat than HTS is, Assad should alleviate their boredom and give them something to do, like getting rid of HTS once and for all.
Not all the refugees claiming to be Syrian are in fact Syrian, a lot of them are just lying just to help their asylum applications, that stuffs up any accuracy the UNHCR claims about numbers. It’s never looked to me like nearly half the population of Syria left the country during the crisis, 11 or 12 million as the UNHCR has claimed, and I still don’t believe their numbers now either.


Re-escaltion zone. A safe heaven for terrorists. Rent-a-jihadists from HTS made a deal with Turkey, their offensive against pro-turkish militias was ‘al-Scam’ to gain more territories and weapons. So they’ll use DeZ to stage more and more provocations, these limited offensives and raids against SAA, and SAA is afraid to attack them because WhiteHelmets &co will immediately start screaming about ‘gassing civilians’ (deja vu).


Tricky Erdogan is pulling strings and it will be one directional as always, inconsquent, irrational and opportunistic.


At least there was no airforce support from another USandA terrorist buddies..that´s why not succesfull for orcs

Promitheas Apollonious

Time to go in and clean the place from the vermin.

Xoli Xoli

So Russia only ensure Syrian and allies forces only repel not inflicting damage.


If not pulling the strings directly, Turkey is responsible.


WOW, this wonderful Russia-Turkey cooperation in Idlib, that is what Putin said.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x