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Syrian Army Repelled Al-Nayrab Attack, Russian Warplanes Provided Support

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Su-24 warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) provided the Syrian Arab Army with close air support allowing it to repeal a large attack in Idlib de-escalation zone, the Center for the Reconciliation of Opposing Sides announced on February 20.

“In order to prevent terrorist groups from advancing deep into Syrian territory, Su-24 aircraft of Russia’s Aerospace Force delivered a strike at the request of the Syrian command against the terrorists’ armed formations that had penetrated the area. This helped the Syrian troops to repel all the attacks successfully,” the center’s statement reads.

According to the statement, Russian warplanes destroyed a battle tank, six infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) as well as five pick-up trucks armed with large-caliber guns.

The militants’ attack targeted the town of al-Nayrab in southern Idlib. The Russian Reconciliation Center confirmed that the Turkish military provided the militants with fire support, allowing them to breach SAA’s defenses in the town.

Syrian Army Repelled Al-Nayrab Attack, Russian Warplanes Provided Support

Click to see full-size map. Source: (@Suriyakmaps) on Twitter.

Several pro-government sources, including the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), confirmed that al-Nayrab is under the SAA’s full control now.

Besides receiving close air support from the VKS, the SAA employed its heavy fire power during the clashes around al-Nayrab. The army targeted the attackers with BM-30 Smerch heavy rocket launchers and even OTR-21 Tochka tactical ballistic missiles.

The failed attack on al-Nayrab was the largest Turkish-backed operation against the SAA in Idlib’s de-escalation zone, thus far. Such provocations by Ankara jeopardize the chances of a peaceful solution for the region’s crisis.

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Turkey has falled off the path of virtue!

Gabriel Hollows

It was never there to begin with.

Tim Williams

battle map of the fiasco today … TURK observation posts are clearly being used as an arms depot and all must now close or be obliterated …



The Sultan’s brinkmanship isn’t working….;O)


He would be a slim man if he mishandled kebbabs as badly as he does everything else.


Now hopefully some pictures emerge soon of burned out Turkish M-60’s and Leo 2’s again. Not dead Turkish servicemen, that will probably only serve to cause and fuel anger with the Turkish public. Seeing destroyed equipment on the other hand fuels embarrassment. And that’s what we want for that sack of shit Erdogan (no insults to sacks of shit intended), maximum embarrassment.

Tim Williams

ANNA news will show the carnage soon … get the popcorn ready


i have pop corn and cold beer ready sir!!!


At the end of a desastrous behaving on Syrian soil it is ok to deliver some fertilizing bodies in that soil 6 ft under. Nothing is for free, everything has got it’s price.


HTS tanks arnt enough for me to get my rocks off! They need to be Turkish tanks and Vehicles! Still love it though!

Liberal guy

An al nusra jihadi named mustapa wrote we will attack on 31st February.when u hv such biggest fools as ur enemies the Wahhabis scums and u r in the best army in the world the saa then it’s 100% death of ur foolish enemy.even the Zionist Israelis army are more clever then this biggest cowards the Wahhabis scums (l.a).

Xoli Xoli

Erdogan has miscalculate he is in for deep shit.


Excellent Russia support to ground troops, and this support can be even better, let us hope so.


Russia is being careful! so long as land is being taken its all good! Russia prefers Turkey to escalate rather than themselves! When Turkey does, Russia responds x10! Thus message sent and message received! Chess baby! Chess!

Tim Williams

video of dead rats in the city … gruesome and yet bizarre as chickens are walking over them



Speaking of chickens, I see the other news there – that little skunk Macron “condemns in ‘strongest terms’ Syrian regime attacks in Idlib”. Unbelievable! Turkish invaders and their al qaeda allies/puppets attacking SAA positions, yet Macron condemns ‘regime attacks’?! he is not a human being, he is not even a lizard, he is just chickenshit.


Like most French presidents, he is a puppet with little freedom, being constantly summoned to obey the orders given to him by the CRIF = Conseil Représentatif des Institutions Juives de France (= French equivalent of US AIPAC).


oh oui perfect analyse!! :)

Xoli Xoli

Good move never retreat never surrender forward ever.

Xoli Xoli

I cant wait to see damage rusty low class armor crap of Erdogan.

Wolfgang Wolf

oiiii…. big bangs for the kebabs…. Smer4 and To4ka…. not bad)

Joe Doe

Now is the time to cut snake head. SAA with help Russia Air Force should counter attack and push West and cut Turkey supply road.

Tim Williams

This isn’t over yet … round 2 coming up … different location



Tim Williams

SAA have eyes and ears everywhere now …


Tim Williams

Video of Russians bombing the rat positions earlier today


Dick Von Dast'Ard

Soon as M4 and M5 are cleared I’d expect a generalized ceasefire and then Turkey can spend it’s own taxpayers money in feeding Al Qaeda’s brides in Idlib.

Turkey can stick terrorists in old U.S. made tanks, doesn’t mean they can survive very long in them.


Ok so we now officially live in a world where Russian forces don’t shy away a second from outright bombing and killing soldiers from NATO-member Turkish army when they dare cross their red lines and core interests in Syria.

That key event should serve as food for thought for all those recently bragging about the mighty IDF being supposedly able to just march all the way to Damascus unimpeded by Moscow. Pinprick attacks are one thing , tangling with the regime they protect is another.


Near future possible outcome: Turkish defeat, Nuke warning

1. Over that newly concentrated Turkish force – reported to be assembled in Idlib – hovers the potential possibility that it will be squashed like a bug. Why is that bad? Because it could further unhinge, psychologically destabilize Turkish military leadership 2. There is a clearly perceptible intent in this conflicted Middle-East area that someone really badly wants to drop a nuke there. Who might that be? (A): President Putin mentioned “I hope there won’t be any need to use nukes..” right about when Russia first deployed into ISIS-controlled Syria. But he surely said that only to emphasize he was determined to exterminate all terrorists in Syria (B): There is a story about Netanyahu, that years ago he wanted to bomb an entire stadium full of Goyim, but his generals convinced him it would make Israel look really bad in the media, if reports came out about a stadium full of people bomb-massacred by Bibi. (C): Then there is increasingly erratically acting Great Sultan Erdogan, who appears to have a Deep State Bee Buzzing into his ear that he is destined to become the greatest conqueror in history. Erdogan thus might be inclined to drop a tactical nuke onto SAA positions.

Well, Russia is maintaining a NATO No Fly Zone for possibly exactly this reason: nobody enjoying US support is to fly merrily over Syria and nobody is allowed to go rogue.

Jim Bim

The Turkish operation was pathetic, Erdogone knows he has lost.

Luke Hemmming

More orphaned children and widowed wives. Was it worth it you stupid phucking idiots. Funny thing they are so stupid they think they are doing it for Allah. News flash you aren’t!! Your doing this for Zionist interests. All for 200USD a month! A wooden coffin for that!

Boris Kazlov

Bravo RuAF!! Show what we are made of, they are crazy to mess with us.

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